Eye Witnesses Saw Pope Bergoglio Rape Teens, Kill & Eat Babies in Satanic Ninth Circle Ritual: Kevin Annett [video]

And these are the sickos who run the planet. The truth must come out. People must wake up as these heinous crimes can no longer be swept under the carpet and the murderers can no longer hide. 

Yet while this truth is shared, popes are recognized as saints and canonised at the Vatican this month.

It’s easy to learn who the criminals are these days because they get awards and honours; Hillary Clinton (gag me), Obama got the Peace Prize, of all things, Monsanto—while banned in an increasing number of countries—has executives winning the World Food Prize for figuring out how to destroy the food chain and billions of people, and then there was Exxon’s safety medal mere days after they poisoned the earth with their massive spill in Arkansas in 2013. 

I don’t know whether Alfred’s raising of the ET issue is going to make this easier or harder for the masses to believe. Maybe easier; how many humans could entertain such behaviour?  ~ BP


Papacy and Vatican exorcised and abolished; Replaced by new spiritual gathering of free humanity

VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview from Spain with Joshua JD Lemmens of Radio Warrior.ca and Alfred Lambremont Webre of ExopoliticsTV, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State gave a wide-ranging update on the first two weeks of the Brussels trial before the International Common Law Court of Justice of Pope Jorge Bergoglio, Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. As part of the Prosecutor’s corroborating evidence, secret archives from the Jesuit Order were introduced into the Court record that describe in detail the so-called “Magisterial Privilege” compelling the participation of every new Pope in the Ninth Circle sacrifice of new born children.

During the first week of the Brussels trial, The Chief Prosecutor told the Court, “These archives clearly indicate a premeditated plan for centuries by the Jesuits to ritually murder kidnapped newborn babies and then consume their blood, born of a twisted notion of deriving spiritual power from the lifeblood of the innocent and thereby assuring the political stability of the Papacy in Rome. Every Pope was expected to and did in fact participate in these monstrous rituals … These acts are not only genocidal but systemic and institutionalized in nature, and indict the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuits as a whole, and every Pope since at least in the year 1773.”

The same collection of Jesuit archival records make reference to a child sacrificial cult known as The Knights of Darkness, established by the Nazi Waffen S.S. Division in 1933 with Jesuit backing. The archives identify former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, as a member of the Knights and as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck concentration camp in Germany, where he participated in sacrificial rites using children transported to the camp or kidnapped from political prisoners.

The latter practice was a common Jesuit undertaking in Spain, Argentina and other fascist regimes, and one implicating chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio while he was a priest, Bishop and front man for the military junta in Argentina during the 1970’s.

Commencing on Tuesday, April 8 after an opening Court session the day before, the case by the Citizen Prosecutor’s Office presented evidence directly linking all three chief defendants with the planning and execution of child trafficking networks within the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, and with the practice and concealment of the ritual rape, torture and killing of children.

Along with considerable documentation, the Prosecutor introduced notarized affidavit statements from eight eyewitnesses to these crimes, including videotaped interviews with two adolescent women who claim to have been tortured and raped by chief defendant Jorge Bergoglio, alias “Pope Francis”, during the spring of 2009 and 2010, at horrific cult functions connected to the “Ninth Circle” child sacrifice network.

“Survivors of these rituals describe newborn babies being chopped to pieces on stone altars, and their remains were then consumed by the participants” described the Chief Prosecutor to the Court.

“The survivors during the 1960’s period were forced to rape and mutilate other children, and then cut their throats with ceremonial daggers. Former Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Cardinal Alfrink, and Prince Bernhard were among the cult participants, according to these survivors. But significantly, the more recent incidents in 2009 and 2010 involved exactly the same kinds of ritualized murder of newborn infants in rural Holland and Belgium.”

Other witnesses described their personal knowledge of efforts by the defendants to conceal the involvement of not only the Catholic and Anglican church, but the British, Belgian and Dutch royal families, in the ritual killing of Mohawk Indian children at the Brantford residential school in Ontario, Canada.

These killings span over seventy years and include the period between 1942 and 1945 when exiled Dutch Queen Wilhemina and her family lived in Canada, and participated in Ninth Circle rituals at the Mohawk Indian school.

Introduced documentation* indicates that, to assist and conceal such involvement of Dutch “royals” in these cult killings, the Canadian government and Privy Council Office in London granted “extra-territorial exemption” to the Dutch royals from all criminal, civil and military jurisdiction while in Canada. (* The Canada Gazette , Issue No. 232, December 26, 1942, Ottawa)

Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns included Bilderberger founder Crown Prince Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Brussels EU Parlament Candidate Statement

Brussels candidate for the EU Parliamentary elections on May 25, 2014 Melanie Vritshan stated, “Natural and Customary Law allows for the establishment of popular courts of justice when the existing legal and governmental authorities are subverting the law and justice, or aiding those who do. Common Law arose historically to uphold the liberties of the people against tyranny, whether religious or secular, and accordingly, has universal jurisdiction when convened as a jury court by more than twelve duly sworn men and women.

“The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) was established as the legal and judicial arm of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS), with the help of legal experts, judges and survivors of church terror and imperial genocide in more than a dozen countries.”


International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)


International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and state (ITCCS)



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  2. Nigelperren says:

    I know the daughter of a catholic missionary, they lived in their owned private about,,,(no joke) 30 bedroom mansion in the suberbs of Southampton, it contains its own Masonic lodge, her brother still lives in part of it, he bought his mum and sister out and turned it into millionairs flats, he’s a freemason as was his father, quite a place for a humble man of the cloth! The catholic religious teachings are the same as telling a cat it’s wrong to catch and eat mice, the pope ect tell their victims- non illuminati, non freemasons,an abomination of gods will, inorder to make them mentaly ill, prisoners of their own mind’s to feed the devil their negative energy and to cause conflicts whenever possable, catholic preists(atleast the highest ranking ones)are the devil incarnate, as an animal the human brain is programed like any other animal to spontainiously react to situations, sights shapes smells ect, the pope and other illuminati members take what they automatically think, and tell millions of people to do the opposite, knowing what theyve already thaught instantly, the worlds leaders (illuminati) all do the same, the public are eaven going for cats shouldn’t eat birds-telling animals off for doing what god program ed them to do and, telling owners like me im going to hell for congrtulating them instead of scolding them (eaventhough it makes me cringe at times)they will not ever understand me shouting at or hotting them for this, I have to understand to them this is a sigh of love and respect, pope queen primeminister (illuminati) understand this and use their knowledge of NATURE as a weapon upon the worlds public in the form of laws, rules and taught cultures, if you type “secret covenant of the illuminati” into YouTube or the net you can see alot of what theyve done unraveling, chemtrails, mind control, it’s make or break time fot them, they actually know who the prime creator is, they work for him and are trusted to be god, they have a gripe with him, and are taking it out on the human race, knowing they will get the same if they get caught, they must explain why this happened, if done propperly, they have a chance of happiness, and the human race will experience heaven-it mite not be what they expect remember we’ve been taught about heaven and hell mainly by the devil

  3. Roger Mentli says:

    How the babies really died: Irish Times http://www.irishtimes.com/news/social-affairs/tuam-mother-and-baby-home-the-trouble-with-the-septic-tank-story-1.1823393

    “tuberculosis, convulsions, measles, whooping cough, influenza, bronchitis and meningitis, among other illnesses.”

    How is it Kenneth A and all you people all conspiratorially focus on smearing the Catholic Church, while ignoring real Protestant atrocities, oray?

    See the below website (bottom) and see labels in right column.

    “Whoppers, Protestantism, Black Legend, Jesuits, Mary, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, Abortion, Culture of Death, Euthanasia, Population Control”

    . The Catholic Church —practically alone on the world stage!—- has opposed the New World Orders entire program which began with Henry VIII and the Masonic French Revolution. Is it any wonder she is constantly persecuted by people like this.

    Yes, the Catholic Church has—on record— been infiltrated for not supporting what JPII called the Culture of Death — but not by Communists, Gays, Freemasons, etc, http://stephen-hand2010.blogspot.com/2010/05/bella-dodd-and-infiltration-of-catholic.html

    Get a little education please.

    • Roger Mentli… We’ve all done our research in places that are credible, not biased and not paid off. We’re not in denial. We know the truth about Humanity’s history and we know what the church has done and is doing.

      You’re not there yet, but keep digging. I’m sorry for your pain.

    • Pro grower says:

      Irish times? Wow there isn’t any bias there… Eat a D.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i pity all of you for believing so easily

  5. Mike says:

    The accused individuals are still very powerful. They command and control the very religious and financial foundation the majority of people in world power countries stand upon. If the church were to build the public opinion of the itself up as these trials continue uncovered by the media, when the story does break it will be received with such disbelief that anyone trying to make any move against the church will be stopped by the people themselves. Afterwards the trials will be attacked by the mainstream media, the accusers will be labelled as absolutely crazy, and the church will sit back while the 2 disagreeing parties in the public duke it out. The court will then enter a never ending circle of trials and mistrials which will continue until the church finds someone to place the blame upon, if they even have to. Regardless of how this all pans out, it will take far more than one year. The trial for Jordan Davis, the man who shot at teens in an SUV at a Florida gas station, took 2 years. That was with video and witnesses. They do have to start somewhere on this, true. I can’t get my hopes up for a one year turnaround when everything historically says otherwise. On top of that, the lifespan of the members of the GFL are measured in triple digits. Their idea of “swiftly” is going to differ greatly from the average human.

  6. angel lopez zavala says:

    If all this is going on why do the governments of the world permit these people to continue. To operate? What do they fear?

    • Angel, unfortunately, many of the governments—including the USA, Canada, Britain, Holland, and others, have leaders that are part of the same satanic pedophile ring. The Vatican runs the world, so they must start at the top. The others will be removed in time as well.

      Since this same satanic group controls the media, most of the world is not aware of what is going on. We only have the Internet to share this information to wake people up.

  7. Spud says:

    Why is he not including the Bushs and their buds? They do the same? Does he work for them?? See Benjamin Fulford reports.

    For decades they and Congress buds target single parents in US with false abuse charges to legally ‘acquire’ kids. Search/read: Trance-Formation of America by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips. Cathy on youtube also. Very sick people running the US.

    • Spud, they have to start somewhere—and they’re starting at the top! They can’t arrest every single member of this global pedophile ring because it’s not time for the mass arrests. All in good time.

      If you listen to the interview, Kevin Annett says this trial is open-ended and will take months, arrests may take a year—but hopefully we won’t have to wait that long for the mass arrests.

  8. John Stevens says:

    Anyone who is still a Catholic after reading this, is certifiable nuts and insane! TY Jean Cheers & hugs

  9. gail007 says:

    Reblogged this on gail007 and commented:
    Pathetic, pitiful, disgusting. despicable. deplorable. heinous. hideous. horrific. sick god awful crimes against children..need I say more..

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