Princess Diana on BBS Radio ‘The Messenger’ Tonight, Sat. May 3rd

This is your formal invitation to join channelers  extraordinaire Carolyn Evers and Dr. Richard Presser on BBS Internet radio as they bring us Princess Diana. 

It does seem like yesterday to me; I recall exactly where I was and the details of everything when I heard of her passing—the only difference being, back then I actually believed the press—that it was an accident. Now I know differently.

If you’ve not been on the show before, don’t expect Diana to share details of her death or discuss the perpetrators. Souls who have crossed over pass no judgment. They do, however, allow us a glimpse of what is transpiring on our side of the veil from their perspective as we near the end of our 3D journey.  ~ BP


Richard says…

You may be aware of my blog post on Princess Diana’s death this past week. If you have not seen it, you may like to watch Keith Allen’s documentary I provide a link to. She was killed in 1997, and in some ways it seems like yesterday.

As I was putting this picture together, Carolyn and I were talking about her and what happened, and Princess Diana came forth and expressed interest in being on our Radio Show. There have been many requests for us to bring her forth, so I expect this will strike a chord with many.

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Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser

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2 thoughts on “Princess Diana on BBS Radio ‘The Messenger’ Tonight, Sat. May 3rd

  1. Michelle Scott says:

    Being very selective with channeling, I listened to this with an open heart and mind. When the guy asked about the two “Royals” that visited Memphis and it was said by whomever that those two were not her sons……well, I live in Memphis and we know the people who own the famous BBQ restaurant that hosted the party and it was definitely Prince Charles and Henry. Plus video and pictures of them visiting Graceland. I had to stop listening and it was a great reminder for discernment for me personally. Just thought I would share that.

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