British soldier institutionalized for discussing arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor

 Kevin Annett shared this shocking, blatant, perfect example of tyranny, and why the mass arrests must take place NOW.

This soldier was doing his duty, as instructed by the Common Law Court. The Illuminati made an example of him to discourage any others from doing same.

Here we are one third of the way through 2014 and still waiting. Something has to give.  ~ BP


Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett 8:33am May 7

ITCCS Urgent Appeal:

British soldier persecuted, institutionalized for discussing common law arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor

Stafford, England, May 7, 2014, 4 pm GMT

Vivian Cunningham, a serving soldier in the Irish Guards Regiment in Aldershot, Hampshire, has been detained, institutionalized and drugged against his will for mentioning to a senior officer the Common Law arrest warrants against convicted felon Elizabeth Windsor (aka “Queen Elizabeth”).

Guardsman Cunningham is presently being detained without his consent for six months at the mental care unit of St. George’s Hospital in Stafford (ph: 44 01785 25788). He has been injected with olanzapine, an atypical anti-psychotic drug, under the orders of a Captain Murrell (ph: 44 07909686198) and Doctors Khan and Sema.

Recently, Guardsman Cunningham reported to Captain Murrell the existence of the standing arrest warrant against Windsor, and her lawful conviction for crimes against humanity. According to Cunningham, Capt. Murrell responded by saying “Yes I believe the evidence you have shown me, but is it ok if you attend a medical assessment to make sure you are ok?”. Cunningham agreed, and was then committed with a diagnosis of having suffered an “acute psychotic episode”.

Clearly, Cunningham has been committed under the notorious “Fixated Threat” law, which criminalizes opinion in England, and classifies the criticism of any political figure as a mental disorder.

The ITCCS Executive states categorically that Guardsman Vivian Cunningham has been targeted by the British Crown for his circulating of evidence of Elizabeth Windsor’s guilt under the law. Cunningham’s persecution is directly related to the present Common Law Court’s investigation of the British Crown and members of the “royal family” for child trafficking and murder.

The ITCCS Executive therefore calls upon all of its global affiliates and British members to protest at St. George’s hospital in Stafford, and phone the facility and Capt. Murrell to demand an explanation for Cunningham’s incarceration. Protests and occupations will commence at British embassies and businesses around the world, and will continue until Vivian Cunningham is released unconditionally.

Vivian Cunningham is hereby declared a prisoner of conscience in England by the ITCCS.

Issued by ITCCS Central

7 May, 2014


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7 thoughts on “British soldier institutionalized for discussing arrest warrants against Elizabeth Windsor

  1. Jesus, thank you for sending the miracle of Love to Vivian Cunningham; help him live free and easy.

    Holy Spirit, thank you for your new Love rays enveloping the Great Mother at this beautiful and pivotal moment of Now; let me increase you.

  2. cassandra says:

    I do not understand the following:
    why should a soldier present a warrant of arrest? soldiers do not do that. Further more: if the court has an order of arrest it would never send ONE person only to serve it !! can you imagine one person knocking on the palace door with the story of coming to put the queen in jail??? of course they will deem him crazy !!!..
    Something does not seem right in this story……FOOD FOR THOUGHT…

  3. Michele says:

    I get a busy signal every time I call St. George’s Hospital in Stafford. I hope that is a good sign.

  4. Gaye Estey says:

         I’ve told a few people about the warrants against the Queen…..then the Pope does his thing with ‘saints’.  The next thing I see is her sons are whooping it up at a wedding reception in the US!  Mostly people are ignorant.  Maybe we should all be educated in the Common Law Court.  I would think that many individuals consider that court a farce.  Gaye Estey

  5. It’s so typical of government anywhere to state that someone is mentally ill. Too bad they are all gone to hell, in a handbasket. A very sick royal court. We need, I think, to send this brave man some love, light and energy. Blessings BP

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