Earth Just Got a Whole Lot Smaller [video]

Someone on Facebook who friended me posted this on their page and I think it’s a great tool for us to get to know our space environs a little better—since we are soon to be a galactic community here on Starship Earth.

This video really puts us in our place, doesn’t it?  “They” let us think a trip to our miniscule moon was a big deal, when they’ve already been to Mars, Saturn, and who knows where else—using our tax dollars.

There is so much more out there than most of us imagined. What a stupendous future awaits we Terrans.  ~ BP

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One thought on “Earth Just Got a Whole Lot Smaller [video]

  1. Sure makes one wonder, doesn’t it? I’m wondering why they didn’t compare the other planet they found, looks like earth but is much larger? I don’t recall which, if another galaxy it’s in. No wonder Carl Sagan called earth ‘the little blue dot.’ 🙂

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