David Wilcock Comments on the Current Status of Affairs on Fulford’s Blog April 21st

Update: April 22, 4:48 pm: Kauilapele says David often comments on Ben’s blog. I guess there’s an exception to every rule.
Update: April 22, 12:56 pm: Apparently David Wilcock has said he has never and will never leave comments on anyone’s site but his own, so there is reason to doubt this came from David Wilcock. Probably just a prank.

Thank you, Jane, for the heads up.

Images in blog posts are just not behaving properly these days and are difficult to control. They seem to have a mind of their own. Sigh.

Nice addendum. Thanks, David. (I’m still waiting for YOUR update, BTW.)

You can read Ben’s update from the source link, bottom of the post.

Yes, things are ramping up, my friends! Eyes open, everyone.  The cabal is skating on very thin ice.  ~ BP

Comment from David Wilcock on Ben’s Blog:

I think we can all agree this is one of the best Fulford updates in a long time. It agrees with everything I’ve heard from other insiders and adds details I haven’t heard.

One very important element Ben is not seeing is we are on Code Red maximum-danger alert right now for a violent action to try to change the game back in the Cabal’s favor.

They got a bloody nose with the Bundy ranch standoff and, given the mind of a sociopath, they will probably try to hit back much harder, as they have been threatening to do every day in the media.

This is not just talk. The Cabal doesn’t talk. They are going to try to punish these people as violently as possible because the wounded, dying lion is striking out in anger at anything in his path.

There are palpable rumors of Federal agents positioning themselves for this move. I will say this — if the Cabal fires on these civilians, with superior technology and force, it may very well be the trigger that creates the mass arrests scenario.

Remember, the Pentagon positive alliance has said all along that if any attempt is made to conduct a strike against the American people or start martial law, they will flip the switch on the mass arrest plan. This intel is two years old now but still very, very relevant.

Snowden, as well as four others, also has a complete list of phone numbers, addresses and friends’ addresses for the Cabal. If they try this with Bundy the list will leak. Snowden himself may not know about it, because “Snowden Documents” are now being used as a cover for anything and everything being leaked by anyone and everyone. The list is easy enough to make and is definitely real.
The Nevada standoff is extremely significant and extremely serious. It could be the Cabal’s final mistake. Everyone is on very high alert and ready for everything. Not all the agents are in place yet but they will be very soon.

FWIW, my intuitive guidance has told me that this will not amount to more than a “minor skirmish” rather than a mass execution of the roughly 2500 people now on Bundy’s land. If the Cabal does try to ace these people the karma will be very swift and remarkably more intense than they expect.

– David

Comment by dwilcock on April 22, 2014 @ 3:14 am


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18 thoughts on “David Wilcock Comments on the Current Status of Affairs on Fulford’s Blog April 21st

  1. Kimberly says:

    I’m up-dating my last response because…to be perfectly honest…I couldn’t remember the “WHOLE” thing that David said about posting on other peoples websites…sooooooooo, I went directly to the horses mouth…so to speak and this is what his moderator had to say:

    Moderator: The ONLY place David ever posts anything online, other than his official FB and Twitter pages and the Divine Cosmos site itself, is occasional comments as dwilcock on Fulford’s blog.]

    I am soooooooo sorry for not getting my ducks in a row, as I said before; some of us have discussed it amongst ourselves because we all thought the same thing….we are all eating “humble pie” and rightly so….at least we all know that the one at Ben’s blog IS the REAL DAVID!!!:)

  2. Mike says:

    The mainstream media is now calling Bundy a racist. Following this, it won’t be hard to convince the public that all his supporters are also racists. Steering the general opinion of the Bundy’s towards being domestic terrorists just got that much easier.

  3. Joyce says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about Fulford’s latest post is his mention of the States changing the Constitution. The last thing we need is for the Constitution to be changed! It would just lead to more manipulations and erosion of our rights. We need to uphold and remind everyone of what the Constitution says. If David Wilcock really wrote this and agrees with Fulford, then I am seriously doubting where both of them are coming from.

    • Joyce, I can think of a couple of reasons the Constitution may need to be modified.

      For one, those scheisters messed with it a long time ago, so that the thirteenth amendment was slipped out and replaced with another and few realized it, or do to this day. You can do a search on this blog for the Real Thirteenth Amendment and I believe I have two posts that cover this.

      It said that people of title were not allowed to sit in government. That meant “esquire”, or barristers, solicitors, attorneys and lawyers. That is exactly what you’ve got in the USA and they draught up documents no one can understand or object to, and bills that are too long to read so congress just passes them without knowing what they’re voting for, Executive Orders, etc. Obama, the Clintons are attorneys… to name a few of the worst offenders.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if there are other things that need changing to protect the Republic so this can never happen again. Don’t worry, though, it will no doubt be transparent and agreed upon by all, not a handful of people.

  4. kauilapele says:

    David often comments on Ben Fulford’s weekly articles, and this is certainly not the first time he has done so. This one sounds like something David would write.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I know I’m going to get “butchered” on this but as I follower of David….he CLEARLY states that he NEVER comments or posts ANYTHING anywhere, except on his site and he does that for a reason…PLEASE go directly to his site and read his OWN WORDS about this…PLEASE!!!! I don’t know who this person is that is “claiming” to be David and I’ve often wondered why Ben doesn’t delete his comments but then I have discussed this with other people and we all came to the same conclusion and that is….David already addressed this on his website and he so doesn’t feel the need to keep reminding people of his message……after all, people will believe what they will believe.
    PS: I think you are doing an excellent job and come to your site everyday to catch up on things! Job well done!!!! 🙂

    • Kimberly, I haven’t read everything on David’s site, so I wasn’t aware or forgot his stand on that. Some people get their kicks in sick ways. They’re think they’re smart and pulling one over, but they’re only kidding themselves. Low self-esteem, I guess.

  6. CheleP says:

    The Montague Keen update 4/20 supports what is being said.
    Effectively, you are in a war zone. The Cabal uses all the weapons at its disposal, against you: whilst you, on the other hand, need only your minds to outwit them. Meditate on the release of all that needs to be freed in order to create a peaceful planet for all who abide on it. All the rituals of control need to be seen as such.

    Love and Ligth,

  7. Pamela says:

    I will add my 2 cents here concerning the Bundy situation. I have been following the events and reading/listening to all information available to me. Cliven Bundy cites repeatedly (I do not remember the exact section) that the Constitution intentionally denied the Federal Government ownership/control of land except for the 10 square miles of Washington, DC and for military bases and other limited purposes. The Founders understood that the more control the Federal Government had over the States the more certain it was to be abusive and tyrannical. The Bundy family also had family rights in perpetuity (treaty) to use the property for grazing/sustaining cattle…includes water rights. It’s my understanding that in 1993 President Clinton changed or negated the original intent of the agreement by creating some instrument in collusion with environmental interests to take control of land for the “greater good” and instituted fees for grazing on what would now be Federally controlled land. As is the case with the most actions of the criminal Federal Government, once there is a crack in the original intent we get “creeping” illegal authority which goes unnoticed…further distorted in Federal courts, creating case law that continues to abuse the original intent until the States and the people are dominated by the Federal Government=powerless. Mr. Bundy knows the actions of the Federal Government are unconstitutional and therefore refused to pay the fees (but would willing pay fees to his county and or state), because to do so would create a de facto contract=agreement of terms. (Another rancher understood this as well and said he would pay the fees with “rights reserved”…the BLM would not accept the agreement and is/has been trying to steal his land as well.) The so-called Law in this situation is fraudulent, therefore all acts proceeding from this law are done so knowing it is criminal/illegal. I think all authority up the chain of command except for the “cannon fodder/expendable” agents on the ground know their actions are unlawful and rely on a gullible public to fall inline without objection, which of course the Bundy family refuses to do. This has caused LIGHT to shine where it was NEVER intended to be and created a great awakening in the consciousness of the sleeping masses. I think the PTB would welcome wholesale slaughter of the Bundy family, their supporters, the Federal agents, law enforcement officers and their hired guns to create another 9/11 effect to maintain control of the government and the people of the USA and around the world. We need to hold our intention for the Bundy situation to have a calm, loving and peaceful resolution…allowing the TRUTH to be known with NO harm to anyone. The information given is a synthesis of what I understand. I find that I am not able to retain all the details of everything I’ve read or viewed about this situation (cited documents/sources), but a google search should provide those specific details. This represents my personal view with no intention to tell anyone else what to think. We all must perform due diligence to find truth. BE IN PEACE!

  8. Don’t underestimate the inactivity of Congress and the gullibility of the US public. If this nation had any sense at all we wouldn’t be in this mess. I’d bet on Reid if it came to a PR contest, alas.

    I sure hope i’m wrong.

  9. Danno says:

    Come on Mike, seriously? Really? Public smear campaign? Anyone with a computer and a little time can see that anything Harry Reid says is total B.S. Do you think anyone really believes anything these corrupt idiots spew? This is the only game plan they have left! Everyone knows they’re a lying corrupt bunch of political whores and their games finally coming to an end, its a last ditch effort before they’re lynched. Typical Bully B.S. MSM at an all time LOW, Congress at an ALL time low, Presidency at an all time low, etc…..These morons have no idea how close the match is to the tinder box, STOP living in fear my friend and have faith in the “Good” side that is ready to open a can of serious whoop ass on all this evil that has plagued humanity for way to long. Check Mate is right around the corner!

  10. Mike says:

    I hope you dont mind my jumping in on this one. Just as you said, the event may be triggered by the cabal if they decide to kill civilians. In that regard, it seems plausible to assume that the cabal are going to pursue more subjugative means in conjunction with a public smear campaign. Reid came out in an interview and publicly labeled the Bundy’s and their supporters as “domestic terrorists”. Now he just needs to prove it and convince the people. The environment the Bundy’s live in is already an inhospitable area. My money is on Reid controlling the very environment that the Bundy’s need to survive.

  11. michele says:

    I don’t get it.. are the Bundy’s breakin the law or not?

    • Michele, as I understand it, (someone may correct me on some of the details) the Bundy family, generations ago, was granted grazing rights on that land because no one would buy it. They were “grandfathered in” as they say, and no one can take that right away until they sell their home. (or are murdered)

      However, the cabal is lawless, and wants that land to sell to China to offset the huge debt the US has with them. Problem is, even though they’ve chased all the other ranchers away, the Bundy’s ain’t budging. They are standing up for their legal rights to stay on that land.

      As for the “millions” the feds say they owe in back fees for grazing, it sounds trumped up to me, and Bundy didn’t agree to pay the fees to the Federal gov’t, as he doesn’t feel they have a right to them, which is probably correct—so he hasn’t paid for awhile.

      Nevertheless, the way to settle a land dispute or a fee dispute isn’t by bringing out the heavy artillery and the federal government. It’s a State jurisdiction and the local sheriff would be the one to enforce anything that has the legal binding authority to deal with the situation. The feds have no business there at all. It’s an intimidation thing—however, since the Bundys have a helluva lot of support the cabal didn’t plan on, the cabal is pissed and told the minions to do what they had to do.

      They didn’t plan on having such a large number of people and guns to deal with, however. so they pulled back to regroup and ascertain just how many men and guns and equipment they need to win the war. That’s where it stands now.

      The cabal doesn’t care how many people get killed. Senator Harry Reid and his son stand to make millions on that land deal with China and they are doing whatever it takes to have the Bundy’s removed—dead or alive.

      As David said, however, if the cabal goes too far and starts slaughtering innocent Americans, it will trigger The Event, and the mass arrests of all cabal members will begin immediately. No more negotiations. no passing GO, no collecting $200; they go straight to jail (or FEMA camps).

      It’s a hair trigger right now, and could go either way.

  12. Henry says:

    Fulford’s article implying that the Pope and Queen are no longer public enemies completely ignores the revelations about and exposure of these perrenial criminals by Kevin Annett. Me thinks their many past deeds will not just vanish under the carpet. Wilcock could have remedied this naive oversight in lieu of praising his “best update in a long time”. Makes you wonder what these people really know or who feeds their intel.

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