Intel Update re: The Event for May 2nd

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UPDATE: Before you get excited, better read this “retraction”. It seems one “lightworker” purposely spread disinfo for personal reasons, destroying their credibility along with the rest of the community’s credibility.

My “trusted source” shared this with me just now. It’s encouraging and makes sense so I’d like to put it out there. May the 22nd of May see this to fruition. 

This concerns specifically what will happen in America in some respects, because the USA will be freed first, if that is still the plan. Once the US cabal is brought to its knees, the authorities can easily handle the other countries.

I guess to bring down the giant, the best place to hit him first is where it counts, LOL, get him doubled over, and then you can bash him in the noggin, bind his hands and feet and gag him… before chopping him into little pieces for stew—metaphorically speaking, of course.

Since the ‘window of opportunity’, as Cobra refers to it, is open until May 17th, we can expect miracles. Let’s conjure up our most excellent images of freedom and joy, and let those vibrations lift us into our new reality sooner rather than later.

As I write this, the ceiling fan in my office is on high and the chain is swinging in a circle, tinkling the glass light shades as it rotates. It reminds me of village church bells heralding a most joyous event. Oye, oye! Come one! Come all!  ‘Tis time for celebration. Let the feast begin! Cooks and bakers begin your preparations. Minstrels, strike up a lively jig. The common folk have won the battle! The giant lives no more!

Here’s the update, in the raw, with only a few spelling corrections.  ~ BP

“Arrests, GCR, Intel by Friar Tuck” posted by Exogen at Stage3Alpha



OP-ED By FryerTuck – Arrests, GCR, Intel – May 2, 2014

Posted by EXOGEN on May 2, 2014 at 7:19pm   Received via email.

May 2, 2014 13:04 PM

The game of espionage is dangerous. Those at the top of the ladder are unknown to the populace. Their names are never used in public. The closely guarded secrets are no longer secret. It was important that we found who was giving orders and running the show.

JP Morgan, Kissinger, Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Bush clan, The Pope and many more are only pawns in the checker board. They are what the PTW call the “Children in Chains”.

Some will look towards the Black Pope as being the head leader, but in fact the head masters are as high up in the ranking as you can get. This way the blame is always kept on those who are only puppets and known in the public’s eye. Very few have ever met the PTW in person including their puppets.

CHECKMATE has been met as the highest ranking members no longer exist.

This game of chess has been playing out since 1549. Since 9/11 the team nearly quadrupled in size when many high ranking officials in the Military Industrial Complex finally saw the forest for the trees.

Mass arrests are not going to happen in the way many think. This will keep the populace from rioting and causing more chaos.

Many on Earth are stuck in the MK Ultra programmed matrix and are unwilling to lift the veil. To keep the shock factor down the decision was made to do this in phases.

These phases will not be noticed by many as they will be small but life changing. There is not much more these evil groups can do as their power has been taken away. It is kind of like a malfunctioning robot. This is why many weird moves are being made by evil in the public’s eye…

…such as missing planes that caused the media to scramble for information when finding out it really was not done by those who own them, and in the end their stories kept getting sillier and sillier.

The GLOBAL RESET: The RV is only part of this. The money releases will come as most all is set into motion.

The trigger should be pulled no later then May 22, 2014.

The release of this will be done in phases. If we release money to every person in the world, goods, services and food industries will be overwhelmed. This is why it will be done in phases.

The new tech will be released first. This will free up money for many people making life much easier. At the same time Social Security payments will increase as well as welfare, food stamps, disability, wages, retirement and pensions. The increases will be done slowly while the technology is being released slowly.

Humanity will rise above the need for monetary value as it was a concept that was introduced by the PTW for further world domination. Money will phase out and no longer be needed.

Many rumors and made up Intel is floating around. That means about 85% of it is all made up. They are perceptions based on mainstream news and current events in most situations. A story can be viewed your way based on a one-track mind.

Keep that in mind. It is a tactic used by the puppets that will be rounded up like a thief in the night. You will watch many disappear off the scene. The five biggest controlling factors will be taken down, Government, Military, Big Pharma, Banking, and Schooling.

Congress and all pending legislation will be broadcasted for people’s vote on paper ballot.

The Governmental body will be reduced by leaps and bounds. Nothing will be introduced to a ballot that has long term ill effects on Humanity or the Earth.

The original plan was scrapped and a new one was formed. We have a team of many well trained individuals who want Common Law to be the Universal Law on Earth. Do no harm to others or their property.

If you have been paying attention it is by no accident Common Law Grand Juries are popping up everywhere. Free Will is to be respected as well as an individual responsibility. Many emotions are ripe and ready to help stir chaos if things are revealed all at once. This is why they are and have been being revealed slowly in what we call “Soft Disclosure”.

You will notice this in many movies, TV shows, and news stations.

The script is going to be vamped up for more to be released on May 22, 2014 involving disclosure of corruption and Earth’s past as well as the ellusive Global Reset, RV, PP’s, NESARA and much more.

The last report I was able to send out was in 2003. Hopefully I can update more in the future. Until then, God Bless you All!

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    Exciting News my dearest Angelic Family, situations are improving daily, so expect miracles.

    If you are like me you are as excited about this as I am.

    It is very important to continue the Ley Line Project as instructed by Veronica Keen of the Montaque Keen Foundation. Also continue Cobra’s Meditation. It is listed under Portal Activation which I posted for April 20 Grand Cross.

    Yes we can smell Victory and we need to continue our Ground Work. Get involved with Common Law Jury. Go to or to

    Bring up your Frequencies daily by helping others. If you can make donations to help these efforts until we no longer have these issues it will be rewarded 100 no 1000 fold!

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    I thank you for being here to help all that you can. We are the Ground Crew and still have a short ways to go.

    I send you my unconditional love always and thank you again for all you do.

    Be blessed!

  2. Ken Harris says:

    So this article goes to far? Is it any different than the “hope” Cobra continuously spews in the form of “imminent events” that fail to come to fruition, or the many other channelings that spew wordy expectations of imminent change and enlightenment? In this article the author talks about the phasing in of various monetary programs and the ultimate demise of money as a means of exchange. There is truth in this aspect as the higher dimensional galactic civilizations have eradicated the use of money as an exchange since money is the root of the many things we consider “evil” (greed, power, etc).

    Another point to consider is: What exactly ties “Exogen” to the author of the “retraction blog” on ? Other than the date aspect (something which Cobra seems to freely use) there is much truth in the original blog, and to me resonates with divine guidance, while the “retraction” resonates with cabal influence designed to denigrate the original message.

    Just as the “retraction” uses the lack of discernment and research to make it’s point of spreading false hope, the same goes for the “retraction” dashing hope to the ground.

    The only real truth comes through our hearts in our link and oneness with the source. It is with that connection that I question the motivation behind claims of “fake” related to the original article.

  3. nbakay says:

    Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    So it is now viral…as I have posted it the other day, Very happy Hoping so that these would comes true.

    Truth, Love & Light will set us free…
    God Bless…us all his creation.

  4. Todd says:

    Well I don’t know about you BP, but this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Once again I’m cautiously optimistic as yet another date is mentioned here, sigh. I suppose that whether or not this does occur, it doesn’t change who we are, nor the Love and joy we hold in our hearts. There is no scenario out there that can alter that eh? Love to you and yours dearest, Todd.

  5. Rique Seraphico says:

    Dear BP, UNFORTUNATELY the above article is a FAKE. A joke played “innocently” but that went a tad too far, which most, like you and me, did fall for it. This being a great and credible Site, I believe you ought to know that and choose to report it to your public or not. Many thanks!

    Rique Seraphico.

    Janice Marie Rollins
    4 hrs

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