Message from Anonymous to Obama: Do You See What We See? [video]

This is a fantastic video for Americans who need a nudge from the Universe to kick them out of bed, but allow me to say a few words about Obama.

Obama is a controversial figure, to say the least, but we’ve been reminded many times that NOTHING is what it seems. We can’t take anything at face value and we certainly can’t take the lamestream media’s word for anything.

For years, the Lightworker community has been divided as to whether Obama is of the Light or the dark.

We’ve been told he was groomed for this position, to take us from tyranny to freedom, yet his actions seem to belie this.

There was a bit of intel at some point in the past year or so—and I don’t recall the source, but it was one I trusted—I think David Wilcock—and they said (I’m paraphrasing) that as soon as Obama finished his acceptance speech after winning the election for his first term, the Bush boys took him aside and told him that he had better not try to be a hero or make any changes; that he had better be prepared to take orders from them or they would rape his daughters and make him watch; that he realized at the moment that “the nigger just became a scapegoat”—I believe those were the words the new president uttered as the truth hit him squarely between the eyes.

I’m sorry to even raise such a topic, but let’s be realistic.

Obama is NOT free to make decisions. He probably exercizes less free will than WE do. Unfortunately, he IS  a scapegoat, a puppet, a pawn, a fall guy. They set him up. He has to do what the cabal says or else… and he’s probably praying along with us that this nightmare ends soon.

What would you do in his place? He’s the last person on Earth I’d want to trade places with right now, I can tell you.

It’s unfortunate that America is in the situation it is, but I doubt Obama is executing his own cutthroat agenda. He merely holds signing authority and takes all the flack while the real thieves and murderers cower behind the scenes counting their gold, and most common men have never even heard their names.

If I were Obama, at this stage I think I would be secretly begging The  People to arrest me and remove my family and I from the White House. What a relief that would be!

The ruthless animals who run the globe care for no one but themselves. They will do whatever it takes to play the game to win, but they will lose, and the truth about everything will be known.

We probably need to reserve judgment on a lot of things, and a lot of people… because there is very little we know for certain.

But don’t take my word for it. For those who didn’t see this link in the comments, an article from Gordon Duff of ‘Veterans Today’ that cuts to the heart of the matter: The Obama “Un-Presidency”.

With the above in mind, yes! America—watch the video and understand what reality is, and step up and do something about it.

But it’s not a witch hunt. It’s anarchy in the true sense of the word, which is responding to chaos by tearing down what doesn’t work and rebuilding something new on the old foundations until a new, viable structure rises that works for The People.

It absolutely CAN BE DONE, as Jesse Ventura says in the video. Absolutely—but the word “done” comes from ‘DO’. What will Americans DO? And will it be enough?

‘Baby Bush’ was right about ONE thing, at least. Americans will prevail.

Once the world helps free America, America will then help free the world.  It’s do-or-die time. Let’s be careful out there. ~ BP

Take action:

Operation American Spring

America, Where Are You Now?


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14 thoughts on “Message from Anonymous to Obama: Do You See What We See? [video]

  1. Cheryl Foley could you be kind enough to explain your statement Obama’s birth certificate and SS have pretty much been proven false.While you’re at it – back up your allegations of his “grooming” Holy crap! I’m serious – please share your definitive proof because until you put your money where your mouth is you’re about as credible as Glen Beck.

    If you want to understand why America is in trouble or wish to ponder who’s holding all the cards take a peek at this for starters…

  2. Cheryl Foley says:

    I am a regular reader of this blog and pretty much agree with you across the board. So, I am surprised to see how naive you are about his past. He was groomed for this job since he was a young boy…surrounded by communist and cia friends and family. His real father was probably Frank Marshall Davis. His birth certificate and SS number have been already pretty much proven false. There are many different sources I encourage you to research.

    • I’m not naive, Cheryl, but I am open to possibilities. I don’t know for sure if Obama is under mind control, but it’s possible. As I said, the Lightworker community has been divided on this issue for a long time. I don’t really care one way or the other, I’m simply suggesting a possible reason for Obama’s actions.

      As a reader said in their comment, the Obama we see could be a clone. One day soon we’ll know the truth.

  3. teresasntg62 says:

    The Galactics are ahead of the game! The Obama and family that we see now are clones. The Galactics can see the future, and the cabals want to kill him as they did try to JFK, MLK, Lady Diana and others, so they made a clone of Obama. If they try to kill him, they will kill a clone and not the real one. Obama and family are safe and well at the Galactic Federation of Light Ship, possibly at the New Jerusalem with the ones mentioned above.

    • gary says:

      Actions- they always speak louder than words. The average person does not know about clones or the Galactic Federation. What they do know is that this current president of the US is a much more accomplished liar than Clinton, and is at the top for ego-maniacal activity.
      And, most people do not know about any covert operations involving other planets or the Galactic Federation, but they do know what they see AND feel. Sorry, but Obama has used up whatever supposed good he had…Plus, there are many among us who actually are true of heart, with kindness and compassion and who also know that we are all part of the Divine, not just some “pre-ordained” people.
      Bottom Line_ Touting Obama as the Savior is a really tough marketing plan.

  4. I wept when Obama was elected the first time – in my heart I believed America sat on the cusp of change.My optimism soon squashed by the reality of terrified mud slingers fearful of disruptions in their narrow minded view of who is an American. Scathing hysteria fueled by sour grapes media and special interest groups. Pouting over Republicans being spanked – not once, but twice upon re-election of Obama (in no small part due to minority votes) spin doctoring took on a whole new meaning as Obama drama insidiously undermined his administration.Show us your birth certificate, prove you’re not Muslim, and above all – stone wall any ideas he proposes. Don’t work with him, listen to him, try to find a middle ground – fan flames of dissension through fear mongering and half truths.

    I agree with you – Obama isn’t running America, how can he? The political system is so bloated and ineffective nobody has control. I find his administration no different than the Bush years. Where the distinction comes is in who or which lobby has the ear of big money influence.

    America is imploding and Americans would rather blame the Democrats than look in their own back yards.Obama isn’t the problem, red faced hot heads waving the flag in the name of a God fearing constitution is. George W Bush is an imbecile. He created a platform of poppycock unrivaled in modern times. Obama foolishly thought he could make a difference – restore America to a place to be proud of. Proposals to raise minimum wages, restrictions on semi-automatic weapons, health care for the underprivileged – all fodder for paranoid and self absorbed “patriots”. people brazen enough to claim America’s best interest at heart when in fact all that mattered was their interest.
    Studies predict America will resemble a third world country within the next few decades – if that is the America people want, well that is the America they’re well on their way to having.

    Barrack Obama is one of the greatest men in history – I find it depressing to think America squandered his vision over petty fear and delusion of constitutional or religious based values. Yikes!

    • It is too bad that Obama didn’t get to do what he might have, if the reptilians weren’t running the show on this planet, but we all play a role in what is unfolding and all we can do, is our best. Heroes and villains, it will all come out in the wash, and I think we’re all going to be very surprised to learn who is who.

  5. John Stevens says:


  6. gary says:

    I doubt if Obama knows who he is; we sure don’t know who he is! But we do know that his whole life has been hidden and covered up, so much so that we do not know for sure who either his mom or his dad were, where he was born and when, what his real name is- the list goes on and on.
    But most disturbing is that he is a coward! What sane person would kill people who knew about his past. What “light worker” type would expand war, kill people indiscriminately through drones, fill posts at the white house with murderers and congenital liars. If he were even somewhat aware of who he is, on a spiritual level, he would never have sought the office, told all the lies, been tutored by dark forces and acted without consciousness. No, this man is so corrupt, self centered and self absorbed, that he doesn’t know that he needs to Say No IF someone is controlling him…and to mean it even if it requires his demise.
    I use discernment and my all knowing intuition to formulate a determination on good or evil. This guy fails on all fronts and will be on the scrap heap, alongside all the others devoid of souls.

    • Gary, are you aware of Alfred Webre/Andrew Basiago’s intel that Obama/Barry Soetoro was part of the Mars program many years ago? Is it possible he was also part of MK Ultra? That he is controlled in that manner?

  7. i get the bush, et all, connection, but obama’s record prior to election is less than admirable to say the least!

  8. Susanne R says:

    YOU SAID, “Obama is NOT free to make decisions. He probably exercizes less free will than WE do. Unfortunately, he IS a scapegoat, a puppet, a pawn, a fall guy. They set him up. He has to do what the cabal says or else… and he’s probably praying along with us that this nightmare ends soon.”
    PUH. LEASE. This man has more blood on his hands than Hannibal! And there is no way the universe will find a silver lining in this man’s karma. He has not only fucked himself and his family, he has fucked the United States of America. AND THE WORLD.
    There had to be a point somewhere in Obama’s BLOODY RULE to come clean. He has not. Not even hinted!
    The lies continue.
    The bloodshed continues.
    The torture and death continues.
    The dismantling of the Constitution continues.

  9. Well, that video just ruined my mood – couldn’t get past Police State. It took me all day, and many uplifting videos to level myself out. BUT, 🙂 and there’s always a but, I found an article in the UK news today, (Telegraph) that hits this somewhat on the head, although it deals with them intercepting conversations between the FBI and Scotland Yard about how to deal with the hackers. lol 🙂 Just thought I’d drop that off. We shall SEE, what we shall see…and I sure hope it’s not the cabal vision. 😛 hahaha

  10. phoenixarising says:

    To see this article posted with the identical thoughts we’ve all shared and the words of a countless conversations, we’ve speculated on this topic. Whatever he is or isn’t, one thing is for sure. This man will have a place in history and it is up to him to decide what his destiny may be and how his epitaph shall read. Can he….Will he….do the right thing forsaking his personal ties and sentiments? I want to think he can muster the fortitude and follow to path of righteousness for the sake of all that is good on earth. We shall soon see.

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