Mica Update for April 25th: All is Well

Many of you are asking, so here’s a final update after the rattlesnake bite. No worries.

Mica 074

Back to work on mail duty days later

I got what I asked for! Except for a bit of residual swelling on his nose and the shaved patch on the back of his neck where the pain patch was, and in two spots on his legs for the IVs, today you would never know anything happened. No puncture wounds are visible.

AND, Mica has no reservations whatsoever about spending time on his mat at the back door, or going anywhere in the yard.

A few days after the incident, I noticed a couple of reddish spots on the wall next to the back door and believe it’s forensic evidence from the scene of the crime!

I imagine that while Mica laid on the mat, the snake approached, Mica moved to investigate, and the snake—sans a rattle—struck him on top of the nose.

Mica spun around to retreat, hit his nose on the wall, and that’s the thud that brought me to investigate. They’re a perfect match to the bloody marks on his nose and the reason the puncture wounds were a little smeared when I saw him.

The ‘puffy’ got his final parvovirus shot this week, as well as rabies, so he is now FREE! We can leave the property, walk the ‘hood, go to the lake and begin the socialization process. Woo-hoo!

Apr 16 puncture marks on wall

bloody evidence

We all want to thank each and every one of you who sent good mojo this way for Mica’s recovery. I felt it was remarkably fast and complete and am fortunate to have such wonderful friends.

For those who may live in an area with a similar threat, here’s what I learned from a local snake expert about avoiding a repeat.

Snakes follow the food supply, obviously, which is mice, pack rats, etc., who follow the foundation of buildings for protection, and because pack rats have poor eyesight. Control the food supply and you can control the predators, he said.

Keep shrubs and vegetation away from the edges of gates and doorways because snakes can climb to an extent and will hide or sleep in protected areas.

Don’t leave water out where mice can get to it, keep piles of wood and rubbish, etc. out of the yard, and set traps, if necessary, to control vermin.

Ropes, mothballs, etc. apparently are NOT effective at all in keeping snakes away. I wouldn’t want mothballs around pets, anyway. Puppies eat everything.

A snake fence made of 1/4″ hardware cloth, 36″ high is the only guaranteed method to keep snakes out and it must be installed properly.

A rattlesnake vaccination changes the chemical makeup of a dog, I was told, so if they are bitten they don’t require the $500 antivenin treatment. A vaccine is about $50—a lot cheaper than the nearly $2000 we ended up paying. Since Mica was discharged after only one night at the hospital, our quote was a little high and the local vet didn’t charge us for the followup visit to remove the patch.

Snake avoidance training is available and results in dogs actively avoiding the varmints. It may be a good idea as Mica was most enthralled with the dead coral snake he discovered on a walk and had to visit that spot every day thereafter. A quick look on the Internet yielded a range of $69 – $100 per dog. I think I know people who charge less.

I understand that in our new world, all the nasty things put here to harm us and make our lives miserable—from poison ivy to biting insects and poisonous snakes—will be a thing of the past—probably gone from memory.

Imagine not being prey to anyONE or anyTHING. Could be Heaven.

As you can see, Mica was back to normal in a few days… including biting and humping. Next—the neuter!

As an aside, he is so big now at 17 weeks tomorrow, that he can no longer “swim” on the beach step. He walks. To swim he has to venture further.

I got a pig snout for him to chew on, and I don’t know if he dropped it in the pool or it blew in, but I happened to look out and see his head barely above the pool edge half way from the deep end, swimming for the beach step with the snout in his mouth so whatever happened, he rescued it right away and got to work on it; a satisfying 2-hour interlude for Mum with no biting. Ahhhhhhh… the joys of puppydom.

My Waterbaby 4 days after the bite

My waterbaby 5 days after the bite





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19 thoughts on “Mica Update for April 25th: All is Well

  1. Mica hads lots of well wishers sending healing energies your way. It is such a joy to us all knowing this sweetheart. Is doing better each day. Looks like the fang bites are still showing. Love and blessings to you and Mica. Thanks for keeping us up to date. I love Animals!

  2. Sande Harris says:

    So happy Mica is doing great!

    Sent from my iPad


  3. John Stevens says:

    COOL Congrats Cheers & hugs

  4. that is wonderful news, I was going on the no news is good new thoughts, but 8again so thrilldd thst he is doing so well. imagine a world with no FLEAS!

  5. Thanks for the update.

  6. Todd says:

    He sure is a cutie, but I’m a bit biased as I have an affinity for the lab family of dogs. One caution here that I’ve read of a few times. The rawhide and pork chews, can be swallowed in pieces that are too big to digest and have been known to cause severe intestinal blockages or poke holes much like chicken bones if not chewed properly. Just a heads up BP, and blessings to you and the big boy, ;). xo, Todd.

  7. Gaye Estey says:

    How sweet and good…..:)  Gaye Estey

  8. Anonymous says:

    What a relief….such a sweetie pie

  9. Diane says:

    Bless you. He’s coming along well. Now you can get on with enjoying him.

  10. Dee says:

    Bless him…he is such a cutie pie! Wonderful news.

  11. jopipe says:

    I am glad Mica and you are fine. That’s one strong puppy… 🙂

  12. Anna Miller says:

    Wonderful news! There is nothing like the unconditional love of a dog, to ground us. (and kitties too!) Keep up the good work,

  13. john vallier says:

    Awesome,I came from a place in Texas ,south of San Antonio where rattlesnakes are very thick.My brother was bitten at age three and died,and I have been ever wary of the rascals since.Had a Shorthaired Pointer that was bitten,while I was out and when I came home could barely recognize the dog.His head was the size of a lopsided basketball,but he too survived.Hopefully he remembers the episode and wont go sniffing.Dont put all trust in the wire ,snakes can climb almost a straight up wall if they want to get somewhere.be vigilant.Glad all is well.John

  14. pamz@mac.hush.com says:

    Vaccines should Never be given to a dog w/ a compromised immune system. The vaccine insert states this and the people jabbing should never have given this to him until the trauma and his system is completely healed, which takes longer than a couple weeks. Just some FYI, the research and facts are out there. Personally, when I read your update all was well until I read his body had been assaulted so near to his incident and recovery- sigh. All the best Mica. Sent using Hushma

    • I understand, Pam, that vaccines are hard on the immune system—however—parvo kills and is rampant here. Every day people take their dogs to the vets here with parvo, and many die.

      Parvovirus blows in the wind, and we are out in the windy desert with very few buildings around and wild animals everywhere spreading whatever is out there. I choose to protect Mica from parvo and then his immune system will recover. He is strong and healthy.

      Just as I don’t dwell on chemtrails and toxic food, I don’t dwell on all the pitfalls we COULD stumble into. I decide what I want and I usually get it. Positive expectations are very powerful, and I know Mica is fine.

      Soon there will be no diseases to worry about at all, and no vaccines will be required. We’re just coasting right now. Perfection in all things is around the corner.

  15. katsdogs says:

    So happy to hear your great report! May God continue showering your family and all of us with blessings! Love, Kat

  16. amras888 says:

    Very happy news.

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