Forensic Proof the Mayalysian Flight 370 Cockpit Audio was Edited

This audiio was released by the Malaysian government. It’s been doctored as this expert will clearly illustrate. 

The powers0that-were don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of covering this up, and we’re not going away. They’re stalling. And you know what happens when you get into a stall… nosedive… and then… kablewee!   ~ BP


From Brasscheck TV

No Question about it… The Only Question is Why?

The Malaysian government finally released the air traffic recording from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

There’s one problem with it.

What they released was clearly altered.

Some material came from a different source. Other material is flat out missing.


Did they think we would not notice?

What on earth made them think they could get away with this?



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3 thoughts on “Forensic Proof the Mayalysian Flight 370 Cockpit Audio was Edited

  1. John Stevens says:

    GRRRRRs again

  2. Jim Murphy says:

    From Day One of the “disappearance” Flight 370 the evidence of a coverup has been piling up and now reaches truly mountainous heights. For whatever reasons we can only imagine, the Powers That Be (and this includes the CIA-NSA and their minions all over the world) do not want this plane to be found, ever. Assuming it is even in the water, the one place you can be absolutely sure it is not, is where the are supposedly looking for it off the coast of Australia. It is truly frightening that the establishment can get away with whatever they got away with, with absolutely no accountability. The US government at its most secret levels is the only organization in the world capable of making a 777, its crew and passengers included, disappear from the face of the earth.

  3. says:

    There were secrets going to China and we cannot have that happen. Hence, missing plane. Why they are altering things, well, they will do all sorts of stuff…

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