Joseph P. Farrell re: Cosmic War and Death Stars on Red Ice Creations [video]

Recommended by YouTube and now me… More evidence of ancient space wars, exotic technologies, intelligently constructed planetary bodies, and is no doubt at least part of the reason for the cabal’s insistence in invading the Middle East.

This information falls in line with parts of the video, “The Lie NASA Told”.

There are some great images along with this interview.

You may or may not recall the fairly recent video I posted claiming the Galactics spent a couple of hours in an unknown location teaching the negative military that it’s not nice to play with ancient technologies they’re not grown up enough to pull from the toy box. Sorry I can’t find it, again, though.

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  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    I found the first volume of the ‘Death Star’ series by J. P. Farrell and an epub version of “The Cosmic War” for those with ereaders. Download links before they become non-functional and…Enjoy!

    The Giza Death Star (pdf)

    The Cosmic War (epub format)

  3. irene says:

    sorry not available anymore.

  4. irene says:

    Joseph P Farrell…
    this wasn’t the vid you were looking for by any chance?

  5. John Stevens says:

    No sound, damit! TY tho and cheers

  6. Demitra M. N. says:

    If you’re interested, download a pdf copy of Farrell’s book “The Giza Death Star Deployed” here but hurry, inevitably the link will get deleted; the internet ebook bullies are always working overtime:

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  8. I do believe that there are such technologies, and that the N S A and ‘other’ agencies have been hiding for over 60 years. And you’re right, BP; these fools do not play well in the sandbox with anyone; and they do ‘not’ deserve any toys at all. They may be older, but they have ‘no control’ over themselves, yet want to control us.

    They cannot expect anything but disdain from the public. They hoard and they are the darkest of the dark, no two ways about it. The ETs made a fatal mistake giving into them.

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