Cobra Sit-rep for May 8th, 2014

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Planetary Situation Update

There is steady progress happening behind the scenes. The Eastern Alliance and their Western allies are taking further steps to prepare humanity for the financial  Reset:

Many factions of the Cabal (Illuminazi Texas boys, Zionist Rothschilds, Jesuits, Italian black nobility with the few remaining physical Archons) are losing their power fast and can not influence the Event timetable anymore. The only real force delaying the Event now is the Chimera Group within the global military-industrial complex with their physical strangelet bombs inside the military bases worldwide, coupled with the etheric Archon grid with their etheric/plasma scalar exotic weapon technologies and their ability to influence the behavior of the surface population.

As the last leyel of the etheric Archon grid is slowly losing its power, the Archon programming of the awakened part of the surface population is beginning to disintegrate. People are becoming aware of some limiting belief systems of the new age spirituality:

People are also becoming aware that suffering was never intended to be part of life experience and are finally realizing this Earth duality experiment was an error which needs to be corrected. This Correction is coming through the process of the return of Light:

Before the Archons erased the mystery schools in the 4th century CE, gnostics were fully aware of the process of Correction and now this knowledge is coming back again:

The most awakened part of the surface population is beginning to be actively involved in healing the etheric grid around the planet, as you can read in this article:

The writer of that article, Hilda van der Laan, had an interesting vision that actually describes the IS:IS portal activation:

»I had a vision from the light forces showing me the following symbols/picture guided with indigo blue and violet lights: people standing in pillars of light (near future),within an upwards and downwards spiral of light (vortex/DNA spiral). Above their heads in the spiraling pillar of Isis, which represents the activation of the female principle, the etheric chakras above the heart. The downwards spiral provided by rainbow ships in the sky, sharing their energies with the people on the surface, activating the 144.000.«

All those signs of awakening are a good indicator that final victory of the Light is near.



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  1. Reblogged this on Angel 4 Light and commented:
    Cobra is worth reading. I still practice my meditations daily at the same time 8:30 pm EST where ever you live try to do the same. We can make a difference this way. It is the way of Peace, of Love and the best way to rid Evil from our world.

    Be blessed!

  2. HOWARD E. says:

    Saint Germain – Comments on the REVAL & GLOBAL RESET (***Awesome—Awesome—Awesome) ´May 9, 2014 Sender wrote St. Germain on the RV & GCR. Good one! I copied it before it got deleted. There are already Religious fanatics pooh poohing it. Hope it stays up, as we know that it’s very true . . . if11,000,000 million Dinar Holders focus on it being done – it will put positive energy into the RV and it WILL manifest (sooner, than later) *********************************************************************************** WE ARE ON THE 1/2 INCH LINE!!! HOW BADLY DO WE WANT A TOUCH DOWN? ARE WE WILLING TO DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THIS OVERWITH ONCE AND FOR ALL. St. Germain via Goldenlight5-8-14 on the RV and GCR: You are All One and Manifesting this Positive Reality and Global Prosperity in the NOW Good morning St. Germain, I’m picking up on something you are saying…. St. Germain speaks Yes I was explaining how this RV and GCR is a collective manifestation being created by all who are participating in it. You have the greed coalition who want to delay it and is making interest on the money loaded into the banks by the C****** D***** families to pay for the RV…and who want to keep the fiat currency FRN in circulation as it furthers their agendas… Then you have the WHITE HATS who are in charge of getting this asset-backed TRN loaded and ready for rollout, and who are making sure everything is signed off on and in place for the RV of the IQD/IQN and the RV of the VND/VNN, as well as supporting all the other components of the GCR which will create a more prosperous world for everyone. Then there are the people who are in charge of the final rollout of this RV who are straddling the fence and trying to appease both sides and this is a challenging proposition to say the least. The tipping point comes from the mass consciousness of the now ELEVEN MILLION Iraqi Dinar holders who have invested in this and who are going to be benefiting from this RV substantially. Mass consciousness is like a wave that can turn the tide… And can influence history and key events. If the consciousness of these millions of people are focused on this prosperity being released, then they will sway reality so to speak to bring about the reality they are focusing upon. THOUGHTS CREATE REALITY. And even though this happens more slowly here in the third dimension, than in the higher dimensions, it STILL OCCURS.Whatever you focus on grows. Whatever you think about eventually manifests in your reality. This is also tied into FEELINGS.. So if you are feeling wonderful while thinking about something strongly, it is more likely to manifest. Or, if you are focusing on something negative happening, like the RV being delayed, and feeling very upset and discouraged about it, then that reality will begin to manifest. If you are vacillating between the two thoughts, then a kind of intermediate reality will occur wherein nothing really ever manifests, you just get the vacillating emotions alternating between the two realities. This is currently where the majority of the millions of investors are finding themselves, in this in-between reality wherein the positive reality desired is not manifesting due to the vacillating between the two thoughts of it happening/not happening. Millions are stuck in this mindset. There are parallel realities too where each of the options have occurred (RV has happened and RV has never happened), but this is an advanced concept which we won’t go into right now. The way out this vacillating reality and the key here is to KNOW IN YOUR HEARTS that this RV has manifested and that youare all taking part in it. It is also important to focus on the prosperity this will bring to help humanity as a whole rather than service to self as this entire RV and GCR is a part of the paradigm change for your planet. It is an integral part of the world-wide shift away from financial and emotional slavery and towards a financially abundant and prosperous GLOBAL SOCIETY wherein the beings on your planet are in tune with the Law of One which states that you are all one large part of the All, the One, the Source Creator. The belief in separation is a part of the old paradigm of greed, slavery, war, service to self, poverty and the like. The belief in the All or the One is that you are each a part of the whole, working together for group harmony, prosperity, abundance, equality, and joy. So you see the two factions fighting for this RV to happen are really the two factions that can exist within each person. As within, so without. (***As above, so below) This entire process is a reflection of the process within each person, the process wherein we choose to believe inseparation and service to self, or in oneness and unity and service to all. As soon as the majority of mass consciousness begins to focus exclusively and in a sustained unwavering manner on oneness, unity, harmony, abundance, and prosperity, this RV will manifest. The PTB (***Dark Hats) know this, which iswhy they plant misinfo on many of the blog sites to discourage people from believing in this, to discourage them and cause doubt, to bring forth negative information that this will never happen. So then as people begin to read this they stop manifesting its positive creation and the process stops manifesting. YOU are in charge of this positive manifestation of abundance and wealth. YOU are the ones who can begin to create a world based on unity harmony and the principles of Oneness. YOU are in charge of whether this RV manifests or not.Turn away from false information, turn within and begin to manifest this collectively in a strong way. ELEVEN MILLION PEOPLE FOCUSING ON THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS GLOBAL PROSPERITY WILL BRING IT FORTH INTO YOUR REALITY IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE. Take the rest of this week and whenever you have a moment to think about it, see it all happening in your minds eye and feel the joy and love being created as hundreds of millions of people are released from financial slavery, as the eleven million dinar holders will multiply their prosperity outwards in turn each helping hundreds of people; and the group humanitarian programs will begin to manifest as everyone focuses on helping the world via this prosperity. You have the strength and power to manifest this all in the NOW time. You were bestowed with all the creationary powers of Source Creator. You are an Emanation of Source Creator. You ARE Source Creator expressing itself! We all are! Use these creationary powers wisely. Use them now to create the reality you want. Focus on the good feelings of having this occur for ALL now. Focus on EVERYONE being happy and abundant. This is what the song “HAPPY”, and all the spinoff videos people are creating, is about. It’s about everyone joining together and being happy! You are not powerless victims of others actions or inactions. You are powerful Creator Beings totally unaware of the scope of your power. Use this power NOW to create this reality of the RV happening NOW by focusing on this reality only. Let all the other conversation and talk drop away and fade into nothingness. Bring this reality into focus now for everyone on the planet. Focus on the good of the Whole, the All, the One. Let self serving thoughts drop away and know that another’s joy is your joy, and another’s happiness is your happiness. Then enjoy this new reality that you are creating in the NOW! –Your loving St. Germain Message transcribed by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel. Please include this copyright and credit, original title, the full message unaltered, and a link to the source message when re-posing this message. Yes I took a big risk posting this and even though it may be taken off, just think how badly do we want this to be over. No one is asking you to hurt anyone or take on someone’s belief system. JUST BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH, AND PUSH ASIDE THE ANY DOUBT. THAT’S ALL. DON’T JUST HOPE, SAY IT IS DONE!! __________________We manifest the things We want by believing in their existence. ‘So keep your mind on the things you do want, not on the things you don’t want. This is FAITH. Date: Fri, 9 May 2014 01:53:22 +0000 To:

  3. Maia says:

    Didn’t Cobra say the Archon grid was already down? Can’t keep up with his lies anymore?

  4. daveashwell says:

    Are you aware that there are bases and humans working on MARS???

    Well there are , take a look here.

    Whistle blower claims he served 17 years at secret Mars military base.

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