America’s Apalling History—And No One Suspected? [video]

Thanks to for sharing this exceptional production.

I made the mistake of watching while lunching. I don’t recommend it.

It’s graphic evidence of the atrocities the news media just didn’t see fit to share all those years—and still aren’t. Do you detect a pattern? Any excuse for war was apparently a good one in America.

History didn’t simply unfold willy-nilly, however. It was scripted.

None of this just “happened”. We have been used. 

This is what evolves over time when you do nothing to stop an evil agenda; when you have the attitude that someone else will take care of it; when you believe what you’re “told” rather than what you can see with your own eyes and don’t question it; when you label those who come to you with a shocking truth, a “conspiracy theorist” without looking into it for yourself. What good ever came of denial?

Globally we are now paying the steep price of apathy and ignorance and it’s almost too late. 

WWIII was next on their agenda. Fortunately, a few brave, awakened souls are taking the psychopaths to task. Are you helping? Or hindering? Are your eyes wide open? Or wide shut? 

If you wish to understand the truth about the abysmal situation on this planet, you need to turn off the television and the propaganda and seek answers in the alternative media where we are not shackled by government censorship (much).

When you do that, a whole new ball game will come into play for you. It’s not a “conspiracy theory”. Get over it. It’s a full-blown conspiracy.

Many “think” they understand, but their scope is narrow and they base their theories on their current level of understanding. To grasp the complexities of the volatile situation we now find ourselves in, you must delve deep. It’s complicated and it’s all interconnected. Remember—there are no coincidences. The lies are thick and the coverups plentiful. Many gave their lives to set things right and share the truth.

To say what has transpired over the decades is ‘inhuman’ is an understatement, as you will learn, and that is why it has been so incomprehensible to the common man.

To use a quote from a recent video… The human mind is handicapped when confronted with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.   ~ J Edgar Hoover –  FBI, Mason

~ BP

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  2. Todd says:

    Having watched the video from Jordan Maxwell and the info about that we really don’t ‘own’ anything, and about birth certificates, I’ve heard there is a site one can go to enter one’s SS# to see how much our ‘value’ is on the NY Stock Exchange. Is this true, and if so does anyone here know of the site?

    I’ve known of this insidious agenda for several years now, and have read the PDF files from Judge Dale and found out how much of this came about. I am aware that the Act of 1871 was where The United States of America was turned into the corporation of THE UNITED STATES, and there is plenty of info on youtube about all of this. You can also google Judge Dale to find out more. It’s time for us to wake up and educate ourselves to this hidden agenda, and it amazes me that this covert agenda has been hidden from the masses all these years.

    The images in this video, tragic as they are, can be taken two ways. I know it’s important to educate ourselves about this, but on the other hand, it’s also time to forgive, let it all go, and heal. These energies aren’t allowed in the higher realms, and as powerful as our thoughts are, continuing to replay the past is, in my humble opinion, is just feeding the fire of fear. If we can stay present, forgive ourselves and each other, learn from our mistakes, and co-create a brighter future for us all, that should be our focus now, ;).

    xoxoxo, surrounding us all in Love and Light, Todd.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I see one glaring lie here and that is that the civil war was not fought to free the slaves! That is a lie! It was to “incorporate” the States of America! This happened in 1878. The 13th amendment was originally written in 1812. Hence the war of 1812 was fought. Lincoln rewrote the amendment as it appears now. Ever wonder why you see “The United States”, instead of “The United States of America”? They did not abolish slavery ~ they enslaved the entire population! If you play by their lexicon of legal language and rules you are a slave and have no rights! The IRS, the money system and the legal system function to keep you in line. You belong to the corporation of the United States.

    • You’re correct, anonymous, and that’s what a large part of this blog has been exposing for three years. Time for the rest of America and Canada to wake up and check their birth certificates!

  5. John Stevens says:


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    I have been getting my mind around this abysmal cruelty of humanity’s manufactured history for years and the joining of the dots has always been a profoundly painful and shocking personal process. However there is a greater power in the naming of these lies, deceptions and atrocities against mankind with the full force and purpose of the Sword of Truth.

  7. Thankyou for the full-frontal, direct clarity and honesty of your introductory comments. I have been getting my mind around this abysmal cruelty of humanity’s manufactured history for years and the joining of the dots has always been a profoundly painful and shocking personal process. However there is a greater power in the naming of these lies, deceptions and atrocities against mankind with the full force and purpose of the Sword of Truth.

  8. Pearler says:

    That’s how we git to the end,silly ;).
    All these things must pass , and then…

    On another note . I am just amazed at your ,those who do, thoughts on these “E.T.’s” . You/they claim to be here to warn mankind,or save a few of us,before earth is destroyed,blah,blah,blah .Traveling from hundreds of light years away. yeah right, and they only want to help;). got c’ya. I plan on RUNNING!!!
    I look at these things like ,”ranchers”,coming for their herd,us. Everything you say they do, a cattle rancher does for his herd and then round-up time;).
    true story.
    “How to prepare Humans”:(.
    It’s a “Cookbook”;).

  9. Muse says:

    I notice that A LOT of these type of videos (meaning alternative news videos) also have a religious bent to them. I suspect (meaning I cannot prove) that the Cabal may be using videos like this to push their religious (controlling) agenda. That may be food for thought.

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    Passing this on, have not looked at the video, don’t want to. I know there are things done with out our knowledge of why that are very nasty. We need to see the truth and put a stop to the nasty, mean things that are being done, world wide. Let us be nice to each other and the planet. We are all one, all connected. Live in peace, harmony, and help others have their needs met.

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