What the Hell Happened to Planet Earth & When? Jordan Maxwell Spells it Out [video]

Thanks to Michelle, here’s the full length version of a video except from Intellihub that expands on the clip I posted a few months ago.

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how the world got to be all about war, greed, murder, corruption, militarization, and loss of freedom, among other abhorrent things, you’ll understand it much better after listening to this man. You’ll understand how Humanity grew to become nothing more than chattel for the rulers. He absolutely nails it.  ~ BP

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7 thoughts on “What the Hell Happened to Planet Earth & When? Jordan Maxwell Spells it Out [video]

  1. dane1@frontiernet.net says:

    Hi BP,   Thank you for sharing this however, it cuts off right in the middle of the last segment.  Is there a link for Part 2?   Debby  


    • Debby, I don’t see another part to this, but there are a ton of Jordan Maxwell videos you could take in if you want to know more. He’s done a lot of interviews!

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  3. Demitra M. N. says:

    Jordan Maxwell is extremely well-informed and a fascinating speaker, most definitely worth listening to. He provides enough “crumbs” to his listeners for them to begin investigating stuff on their own, even though most of us will never have the same opportunities and access to information he has had over the course of his life. In any case, it is my opinion that Jordan Maxwell is, without a doubt, someone who is in some way part of the “inner circle” and as such, is being used by the planetary controllers to elicit a certain response from his listeners. As listeners we need to be aware of this. If you listen to him long enough it becomes clear that he knows far, far more than he divulges — I expect, as an insider, he is perfectly aware of the danger of speaking about anything he hasn’t been cleared to talk about.

  4. scully13 says:

    spot on … nice find thx !

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