Easter Breaking News Release by Kevin Annett: Catholic Church Disestablished [videos]

This is astonishing! History made with our ‘Emancipation Proclamation’. 

Let’s hope the LEOs are prepared to enforce it.  ~ BP


Breaking News Release: Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014 at 4 pm GMT

Easter Proclamation Abolishes the Papacy – Common Law Court and Covenanted Christians issue joint statement



Maastricht, Holland and Rome:

Today, at sunrise on Easter, April 20, 2014, ceremonies in Rome, London, Maastricht and at the key energy centers of the earth proclaimed and invoked the spiritual disestablishment of the church of Rome and the entity governing it. The Maastricht Proclamation was made by Rev. Kevin Annett at the oldest catholic church outside of Italy.

The Proclamation was preceded by sunrise exorcism ceremonies at the Vatican and dozens of other locations under the authority of spiritual elders. To quote their statement,

“This third and final exorcism of the dark entity of Rome is accomplished. The power of that false church is forever broken, and replaced by a new spiritual gathering of free men and women under a new Covenant with the Creator.

“The new Covenant stands solely on the authority, judgement and laws of God, and nullifies the de facto rule of church and state that wrongfully posed as lawful and legitimate authorities over mankind. The new Covenant replaces those de facto, criminal powers with the de jure, lawful government of God that overturns and replaces all unjust, man made authority of church and state.”

The new Covenant issued today’s Proclamation, which follows.The Proclamation has supreme spiritual and lawful authority and binding power under the laws of heaven and earth, and all free men and women are empowered to actively enforce it.

I, Kevin Daniel of the House Annett, give witness and judgement today to this Act and accomplishment of God on behalf of the Court and the Covenant.

Issued by ITCCS Central, Brussels and the Covenanted Congregational Charter, New York – 20 April, 2014




(This Proclamation is issued and available in thirteen languages)

Invoking the Legal and Spiritual Disestablishment of the Church of Rome and its adjunct bodies, the Vatican and the “Holy See”


Issued as a Binding De Jure Annulment and Emancipation Order by The International Common Law Court of Justice and The Covenant of Free Congregational Christians on Easter Sunday the 20th Day of April in the year 2014


Let it Be Known and made effect by all men and women, persons and authorities that under the Supreme Law of God as embodied in the Common Law of Nature and Natural Right, as of this day, the institution and entity of the Church of Rome, its officers, clergy, adjunct and derivative bodies and corporate entirety, is now and forever abolished and disestablished as a corporate and a spiritual body. All people and powers formerly under its authority and influence and owing it allegiance are now and forever emancipated and freed from such obligatory servitude.

Having violated and waged unrelenting war on God and humanity through its history of crime, murder, apostasy, child sacrifice and idolatry, and thereby repudiated its covenanted requirement of duty to uphold the honor of Heaven and Earth, and the life and dignity of mankind, the Church of Rome has nullified its basis for existence and brought upon itself the status of a renegade transnational criminal organization in the eyes of God and man, and under the laws of both heaven and earth.

The ultimate authority of God as expressed in De Jure common law courts of judgment and in congregations of just, truthful men and women does therefore nullify the existence of the Church of Rome, the alleged “Apostolic Succession”, and its so-called “Canon Law”.

Therefore, as of this day, all such law, statutes, and all church offices and officials are declared to be forever abolished and possessing no effect or binding authority in heaven or on earth.

All Church of Rome officials and agents, commencing with Jorge Bergoglio, so-called Pontiff of the Church of Rome, every Cardinal of the Roman Curia, the heads of the Vatican Bank and Adolfo Pachon, chief “Superior” of the Jesuit Order, are hereby ordered to immediately stand down from and relinquish their offices.

The wealth, property and movable assets of the Church of Rome are hereby forfeited and declared to be under the common ownership of the People of the world, and may be peacefully seized and occupied by them.

Every member, employee and adherent of the Roman Catholic Church is hereby released from all of their vows, allegiance and obligations to the Church of Rome, and are freed to gather and worship in whatever congregational form that God and their conscience compels, separate from the disestablished Roman church.

The sheriffs and peace officers of lawful common law courts, assisted by the free people of the world, are henceforth authorized and encouraged to enact and enforce this Annulment and Emancipation Proclamation wherever possible, under the supreme and sovereign authority of God and the Law of Nations.

The people of God who have been lost and held in bondage within the spiritual captivity of the false church of Rome are now free to assemble in covenanted congregations which stand solely under the law of God and recognizing no other legitimate authority, for the establishment of God’s kingdom on earth.

The long night of spiritual tyranny and Vatican crime is over. Let the free people of the Earth and all true servants of God and Christ cleanse their lands of the Lie and the Murder formerly enthroned in Rome.

Proclaimed and enacted as on this Resurrection Sunday by The International Common Law Court of Justice with the collaboration of the The Covenant of Free Congregational Christians (The Covenanters)

This Proclamation is accompanied by a third and final exorcism and spiritual reclamation ceremony in Rome and throughout the world, on this Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014

In Coram Deo: Invoked in God’s presence – As God wills it, it is accomplished

A Lawful and Binding Act made under the Divine and Common Law. The power to bind and free now resides in God alone and through God’s free, covenanted people.

www.iclcj.com , www.covenantedcommunity.org


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26 thoughts on “Easter Breaking News Release by Kevin Annett: Catholic Church Disestablished [videos]

  1. cassandra says:

    Thank you every one for your kind words.
    May everyone’s wishes here come true.

  2. Mike says:

    Sorry to hear about your family Cassandra. Just as you say, they do not have a designated army. What is intriguing is how they dont even need one. Because of the religious belief associated with the church, the majority of catholics might as well be considered the popes army. The idea that the pope is the figurehead of a church that has babies for dinner is going to be considered beyond insane by anyone in the national community that even has an inclining of catholic beliefs. If you call any news outlet and ask why they arent running a story on the Church of Rome and their interest in fetus’s as a delicacy will more than likely be greeted by a prompt disconnection.

  3. cassandra says:

    I agree with Michael. If it was so serious and Mr Annett was a threat he would have been banished long ago.
    My family suffered at the inquisition as they fought to take the temporal
    power from the Popes as they are supposed to be of the spiritual realm.We contributed to the unification of Italy and we paid the price for that.
    We lost it all…our lands…our wealth…we suffered famine and early deaths…But the Papacy is still in Charge in all realms, it might not have an army any longer as in the 1800’s but it still has the power to survive regardless …same as the rest of the powerful of the world.
    They make the law to suit themselves…have the army on their side, the money…and the connections.
    We just have left the wish of a new and just world: UTOPIA

    • Cassandra, my sympathies. It has been a rough road for so many.

      I tend to believe that Kevin is a threat, however, the Vatican/cabal/Royal Family et al usually just let these things go because they know most people won’t believe it—however, we have to start somewhere. Everything we do to bring the cabal to their knees must be done lawfully—or we’re no better than they are. This is the beginning of the end for them. They can run, but they can’t hide. Those who are dismantling their system know exactly where to find them, and so do the Galactics. When the time is right—all of this will fall into place; the LEOs will do their job, the arrests will come and they will meet their demise.

      Of course, the general public is not ready to hear the truth, but at some point they must. This is not for nothing. Not by a long shot. That is how I see it.

  4. cassandra says:

    I agree with Michael. If it was so serious and Mr Annett was a threat he would have been banished long ago.
    My family suffered at the inquisition as they fought to take the temporal
    power from the Popes as they are supposed to be of the spiritual realm.We contributed to the unification of Italy and we paid the price for that.
    We lost it all…our lands…our wealth…we suffered famine and early deaths…But the Papacy is still in Charge in all realms, he might not have an army any longer as in the 1800’s but it still has the power to survive regardless …same as the rest of the powerful of the world.
    They make the law to suit themselves…have the army, the money…and the connections.
    We just have the wish…..

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  6. Mike says:

    I have been following this website for some time and now feel compelled to leave a comment. Although I may applaud the efforts of Rev. Annett, from what I can research, the ITCCS organization he is field secretary to has no recognition by the international court. The iTCCS was founded after every major legal body refused to pursue any charges against the Catholic church let alone the crown of England. This leaves them in the same group as PETA I’m afraid. Even though the claims by the ITCCS may be legitimate, they take a seat right next to other organizations like PETA. The organizations in question have been making people disappear for centuries. If Rev. Annett and his people posed an actual threat to the church of Rome or the crown of England, they would have disappeared some time ago.

    • Mike, I believe that the timing of this is important to consider. We are at the time of great revelations, transparency, and truth. The Light supports the shift and the revelation and prosecution of the evil ones. It’s going to happen. Of course there is resistance—they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it as they have for so long—but their time has come to an end. They will be revealed for what and who they are, and the healing will begin.

      • schauminator says:

        This is so sad as over the past 2 days many in the area I live have contacted their local radio and TV news stations including FOX News and no one will touch the discoveries found by ITCCS about the Church of Rome. Not even to dispute it.
        I bet if this was about PETA and cruelty to animals by the Vatican it would be headlines.

  7. marvthemartian says:

    Kevin you are a great man, thank you for finally breaking through centuries of lies, fraud, theft and so on. This a great day for the world because of your work, Thanks very much.

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  9. Danno says:

    Well, whether it goes anywhere or not, I’m thankful there are brave people exposing this religious Hell and damnation way of thinking (control), your first clue to this ridiculous behavior is that grown men dress up in these stupid costumes and parade around telling people how to think and how not to think, (like our government), and anytime you exclude women from your little “Group of Criminals” is a red flag to me. I’m so glad I woke up from all this “crap” along time ago.

  10. Gaye Estey says:

    and…..tomorrow carries on as usual.  I wonder what happened to the notices posted on the church.  My Catholic relatives would stone Kevin Annett or at least ignore him.  I don’t get his process.  Gaye Estey

  11. schauminator says:

    I think we all should barrage FOX News with this and demanding they report on this earth shaking event. They can either try to debunk it as they did with the discoveries found by Sheriff Joe and Mike Zullo of fraud committed by Obama, or they can report it as real news. Lets see what happens.

  12. kathryn sweas says:

    My heart explodes as I read these words….YES, YES, YES….freeing mankind from the tyranny of this hurtful and oppressive matrix of religious program and mayhem that has run rough-shod through the minds, hearts and bodies of many throughout millennia. The church of Rome has served it’s purpose….to allow us all to wake up from collective and self-imposed mind programs that have kept us small and disconnected from our innate nature as creator-beings, powerful, brilliant and LOVING – full bodied, here, Creator-Incarnate….bringing in Heaven on Earth. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Big gratitude, big joy, big release into the Real! ❤ ❤ ❤

  13. schauminator says:

    Over the last 6 months I have email my family in France and business associates in Germany and Italy about these ITCCS findings. What we don’t understand is why Kevin Annett has not been able to get the word out to those in Europe and in America.
    My archdioceses in Richmond, VA claims no knowledge of this as well.
    Someone is snookering the people again. Who is it this time? Kevin or Rome?

  14. Dee says:

    Hallelujah !
    Thank you Kevin and all that worked tirelessly to bring this about.

  15. Karin Lacy says:

    Hi Juergen; I don’t know whether you heard of Kevin Annett, a Canadian, who fought the Vatican for many years. Today he performed a third exorcism at the Vatican in Rome and declared the abolishment of the church as a criminal organization. Over the last days we were all praying for Kevin that he may safely accomplish his mission of liberating humanity from the criminals who run the church. Over the years he brought to light all the crimes done to the indigenous children in Canada by the popes, the queen of England, and all the major church men. This is a major event, it is rocking the catholic church. Maybe you want to watch the two short videos. LL, K

  16. Carl Pozzani says:

    What kind of nonsense is this?? By what authority do you make such libal declarations against the Church of Rome or any other church?? You may be entitled to your opinion but you are one sick puppy to make
    up such outragous accusations. I’ll bet there a specail place in hell for people like you and this ITCCS anti-catholic organization.

    • Carl, you have been brainwashed by the evil entities that run this planet and enslave humanity, as so many humans have. Please watch the video, “The Lie NASA Told and the Imminent Demise of the NWO”. It will explain much of what has transpired over time and what is happening now as we expose the controllers/murderers/pedophiles and grasp our freedom. You will understand, in time, as the truth is shared with all on the planet.

  17. Bravo and God bless!

  18. urantia55 says:


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