Boston Holding Largest Active Shooter School Drill Ever on May 3rd—But Don’t Be Alarmed… [video]

Here we go—another drill. What the hell are we supposed to think after all the other drills that went live—including 9/11?!ย  And this one is over a full 24-hour period.

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4 thoughts on “Boston Holding Largest Active Shooter School Drill Ever on May 3rd—But Don’t Be Alarmed… [video]

  1. It would be nice to see all of the local militias standing by to make sure that nobodies house gets raided and guns before as we have seen with these so called DRILLS , they almost always end up going live to instill yet more fear by the real terrorists who live in DC. ALL HEADS UP AND EYES WIDE OPEN.

  2. I do think this as being the sensible thing to do, BP. The suits they’re wearing is telling me that they’re going to release either the MERS virus, or multiple viruses that are antibiotic resistant. They don’t dress in that gear for ‘bombings’ that’s for sure; nor shoot-outs. Those are for bacteria warfare and/or for radiation. “Oooppss, it was just supposed to be a drill, but they slipped, and the pandemic is now rampant!” Maybe you recall a year or so ago when they released ‘a harmless bacteria’ into the NY sewer system? I think that was their test to see what would spread. Ooopsie – a dud.

    I DO have to wonder, however, how much is truth and how much is BS Fear Porn, ya know? They LOVE to inject ‘fear’ wherever possible. Has a tendency to make one scratch their heads and just want to walk in another direction. But, if you recall, in that one video you posted..or did I post that one….OH, yeah…the one I posted from that Army dude, Sgt. Major speaking to the Oath Keepers. Remember? He said they’ll create the ‘martial law’…or as they’ll call it, Expanded Police Powers and he said it’s coming. Then their gang of foreign troops come out shooting. If they choose a pandemic to be released, you’d better believe I’m not budging out of my little room. ๐Ÿ˜€ Silver & Gold or not, plus hefty portions of my D3 to take, I should be fine closed up in here, windows shut! ๐Ÿ˜€ But if I have to go out if something like that happens, I’ve got a home made face goody, that hardly gives me air…so it should work if need be. The inner part, over and inside the dust mask is made from a padded bra I never wore…and it’s thick micro sponge texture, plus the other two layers from those eco shopping bags ‘plus’ the mask itself should do it. Now, seeing through the steam on my glasses would be another issue. ๐Ÿ˜€ lol I can also dump Iodine (the real deal) onto it to make sure anything dies before it would get through anyway.

    Speaking of Iodine I was very fortunate to get some from a supplier online, and that’s the ONLY place you can buy iodine right now. All that’s out there is beta-dine, or peroxide…and alcohol. The druggist at Kmart slipped and told me that the FDA recalled ALL Iodine off the shelves, because it was supposedly contaminated with mercury. That was BS; I found out when I came home that the FDA had -0- recalls on anything that was Iodine…except for the beta-dine pads and that was a few years ago. I got lucky and for the price of 3 I got 6 instead because the guy got a good deal on the shipping cost. So that was a winner.

    ONE more item, then I have to go sit with my granddaughter. There’s only ONE place I’ve found the ‘old fashioned Lysol concentrate.’ That’s like iodine…and it doesn’t smell good, but it kills everything that’s never been exposed to it. My parents used to use that exclusively at the motel they owned, to clean everything in it daily, after people left. No one ever caught anything in their motel rooms. It cleans and totally disinfects. I’ll send you the name. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m sooooo bad. hahahaha (Ol’e fart me.) LOL

  3. Nick says:

    Don’t Think!!! and frankly it’s long passed the time of trying to educate the masses,,they are waking up just by virtue of their existence on the Planet right now!!!,,propagating further low density energy and putting it out to “The Choir” does little in this current stage of exceleration,,,All will find their way,,IMHO!!! Love,,

    • I’m not only sharing with “the choir”, Nick. I like to post material that, in case some of the many awakening ones happen to do some research or stumble on my blog, will help them understand what’s going on.

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