Karen Hudes MK Ultra Victim?

This would certainly explain a lot, wouldn’t it—particularly the polar readings we Lightworkers get from Karen? I’d say it’s a distinct probability.

I personally had mixed feelings about her, and was puzzled by the disinfo, especially with respect to the extraterrestrial references. She seemed totally out to lunch on that topic.

Karen said her husband left. Perhaps he couldn’t live with the dissociative/split personality. It seems she has recently been “activated” to play this role, does it not? 

Never has “all the world’s a stage, all the men and women merely players” seemed truer.

And while we’re on the topic—could it not be that Obama is also a victim of mind control? After all, he was part of the Mars program and has been groomed by the powers-that-were for many years. They had ample opportunity to indoctrinate him and make him a puppet in every sense of the word.

Alfred Webre added the following post script to his previous article on Karen Hudes being a “deceiver”. I think you’ve nailed it, Alfred.

By the way, if you haven’t heard the testimony from Illuminati insider Svali (mentioned below) it’s fascinating. Click here to access that audio from an earlier post.

POSTSCRIPT [May 5, 2014]

Karen Hudes as an MKULTRA Victim

One possibility examining her memos from her World Bank days, is that Karen Hudes was targeted by MK ULTRA within World Bank and is mind controlled now. Hence the “disrupter” behavior.

I have compassion for Karen Hudes the MKULTRA victim and would ask her that she refrain from attacking other activists in the Truth movement and have so asked her in private messages to her. Karen asked for my Facebook friendship early on and we remain Facebook friends. She is a true enigma to me. MKULTRA mind controlled disrupter is how I can relate to the “bad” Karen at this time. I hope that the “good” Karen stops attacking Kevin Annett and the ITCCS and other Exopolitics colleagues in ways that are very hurtful.

Regarding Karen Hudes as an MKULTRA victim, a friend wrote me, “That makes sense Alfred. I heard nearly all her interviews over the last year and in nearly all of them she referred to Marcos and Prince Bernhard as if they were still alive!

“So they may have programmed her before she got in the World Bank when she was a kid and they were still alive then. She says she was a fencing champion and if you read the Svali interviews [the so-called Illuminati survivor], the kids were fighting to the death with swords etc.when they were in training in the various programs such as MK Ultra.”


The post continues, but I’m afraid that several people have confused my blog with Jean Haines’ blog, 2012: What’s the ‘Real’ Truth, which is quite a compliment.

I’ve noticed people referring to me as “Jean” in the comments here, and even Alfred has, I believe, listed a link to my post on more than one occasion, possibly thinking it’s Jean’s blog.

I may need to change the name of 2012 The Big Picture. I’ve been pondering it for awhile now since 2012 is so passé. I’d like something more in tune with our imminent galactic human society. How about Starship Earth: The Big Picture?  ~ BP


About Starship Earth: The Big Picture

I'm a Canadian freelance writer living near Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the 2012 phenomenon, spirituality, and wellness & nutrition. Over the past 8 years I've learned what our spiritual upgrade is REALLY all about and have access to insider information not shared in the mainstream media. I aim to dispel the myths and disinformation around The Shift and Ascension and help bring the world Truth. It is time. Welcome... and I hope this blog makes a difference in your spiritual liberation. ~ Molly A. Chapman

26 thoughts on “Karen Hudes MK Ultra Victim?

  1. tom sims says:

    tom sims here yes drake said things would come out into the light well i have a source that says i or my people have been accused of almost killing MK i took that to be Mk-ultra not having any other known MK somebody exposed then becomes a Mk-ultra victim check for a drake connection i can show you my source up request

  2. Just found this:

    Not Just the Sixties…
    Not only did the FBI infiltrate and disrupt the civil rights movement, the Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society, the American Indian Movement, the Puerto Rican Independence movement, Cesar Chavez and the Farm Workers, the anti-Vietnam war movement, the Brown Berets and Chicano Moratorium, Dorothy Day and the Catholic Workers, the women’s movement (during the sixties and seventies) – but they also have infiltrated/disrupted the Central American Solidarity movement during the eighties (a movement that opposed US military intervention in Latin America), Earth First! (during the eighties and up until present – a radical environmental group that does a lot of civil disobedience to stop old-growth logging), the Progressive Student Network (during the eighties), and others.

    …so any “authority” can discredit just about anyone via their puppets. They reckon Gaddafi was surrounded by CIA agents waiting for the big day.

  3. Well that makes sense. It looks like the CIA has assets in the American Indian Movement who have slandered Kevin Annett too.


    I watched Karen closely at first. More recently she claimed that a geneticist proved that the coneheads have different DNA to us. Googling revealed that there was no transparency and at best the geneticist was once discredited in a yeti case.

    My opinion is Reptilians, Coneheads, Fallen Angels, Aliens, Seven Rays, Ascension, Yetis, 2012, cycles, sacred geometry, vibrational waters, forget it. Illuminati programming and hypnosis. I am a Merovingian and I don’t like the programming.


  4. Starship Earth is perfect!

  5. Ed Strain says:

    Love the blog and the new name “Starship Earth: The Big Picture”. I am also glad that my link on my favorite places still brings me to this blog. The balance in the different subjects you bring to your site is just what I wish for. You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the good work.

  6. ‘Starship Earth’ is a reminder to stop polluting our ‘shared’ home.

  7. Spock says:

    “Starship earth – the big picture”…sounds fascinating 🙂

  8. krusht2 says:

    give over, y’all —> if you can’t figure this out in your mind/brain-being-stoopid sheep-skull, then obviously, there is no answer!

  9. donfen@peoplepc.com says:

    In a couple of Sheldan Nidle’s books, he refers to Earth as a Timeship, that the to-be-born new Earth will have much more to do with Time than with Space. Just a curious point. Also like “Starship Earth”. I’m so glad you are finally beginning to get your due recognition. Best to you both and Mica! Love, Donna Fenwick

  10. It’s difficult to tell what the truth is but as we know this is the purpose of disinfo. I don’t have enough information to judge Hudes but I do try to keep an ear to the ground and synthesize all I hear and learn. It’s best to come to your own conclusions. Most of what we hear even in the alt media is planned. The real whistleblowers are no longer with us or at least don’t last long.

  11. amras888 says:

    Because I feel more at home with the viewpoints presented here, I always choose this site first; and, I think that “Starship Earth: The Big Picture” is a perfectly appropriate choice for a new name. Thank you so much for all that you have shared with the world so far.

  12. I love your choice of a new name, starship earth the big picture has the feeling that we’re already there…just where we want to be. I am so confused about Karen…she resonated with me when I first heard her, but her backround is alarming.

  13. Dee says:

    “Starship Earth: The Big Picture?”
    I love that name! It gives kind of a ‘shout-out’ to Gaia…lol
    As a subscriber of your blog as well as Jean’s…I believe you are both doing wonderful work and I applaud your energy and tenacity.
    xoxo Dee

  14. rlmstudio says:

    I like your new title idea, Starship Earth, the Big Picture

  15. Valokaari says:

    “Starship Earth: The Big Picture?”
    Yes! Sounds great!!! 2012 is so 2012;)

  16. john vallier says:

    I pegged her and unfriended her immediately.I just know that if she was who she says she was and did not try to fly off of a building,there is only one excuse.

  17. Very interesting indeed. But this was why I put the link to Keenan’s site because he had her pegged for awhile. She definitely wanted to be on the inside with the Asian gold. I do think if she was a victim of MK ultra and she realized that she would want to get help. But we’ll see what we shall see. 🙂

    • I don’t believe MK Ultra victims are often in a place to realize they need help. They’ve been brainwashed and reprogrammed. The memories of what they do and say are repressed, so how are they conscious enough to effect change? The therapist who examined Sirhan Sirhan said the victim had no memory whatsoever of having assassinated Robt Kennedy, and it was only under hypnosis that he could recall doing it. I think the ones who experience breakthrough are the few who can seek help, and it sounds like they’re in the minority.

  18. krusht2 says:

    I felt, from the VERY 1st moment, that Hudes was a plant – it seems so obvious – I mean, if she is/was not, they would simply disappear her or toss her off in a suicide ’cause she’s despondent over her abandonment by her husband? Yeah, right … uh-huh …

    I found it equally unbalancing when Fulford began including? her as a viable figure? in the ongoing hopes for our planetary awakening – poor cloned Benjamin!

  19. schauminator says:

    We can only judge Karen on any facts of proof she can present or has presented. Other than that she may only be a little entertaining for me.

  20. Todd says:

    IMHO BP, this blog is far better. Jean continues to report on world events most of which seem to me to feed the fire of fear. I’ve commented to her about this stating that when reading all that outside drama, it only feeds that energy, and perpetuates that type of thinking. She replied that she’s not certain that thought creates matter, and as such feels that it is still important to educate her readers. I respect her very much, but feel that this blog has much more to offer with regards to higher energy heart info.

    Keep up this most important work BP, and thanks for all you do.

    Regards and Love, Todd.

    • krusht2 says:

      Toddster – I gotta concur – your opinion may be debatable, but if it was I debating, it would be your point I want to make! I would love to engage w/you privately, but it’s not a necessity!


      • Todd says:

        Dave, (krusht2), I would Injoy that immensely, ;). If BP could send you my email address that would be fine, and if not, reply here, and I’ll just send to you from here. Have a great week, and chat soon! L&L&L, Todd.

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