Criminal Cops: A Clear and Present Danger [video]

Many police forces in the USA and Canada are being trained to operate this way, defying their oath to serve and protect, trampling the constitution, and ignoring common human decency. It’s escalating, and if allowed to continue will certainly put us in an Orwellian society in a very short time.

Not every member of a police force may be willing to do this, but it’s either that or they’re out of a job. A few high up on the ladder are getting paid handsomely for fostering this travesty of justice.

This video illustrates the progression from what we saw one year ago; grateful chants by Bostonians for police showing up in armoured vehicles, putting their city in lock-down, and stomping on people’s sovereign rights—all in the name of a search for 19 year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the so-called terrorist in the Boston Bombing—to the random assault of innocent citizens under false pretenses. Outright lies.

Mission accomplished! People fear the police—and it’s not limited to Boston. It’s rampant in many places.

But tanks? Really, dude? Don’t you boys feel silly?

We’ve seen enough evidence on the Internet that the rogue government is rolling out their plan to militarize the police—their personal armies—and strip civilians of their rights and freedoms; training them to shut up and do what they’re told without dissent.

This is what you get when you let the police conduct a brazen experiment if you don’t put a stop to the lawlessness immediately.

Bostonians not only made it easy for the police (the real terrorists) to conduct their secret test, they gave them dream conditions with their effusive reactions of appreciation for saving them from a ‘terrorist’.

This is domestic terrorism and the Boston false flag event was carefully scripted and planned well in advance to achieve specific objectives.

How easily some are manipulated. Now they have a nice little slogan but many miss the irony of  it. Bostonians aren’t strong—but their police force is—thanks to tax dollars and excessive spending by the criminal federal government. Civilians are no match for their heavily armed, automaton police force.

It’s surprising this video was even aired on television but hopefully it woke up a few people. This victim wasn’t the first in North America… nor will she be the last. She was lucky.

They love to target the homeless, the mentally ill and war vets—and they’re killing innocent people at will—usually with total impunity.  ~ BP

From Brasscheck TV:

A year ago they ran wild…

Entering people’s homes at gunpoint without warrants en masse.

“Boston strong” area police a year later.

Criminal behavior, no consequences: The dark side of “Boston strong”

Let’s tally this up:

They broke down a woman’s door without a warrant…

They assaulted her…

They terrorized her…

They falsely arrested her…

They filed a fraudulent police report…

And had she not had video evidence of what really happened, a local judge would have almost certainly accepted the police officers’ fraudulent version of the events, convicted her and jailed her on the charge of assaulting a police officer.

What were the consequences for the “Boston strong” area police who were involved in this travesty?




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3 thoughts on “Criminal Cops: A Clear and Present Danger [video]

  1. BTW, BP one thing that I forgot to mention about this. Something that this woman should not have done, and that was to ‘become the frightened/scared victim’ of police brutality, during the news interview. What she should have done was to tell them that she would be filing charges of unnecessary police brutality, and state something like, ‘they think they’ve frightened me; but in fact all they’ve done is to make themselves look foolish for my false arrest. No warrant, no breaking and entering for ‘loud music.’ All they had to do was knock.’

  2. This was the most sickening display of the Jesuit, Vatican, Illuminati…NWO agenda I’ve seen. Those cops should be banned from service. They KNEW she had a fork in her hand, and that cop was just being ignorant. He should’ve/could’ve asked her to put the fork down when speaking to them. You just don’t throw someone on the floor like that; especially a woman. What if she’d been pregnant and lost the baby because of it? These twit cops act first and think later. Typical brainwashed, ego-manics.

    Frankly, when I saw the phrase “To protect and serve” no longer on the police cars here, after o’slummy took office, I knew we were in trouble. But, I do know where they’re proud to display their vehicles, and when they stop even young kids who are smoking a joint, they tell them ‘don’t smoke while driving.’ I kid you not. Where? My secret because I may end up heading in that direction. hehehe ooooooooooh, I’m so bad. 🙂

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