Citizens Disarming Troops in the Ukraine [video]

I never thought I’d see the day. Simply amazing! 

We’ve seen police drop their shields and remove their helmets to walk in solidarity with protestors, but this is extreme. The standoff at the Bundy ranch was dissolved, and I’m hoping patriots can pull off Operation American Spring in Washington May 16th with similar aplomb.

It certainly is looking like the consciousness of Humanity is shifting to a more peace-loving level of vibration, ready to diffuse potentially bloody situations.  ~ BP

From BrasscheckTV:

Published on 20 Apr 2014

Citizens disarming troops in the Ukraine

The Ukraine “anti-terror” force has a bad day

Reporting from Simon Ostrovsky for Vice:

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

Citizens block a convoy of armored personnel carriers packed with troops armed to the teeth.

They block them and hold them and eventually the troops are disarmed.

The troops in question are Ukrainian “anti-terror” troops and the citizens are pro-Russian protestors.

Pretty calm and orderly. I’m afraid I can’t imagine our own steroid-jacked police and troops handling such a tense situation with such calm and poise.


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3 thoughts on “Citizens Disarming Troops in the Ukraine [video]

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    Could this be the beginning of the end for our oppressors? Believe it and so it shall be. All men are created equal and none deserve to rule or suppress another.

    Be blessed

  2. tony lane says:

    it was a matter of time before before the people say we have had enough because countries like the ukraine have seen much bloodshed in their time,they know that russia and putin is not the enemy because logic will soon came into play,america has a thousand military bases around the world that encircle nearly half the world they also have a nuclear missile sheild in poland and rumania pointed at russia,and no other countries have any so it should not take a rocket scientist to see who is intimidating who,and you just have to look at obama even though he is only the spokesman for the real bad guys in washinton,you only have to look at his body language and eye movements to see that he does not know how to speak the truth even if the lives of his family depended on it, he is very trnsparent.they say a man who speaks the truth is always at ease with himself and putin is that man and also when he speaks to an audience he looks at them and not around them. for me he ticks all the right boxes,and obama ticks none.the american people have the answer because going to the polls and voting repubilican or democrat these parties are interchangeable in the policies and that make them one the same,like in the UK labour and conservative exactly the same procedure with the additional liberal democrat party sitting on the fence,so you see nothing changes it stays the same, so they both need something entirely different or revolution.and a system of goverment with a council of elders,wise men and peacemakers with a spokesman who speaks for the whole council,and why not the native american indians once had it before they were betrayed by the white man.

  3. peteybee says:

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    Vice video showing Ukranian soldiers riding APC’s. Sent in to put down rebels. They are confronted by a crowd of locals and some rebels, and look like they have no interest in fighting anyone. After several hours they allow the rebels to disable their weapons and drive home. They are quite relaxed, actually look bored by the whole thing.

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