Space Wars: The Destruction of the Papal Key [video]

There were so many comments on the video from Yellow Rose for Texas “The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the New World Order” that it may have caused problems for some readers scrolling to the bottom of the comments, so we’re starting a new discussion with this related video from Yellow Rose.

It’s extremely controversial material and mind-bending, to say the least—but that’s never stopped us, has it?  It’s generated a great deal of note comparisons, titillated our collective galactic core and expanded our souls so I hope we can continue the discussions here on this post.

As always, I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS THE TRUTH—I’m sharing it as one person’s contribution to opening our eyes to a reality that has been shielded from us. Truth is usually mixed with some misinformation so we have to use our discernment—and WE ARE—and asking plenty of questions!

Having said that, there are some things we just know. Who would have ever thought we’d be saved by “the Mob”???  I guess it’s better than “the swarm”. Cheers!  ~ BP

This video, uploaded April 23, 2014,  is said to be footage from SOHO again, viewing the destruction of the escape route of the enemy of Mankind.


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40 thoughts on “Space Wars: The Destruction of the Papal Key [video]

  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    I found this link down in the comments section of the concave earth page at the site (posted on youtube on April 11, 2014):

    Steven Christ educates NASA Scientist Richard Cowen on the subject of concave earth in a phone interview. Steven Christ is extremely knowledgable about this subject and the scientist in turn can’t help but be interested in what he’s hearing.

    • That’s a new one on me, Demitra. Very interesting, and Steven does know his stuff.

      • Demitra M. N. says:

        B.P., essentially, as I am understanding Steven’s explanations, we are the one’s living within the hollow of the earth, not the other way around. If his science is correct and this is in fact so, then we could very easily be hanging “out there” on a mast as the LIES video postulates. Of course, I don’t know, I’m just theorizing myself but it certainly is food for thought if nothing else.

      • Yes, Demitra, it is delightful fodder for contemplation, at the very least. Since we don’t see reality—anything is possible.

  2. Demitra M. N. says:

    The following site has some interesting articles posted on the Sun, Moon, Stars and Earth. The theory of Concave-Earth (which I’ve discovered is quite different from the Earth-is-Flat theory) is expounded on extensively here. You’ll notice that the writer/creator of this site responds fully and patiently to his readers’ inquiries, which in my opinion is always a good sign.
    The topic is new to me, so while it might seem to be adding some insight into the planets-on-masts idea, it might not. If any other reader out there knows definitively how this theory is 100% wrong, please share what you know. Thanks.

  3. Spock says:

    Fascinating… in europe the links are still “alive and well”.
    Sorry for that, maybe the films will hopefully appear somewhere else again…

  4. Spock says:

    Addendum :

    In my opinion it is not absurd -after all this information presented-, that our sun is in fact a “white hole” – and not a star… the way..what did the pilot in the “yellow rose” film “Nasa lied” tell us ? He explains that the sun and the stars are not visible at all, when watching in free space – outside of our atmosphere…

    Science has to be rewritten if that is true !

  5. Spock says:

    Well, Giuliana Confortos hint to the artificial skies around “earth” you will find in the film at Minute 3:26 and again at 4:36. She does not say that it “does not exist”…

    Here is another quote of her that describes her very intelligent point of view :

    “The stars will fall from the sky with no danger for humanity, simply because they are not hot, massive bodies as astronomers believe. They are just “shadows”, holograms, projected on the 3D plasma screen that surrounds the Earth: the Earth’s magnetosphere (video: 1_TIME and APPLE). It is the revelation of the AUTHOR of the cinema hall into which we have been imbedded for millennia: the Earth’s crystalline Core, emitting the nuclear FIRE that, like eros, just burns our human psyche, i.e. our emotional brain. The increasing intensity of this FIRE is showing that many futures have always existed. It is the extraordinary opportunity to be reborn with a new MIND, able to participate in an organic society without borders, armies and with an overall prosperity.”

    I guess it will take some time for us all to realize, that all we noticed around us in “heaven” is/was just a movie… 😉

  6. Nick says:

    Forgot to mention,, best images at around 32:00 minute mark

  7. Todd says:

    One of the many issues facing humanity today is lack of education. This video is a 6 hr. 40min. class on the constitution, and it should be mandatory to every U.S. citizen. I know it’s long, and I’m taking it in a bit at a time, but it is fascinating material, and most of the folks I know don’t know the difference between rights and privilege which is covered in the first 20 mins. Knowledge is key my friends, and our judicial and political system have become so warped that we believe whatever the gov’t tells us when most of it is an outright lie. Take your time to check this out, it’s definitely worth it, and it’s the way this republic was intended to be, ;). xo, Todd.

  8. Spock says:

    Addendum :
    Watch also this film by Giuliana Conforto (mentioning those “plasma screens” around our planet)

    • Thanks, Spock. I think I’m done trying to figure all this out, LOL. It’s just too far outside my realm of understanding. Interesting, though. Wake me up when it’s over and at that point I think I will intuitively grasp EVERYTHING. Until then, it’s all just very interesting to watch.

  9. Spock says:

    Just my thoughts on this all…

    We have seen this film here with gigantic cables runnig through the cosmos :

    noone can imagine, that in the free space of our cosmos there are “pipelines” stretching out from one side of our universe to the other…do they ?

    then we get this image from “yellow rose” where she explains, that the gridlines on our “planet” are not seperately overpainted, but are true and visible…

    (this image is also in the “Nasa lied” film of her)

    well, take a deep breath now and leave all believe systems beside….

    notice, that there is an italian scientist with the name of Guiliana Conforto, she is as well an astrologist and an astronomist (a very rare combination indeed)…

    she mentioned last year, that our whole “planet” is wrapped in so called “artificial screens”, that display our sun in daylight and the stars at nighttime…

    when we now sum up 1+1, it is (in my view of it) obvious, that the “cables” in space are nothing else than the interfaces between those “screens” that build this so called “sky”…don’t they ?

    but the remaining question really is…how does the “earth” really look like when we only see artificial holograms when looking at it… ???

    we live in strange times and i bet nothing – i repeat “nothing” of what we know seems to be true…

    …fascinating…. Spock would say 🙂

    • Wow, Spock, thanks for the vids. I think this rabbit hole will lead us to the other end of the Universe, or through several of them. ‘Fascinating’ is an understatement. I don’t think there are words to convey what this material means.

      Unfortunately, that last video from Guiliana Conforto says, “does not exist”.

  10. Michelle Scott says:

    Has anyone here listened to any of this guys work? He has a very similar message as the “The Lie Nasa Told” video.

    why did I take the blue pill?

  11. Todd says:

    I’m a bit confused here. Does this imply that the stars we see at night are just a hologram? And if so, who has been maintaining it for the last 3000+ years? The Egyptions and Mayans both, as well as others used these stars to navigate, and develop calendars. Is all of that a lie as well? I’m still not sure how this all ties into the ascension process. Mind blowing info here, but I’m still on the fence about it. Where is she getting her info, and can it be corroborated? xo, Todd.

    • Todd, what I took away from the video was that when you’re in deep space you cannot see stars, but here on Earth we can see the actual stars. It sounds like it’s planets, moons, the sun that they mess with and prevent us from seeing as they are. NASA messes with the satellite images because that’s the only way we see what’s really going on, I guess. If what they share is correct, now that the gates have been controlled, the polarity will separate the positive from the negative, we will ascend, leaving the dark behind. That’s my simplistic understanding but I guess we’ll see.

  12. Michelle Scott says:

    Always classic….Jordan Maxwell uncut 2014

  13. Todd says:

    When I read an article such as the link below, I am indeed humbled. If the last 3 paragraphs of this are true, and I suspect it is, then maybe it will take the collapse of the current financial, political, and scientific systems to initiate the changes we yearn for. One things for certain, stick around a bit longer and we’ll have a front row seat. I say, bring it on baby. xo, Todd.

  14. Todd says:

    Did we really expect 3D to be the same as the higher realms? The beauty of the Divine plan is that as we expand our knowledge and consciousness, our views and perspectives widen. We begin to get glimpses into 4D and 5D, and it can be mind-blowing. Those that seek truth will find truth, simple as that. We literally do create our own reality, individually, and collectively. Internalizing that is one of the many perks of raising our frequency. What a ride this is baby, what a ride, ;). xo, Todd.

  15. Judy says:

    The only explanation I can think of for the thumb, nose, and mouth, is these are all just photos made for us to view? An ongoing show.
    Makes it that much stranger.
    But, people have been talking about the Star Wars, pulses hitting the sun’ etc., for several years?
    One day we will know the truth!

  16. Nick says:

    I travel along and sometimes listen to “The News” on CBC, an Institution much like the BBC, that I have for most of my life rejoiced for it’s views and balanced journalism, great music, personalities, etc,etc,, public radio , no commercials, funded by our “Tax” dollars,,(Apparently) and only recently the “Government/corporation has cut it’s budget by 130 million Dollars, has been sneaking in commercials in all the wrong places, usually just after ‘The News”,, Know what I’m sayin’,,,, there’s a scramble goin’ on, they’ve been prepping for this for quite some time and then I watch “the Lies” video and I know in my Heart there’s TRUTH in Bold Letters screaming at us,,,,and then I listen to the “News” again and It all becomes so clear as to what’s been goin’ on,,,OH! The Transparency of it ALL!! Bring it ON! ONE!!!!

  17. Michelle Scott says:

    I have watched both of these videos more than several times and I am just more confused than I ever was about what is really going on!!!! A lot of the info really resonates but I can not get my head around the planets being on poles with tracks and gears and such unless she is trying to tell us that we are in some kind of created false construct that is trapped by some kind of firewall and is not really part of the natural universe. The sun is a device?? We are going to be moved?? like really, are we in some kind of unimaginable virtual reality/video game in the abyss. Well then I don’t wanna play anymore ;-))

    • Yes, it’s pretty wild, isn’t it, Michelle? I have believed for several years that the Universe was created purposefully, and that the planets were put where they are systematically, so it’s not as much of a stretch for me. It’s the thumb and face that really freak me out. I just can’t grasp how they fit into what I’m viewing.

      It does appear that we are trapped in a sector of space, about to be freed. We were managed and only know what we’ve been allowed to know. It truly is a fake reality we are about to wake up from. We’ve heard others postulate that the sun is a stargate for some time now, and that the moon may be sectioned up and towed away so as not to upset the delicate balance of the energetics. That’s not a stretch, either. Life is just about to get very interesting. While we are all weary of playing this game, I believe the spoils will be well worth it. What I want to know is… WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG?????

      • Michelle Scott says:

        I so agree with everything you just said!!!! And the thumb thing has just….well I am without words. When she says this is not a camera lens and the planets are on the inside do you think that she means to say that what we are looking at is the view thru the sun/stargate at the war that was going on outside this false construct. And the reason why the illusion appears that the object is stationary but really its the “mob” coming thru the gate towards us???? My head hurts.

    • jopipe says:

      It’s a cliche…things are not what they really seem. Very little of what we have been taught is true. In a short time we will know the whole truth. I wasn’t aware that the planets were are on poles or tracks going north/south or up/down. It explains for me why the videos of the sun always show the planets on a pole or track.

      I do know the earth has been moved 4 or 5 times in the last 54 million years. Just keep an open mind. At some point you will be able to verify some of this stuff on your own. More than likely we will all have to be taught all over from scratch when we get our new model bodies 😉

      The video by secure team 10 where Dr. Norton was following those L shaped aircraft is true. The moon is supposed to be dismantled by these large craft. Where? When? I don’t know…lol This video is on the NASA lied video.

      One last thing look at some older cobra posts he refers to the liberation forces or something close to that. They are not at all related to the allied forces. Something to think about…take with a block of salt…


  18. jopipe says:

    Here is a video referenced in the papal key video. It wasn’t months ago but a couple of weeks ago…I have seen so many solar flare videos i got mixed up…lol…
    Pulsating Beam Hits the Sun/The Images are being Removed.
    By BPEarthWatch 4-11-14


  19. Alverta Cole says:

    I listened to many radio conversations on blog talk radio.regarding these wars being fought to clear our planet of this evil debris. Her name is Tanaath and she is a Commander of one of the fighter star ships of the Silver Legion. This video makes a lot of sense to me. She agreed to be part of these radio shows to help the people of our planet to understand what is going on, and what it takes to help clear this mess up. She does maintain a website.

    • Yes, Alverta, Prime Commander Tanaath has shared some interesting info in the past few years. She’s Canadian. You can tell by her accent, eh? She and Sunfire said Tolec has shared some incorrect data, but what else is new? Everyone who shares info gets dissed by someone else.

  20. Mind-boggling. Never seen anything linking such different phenomena i.e. Papal Key and solar. Cannot place it within traditional thinking at all but our traditional thinking seems to be inadequate more and more as we view and read such strangeness. Thank you. Another surreal youtube website is “TheGroxt1″s showing end-times stories shown on earth’s landscapes. God bless.

  21. jopipe says:

    I may be wrong but i believe the lens is round on that satelite and therefore the images are round in the video. I can confirm seeing footage of the explosion and fire, the day after it happened. It was some months ago. No one knew what is was at that time. NASA deleted most of it hoping no one would figure it out. Someone was taping it and was lucky he got that footage and showed it on you tube…

    People thought it was a flare. The NASA lied video confirms it was an explosion with smoke. The node that was exploded was the bad guys escape hatch. Those entitys’ are stuck on earth. The bad guys have no way to enter our system without that node. That leaves the east gate where most earth citizens will go with a new body upgraded DNA and so on. The west gate is where the pit is located. the evil ones will be taken there. Earth will be towed to it’s new location. Then we will have a big party… 😉 🙂 🙂

  22. awapuhi says:

    Another perspective I got was that the NASA footage looked like a petri dish under a micro scope – lol – and still loving the mind-stretching possibilities of our illusional cosmic story!

    • Thanks for getting the comments going again, Ginger. Yes, I found the screen used on that footage a little odd, and liked the “high stars” screen used in the Star Wars videos she released better since it was more realistic. This “petri dish” appeared to me more like a topo map, with The Mob blowing through mountain ranges, etc. so I was constantly interpreting it as I went along, doing course corrections, so to speak.

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