AIG & Paypal having a bit of Internet trouble?

Reblogged from American Kabuki. Bill says he got this from an ‘anonymous source’.  ;0)  Thanks for sharing, Bill. 

Interesting. And I got a fake email this week that was supposedly from Paypal. It didn’t seem to contain any hyperlinks, however—either that or my security program removed them. It wanted the recipient to download the ‘Update Page’ and follow several steps.

Paypal support assured me several times that my account is safe and secure, said I didn’t need to change my password (I did anyway) and asked me to forward the message to them; that they are shutting down these outfits. Message forwarded to   ~ BP


AIG having a bit of Internet trouble?

Got this from an anonymous source…. AK

Got this from an anonymous source…. -AK

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