Intel & Event Update a Joke?

According to a comment…

It appears that the article was some moron’s idea of a joke. Ha. Ha.

What kind of person does that? What kind of person plays with the minds of the Lightworkers—particularly at this stage of the game?

A dark soul, that’s who. Throw them in a cage with the cabal. They’ll be right at home, and good riddance.  ~ BP

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19 thoughts on “Intel & Event Update a Joke?

  1. Dan W says:

    With this current disinfo event, BP would you be open for all of us to somehow discuss “Good” vs “Bad” websites, authors etc? I have by trial and error over the years know which sites I trust and which sites are completely full of sh*t and some of these sites are VERY damaging, especially the newbies (ask me how I know). Would be a great way to help share the real Truth like you do. We probably loose a lot of good light workers along the way due to the games people play. Anyway, just thinking out loud.

    • Dan, it would be lovely to have a list of blogs and websites with the “Lightworkers’ Seal of Approval” wouldn’t it… but it would be a lot of work to compile, as there are so many thousands of sites.

      What one considers safe, or verified, another might say they have found disinfo featured there. Even on my own blog, although I strive to present fact or otherwise specify it’s hearsay or merely offered for discussion, I’m sure someone would say there is unverified information here. In fact, looking back, we were given incorrect info with respect to what would transpire on Dec. 21st, 2012, but I shared what I believed to be true in good faith.

      Do I pull off hoaxes? No—but may unwittingly post bad info If I fall for someone’s idea of a joke or purposeful disinfo. One day soon we may learn that 90 per cent of what we think we know to be fact is disinfo. :0(

      I have a blogroll on my sidebar for recommended, trusted blogs and web sites, but I purposely keep it relatively short. It’s not exhaustive by any means, and I hope it doesn’t offend anyone that their blog/site isn’t included.

      As you can no doubt see from the comments on various posts, there are always people who will disagree with a post, who don’t trust the source, get bad vibes from the channeler, etc. We simply will not all agree on anything much at all.

      While it would be great to have a directory, I’m thinking that by the time it was complete and verified, we’d no longer have a need for it.

      If you would like to share your list, if you have one, I’ll publish it—unless it contains sites/authors I don’t agree with. —Just kidding.

  2. smccolorado says:

    I don’t usually comment but I feel compelled to do so here for your consideration. I saw the “fryer tuck” story go around and read it. It was of no real consequence. I have now read her follow up and it provides something extremely valuable. BP, I love you beyond measure and please don’t be angry with her. You are the bridge from old paradigm to the new. This is not the first time you have put out “disinfo” and it won’t be the last.

    She did an experiment from her perception point within this matrix. That’s it. The rest we have to take responsibility for. Take personal responsibility for what we are attached to in this whole process. Why are we attached to this whole NESARA/RV/GCR/Prosperity Package scheme? Where are we still relating to the slave mentality of lack or greed?

    After some thirty-five years of playing in this sandbox I will offer this;
    Old Paradigm = secret and someone who “knows” more than you and internally as ego; I am going to do something to save the world and be exalted by the masses.
    New Paradigm = transparency, information and tools are made available for you to create and you do so out of joy, generosity and the knowing.

    In my world these take the form of; The QEG, I-UV, Keshe Foundation and Common Law Grand Juries. All of these have extended an open invite for us to participate in and combined create solutions for every perceived problem that we have. If we except that invitation, then the whole RV…whatever just becomes irrelevant eventually.

    BP provides a vital bridge between old and new. What we pay our conscious awareness to is our free will choice. And that is what this moment in perceived time is all about. Choose, slavery or freedom. Do you want to keep getting thrown between the extremes of hope and fear or relax into the knowing of who you are?

    But let us not get angry when someone holds up the mirror. As Michael Jackson said: Make the change. And we are as demonstrated by the fact that anyone would even read that article. Six years ago that article would have been read by about two or three people…literally, one of which would have been a concerned relative. I am eternally grateful for the courage of anyone willing to venture into these waters. May you reach the other side joyfully.

  3. shipp49 says:

    Andrew Bartzis says nothing will happen until we take to the streets. Also the month of June, we as a collective, will begin to experience conscious earth quakes.

  4. Merlin says:

    The only Joke is the deceptive MATRIX.
    Make no Mistake..the time has come..for Divine Intervention.
    Don`t be surprised when by the end of May..Prominent political personalities either from the Russia, US, France or Japan will make an important announcement that could affect many families in the future.

  5. Greg says:

    Despite being (very) cautiously skeptical while first reading the article, I still couldn’t help but feel hopeful — then being disappointed this morning at a seeming consensus of BP and other readers that it’s likely disinfo — I found that the picture it suggests is an excellent model for visualizing WHAT WE WANT/INTEND TO HAPPEN.

    I read it yesterday evening, and as I went to sleep last night I found myself vividly visualizing the many specific aspects of what the author claimed to be reporting (to which I added massive new waves of light into the ley lines and obelisks of Rome — just for good measure.) And as I pictured it — my mind, heart and spirit REALLY GOT INTO VISUALIZING/MANIFESTING IT — my soul sailing around the Earth on a kick-ass flying carpet, wearing a top hat, smoking a cigar and transforming great swaths of darkness into Light and NEW EARTH with nothing more than my intention and the sweep of my arms.
    So, while being open/realistic about allowing for it to NOT(quite) YET be true/consensual reality, how about if we all use this article as a model for visualizing this scenario into being….(?)

    BP/MC, when you first introduced the article, you wrote:
    “Since the ‘window of opportunity’, as Cobra refers to it, is open until May 17th, we can expect miracles. Let’s conjure up our most excellent images of freedom and joy, and let those vibrations lift us into our new reality sooner rather than later.”

    Let’s Do It!!

    Boy, wouldn’t that disinfo shill feel foolish!!?

  6. PL says:


  7. crystallighthealer says:

    And…….”who” just stated this??????????

    • @ BP and shipp49 – A very interesting video, and it sounds so right. It’s a great accompaniment to the healing vid I posted; and right at this moment, maybe the two were supposed to come this close in posting.
      We know there is a higher purpose to our learning, and maybe, if we seek it, the reason for what the original poster was attempting to do, then forgive it and just let it go. Our negative consciousness has more power than we realize. It’s ‘matching’ that which is being sent out to us, and creating more of it. I guess the light workers are correct in that aspect…and on that issue, to free ourselves, we need that.

      I do believe that everyone here can value synchronous activities. For everything there is a reason/season. This (non) ‘event’ has helped us to learn that we can’t always depend on others to find the answers, or be willing, without malice, to present the solutions. However, when we’re faced with something that is given in this way, what it has taught us is to be more discerning from within, and call on that I AM-ness to make that judgment if or not it’s real, or to even read it, think it, then let it go. Maybe that was the reason ‘why’ she wrote it. It’s possible that she was looking to stir up love and hope, in the face of the dark…lighting that candle in a room, so to speak.

      We know we have all the answers within us, waiting to be found. And I think if we take the time to just ‘let it all go’ those answers will present themselves, not out of ‘need’ but from within, and that ‘within’ is connected to Source. We only need to ask ‘what is the truth of this,’ and then wait for the answer as it always arrives if we have faith.

      Technologically speaking, there are way too many ‘things’ around us that inhibit the inner child from speaking to Source, and ‘this’ is what the cabal hopes for; it’s what they’ve worked for, for a long time. Their motive was to ‘seize control’ of our lives through whatever means that was available to them…and we know what all those methods are now. So in essence, what they’ve done was to steal our means of real communication with Source, and to be discerning in our communication. Their own way to finishing off the masses, which lead to confusion, improper judgment, heartache, lack of ‘pure knowledge’ and our ability to move their things out of the way, to make room for, or give us enough space, enabling us to literally ‘create’ the world the way we want it to be, which would be MINUS THEM.

      I think one of the most important things to do at this point would be to ‘get a very large crystal,’ cleanse it, fill it with our own energies and take time to just ‘focus with it, and fill it with our intention.’ Many think this may be wrong, but it isn’t. A crystal is not to worship, but to use as a tool, to our own advantage of having the communication we need. To program that crystal for the proper intent, being careful of how we say it, to be for the good of ourselves and for all the masses. They can be charged and programmed for our own specific requirements, which is to help us ‘override’ what they have dumped on us, and rid our own personal areas of their Arcon(ic), electronic ‘dump-yard.’ (My example is a personal one, and I was making a chem-buster, and I’m sure others have seen the vids of ‘how to.’ But I had a very large chunk of crystal. I held it and focused on getting rid of the chemtrails, and specified that I needed this large chunk in very small pieces. Believe this or not, all I had was a scratchal, and a hammer. I ‘barely’ tapped it, and it literally ‘fell apart’ into many small pieces.) So, crystals do understand intent, especially for the good. Unfortunately a black helicopter went by with a microwave drum and destroyed the effectiveness of it. I tried recharging it several times, but microwave energy is their weapon of silent destruction.

      While listening to the other vids, I found this; and for our nations health, it’s good to listen to. A reminder of our purpose, so to speak. Much love… ❤

  8. MrH2old says:

    The one with the biggest mouth wins, most blogs and gurus are a joke
    and if they comment on an other it does not mean they are right,
    its just the power of a closed circuit club of ppl who keep us going on disinfo and if you are not a part of it they use you to make themself look better.

  9. John Stevens says:


    • After any rant or bad feelings I usually turn to music. A fav of mine is Celtic Woman. This song is very healing to wounded hearts. 🙂 I think here it’s very appropriate.

  10. Rique Seraphico says:

    No, I am afraid, this WAS indeed some idea of a joke. I did speak to the person responsible for it today. Not sure what her intentions were, but she seemed genuinely sorry for all she’s caused. I agree 100% with BP, this is HARDLY the time for this to take place.

    We are constantly being bombarded with disinfo right, left and centre, by BOTH sides, LIGHT and Cabal, after all, we ARE at War, so it makes it very difficult, EVEN for the very experienced ones to at times be able to tell what is genuine and fake. I feel sorry particularly for all those newbies, that get extremely confused and disappointed with this.

    But this goes to show we must ALWAYS Filter EVERYTHING we read. And never take Anything for granted. Let’s hope we can learn something from this and take positives.

    Much Love & Light!

    Rique Seraphico.

  11. Robin says:

    Thank you Teal.

    To the Universal you:
    The Governing Truth of this Universe is that of Oneness.
    There is no such thing as that which is “other ” than you.
    You have an unbreakable connection with your higher Self; the eternal, incorporeal portion of you, Being, the Absolute which is part of that which you call “God”.
    You create the reality you live in.
    You create your reality with your attention and focus of thought.
    That which you see as negative does not have to be an enemy to your life. It is an invaluable component of evolution of all that is,
    With no villains there can be no heroes.
    The thoughts you are thinking do not have to be the default byproduct of what you are observing in your external reality. They can be consciously chosen, at which point your external reality will reassemble
    to match them.
    Everything that exists in a person’s external reality is the mirrored manifestation of what is present within their internal reality.Therefore, self-awareness and self-mastery are not only the key components to living life the way you intended to live it, they are also a principal route to happiness.
    There is no such thing as a source of evil or malevolence within this universe because there are not two types of energy within the universe.
    The universe is made up of positively charged energy. What we call “evil” is just the absence or prevention of that positively charged energy.

    We all have our roles to play in this grand unfolding of life and ascension, and I send my Love and gratitude to those who chose to play the “unpopular” and “not very liked” roles.
    They truly are a gift to me.

    Peace and Love to All.

  12. A very heinous and nasty person, that’s who. Strange, Todd was just wondering how I saw that. 🙂 Well, I didn’t answer it the first time because as the old saying goes, ‘when it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.’ 🙂

    It was one way to quiet down the masses, and most probably a typical cabal ‘shill.’ You know the type – when the truth is on YT they’re the first debunkers there, creating questions, then disbelief and it cuts back on the views.

    Ohhhh, so what else is new, BP dear? The idiots are out there working overtime on ‘confusion’…scientists testing their little machines to watch the ups and downs of reactions among the masses. They KNOW that when we do that it creates ‘holes’ in our sense of instinct; and we’re overwhelmed, overpowered and let down; and they suck up allllllll that energy, good, bad or indifferent. Arcons.

    I so wish it would have been true, but as my gut told me to, I just ignored it and moved on. When I did read it thoroughly tonight, however, I thought, not felt, but thought that ‘maybe’ the original plan was changed. If you recall the first time with Drake, then they dropped everything like a hot potato. I guess that should have told us something. Let’s face it. Our military and the foreign troops on our soil are bought and paid for by the Rothschild’s – the ‘only’ trillionaires on this planet; and they got that way by… excuse the expression, screwing everyone on his brother. Sorry for that, but right is right, wrong is just plain wrong, and truth is just that…no matter how hard it is to swallow.

    I can be a silly person, when the occasion arises; but when people pull stuff like they have…to me personally, they’re the scum, and that’s the truth of what I feel about them. I can’t in my heart of hearts forgive them for anything they’ve done because they’re just too dark…and as dark as it gets, no candle burned will light them back into real humanity.

    I can’t pretend about my feelings; I’m finished casting aside my own feelings to try to bring light to them. I see no healing for a one of them. And no God that ‘I’ know would let them get away with it. I hope no one hates me for what I feel; but hey, we’re only humans; not ‘super humans.’ We’ve gotten nothing from this life without having it stuck to us, royally. Had we not had to go through this, from day one of our lives, living in the deepest, darkest lies out there, maybe I could have remained that ‘pure of heart’ toward others as I used to be. At 20 years old, in 1969, I was not like this; but instead very sweet and humble. I can’t go back there as I would like. And I would love to just bring that ‘all that I was’ through time and space to here; but unfortunately they won’t let commoners do such things. Yet, there they are, moving through time and space, changing everyone’s lives, their own fortunes, their own reality, and maybe fame for…Oh God…I’ve gotta stop. You get the picture. Thanks so much for posting this. Much love and blessings to you, BP ❤

  13. Nick says:

    Observing with indifference,,, or not!!!

  14. Gaye Estey says:

    It’s alright…..whatever happened to the Ashtar message for Malaysian 370?  Lots of stuff happening on our earth anyways.  Keep positive and let’s see the next saga of our earthly experience.  I like this post.  Thank you!  Gaye Estey

  15. awapuhi says:

    Or someone was paid to discredit it :)))

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