Discussion for “The Lie NASA Told & the Imminent Demise of the NWO”

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My friends, the video from this post was the most fascinating, exciting video I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop thinking about it.

Thank you to Yellow Rose for Texas on Youtube for sharing it and for your exhaustive research. I’m going to have to watch at least once more to pick up on more of the information presented.

I had to keep pausing the video so I could look at the images and read the details because she went so fast and covered so much.

I would LOVE to hear/see comments if readers would care to share your thoughts on it and compare notes.

It seems like we are very close to a breakthrough and our ultimate freedom from the dark—according to many sources—and it might be fun to have a meeting of the minds over the information presented in that production relevant to what we thought we already knew.

Collectively, I think we have a large body of knowledge and intuition to draw from and share.

Whaddya say? Any takers? Who wants to go first? I’m still gobsmacked!  ~ BP

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128 thoughts on “Discussion for “The Lie NASA Told & the Imminent Demise of the NWO”

  1. Joanna says:

    The holographic moon video posted in the comments leads me back to a night in probably 2002. It was summertime, although I cannot recall the month. I was in Kansas. I was going through some awful things at the time and for reasons I won’t go into, I was laying in the back seat of the car. Watching the moon. All of a sudden it started doing the craziest things. !!! It was jumping left to right and up and down. Went on for at least 10 minutes. In those days I had no cell phone and I didn’t have a computer. I was never able to track anything down in the years that followed, where others had seen what I did.

    Now that I see the video, I have to wonder if it wasn’t some kind of a glitch in the hologram. It acted like a movie projector that was being moved around.

    Now that Yellow Rose has posted her Ed is Dead video, I sit here on pins and needles waiting for the next installment!!

    • Joanna… thanks for sharing that. While some people think the YellowRose stuff is preposterous, many of us just have a gut feeling most of it is true, and now you probably do, too. A glitch in the hologram sounds right. Pretty freaky. I can’t wait to hear from YellowRose again, either. It resonates very deeply.

      • Joanna says:

        I was so excited when I first saw it that I think I lost about a day and a half. Just total mind glitch. Then I came to and watched it all again, The Destruction of the Papal Key and most all of her other videos. Then she blessed us with Ed is Dead! What a ride huh?~!!!! Happy Dance!

        Thank you so much for all the information you provide. I have been putting all her videos on FB regularly. Admittedly, I only know of one person who has watched them. But that’s ok. Have a Great Day!

      • Joanna and ALL… thank you everyone for all the information you provide. Many eyes are better than two!

  2. marysdance says:

    There is continued discussion going on in the comment section under the Papal Keys video. Does anyone know if Yellow Rose has put out any more videos, or updates? I quit my job today (school system) – feel like we are close to something. Maybe the veil peels off in sequence thru the population.
    Any possibility that the transition has already occurred, but our individual free will choice determines how soon each awakens, or continues to dream (and experience) the old nitemare?
    Any thought on why I carry this birth name (Mary Salomon)? i.e., I’ve been compromised, I’m not human (hope that’s not true), or my soul has infiltrated the reptilian DNA (my mother had RH- blood too). Wonder if 144,000 represents shattered soul fragments which keeps some of us tied to reincarnating. Can’t leave this ‘home’ without them!

  3. marysdance says:

    I much appreciate this discussion space and want to see more. Noticing that we have been screaming for disclosure, and now w(those who are asking and have eyes to see) are being given new views more startling than we would have imagined – just like taking the blue pill in the Matrix! What if we find we are living inside a huge machine – in a holograph – so real that if your mind experiences death – the body actually dies too. What if Creator is finally tired of this script – dreaming of the dark adversay and Star Wars, and is letting us know we’re all starting a new chapter. What if the grand transmutation happens (the Event or whatever) when a critical number of us move our mind projection energies down into our hearts which alchemically marries the polarities and changes (rewrites) the whole story of mankind. I am so excited by all this new information, and connections. Please reply, or someones find ways for us to keep sharing. I so want to have live people to interact with, but so far you al exist inside my IPAD!!! I’m 62 – been ‘at this’ search for truth since 1986!

    • Kudos to you, marysdance, for your lengthy search for truth. At this point, it seems the more I learn, the less I know, because there is just so much information available now as we near the end of our quest—at least the first major milestone of our journey. I think anything is possible, because what is happening was planned by intelligence yet has never, ever occurred before.

      It’s an experiment, so NO ONE knows precisely what will happen. We’re just along for the ride, desperate to understand it all. I wish I could tell you what information out there is true, but I can’t. I’m feeling my way along, just as you are. I think anything is possible.

      I’m not sure how many responses you’ll get as this post is getting old, but a few people are still watching the video, so I hope the exchanges will continue.

      • Todd says:

        There are many of us Mary that can relate to what you’re saying here. As we are awakening, combining revelation with action many of us are in awe of these new discoveries. What an incredibly exciting time we are all co-creating, and what an honor it is to be here NOW! Kudos to us all for having the brass to stick with it! xoxoxo, Todd.

    • Becky Turner says:

      I agree the “trick” is love I have been searching for 30 years now and upon viewing Yellow Rose I knew what I’ve been waiting for! I check everyday for a new installment ,sometimes twice !

  4. Sandra says:

    Fascinating video. I have watched it twice and now organizing ameeting for discussion of this video

  5. Kim Hayes says:

    Just a quick note here: remember the ‘paper of record’ The NYT is owned by Zionist’s Sulzberger-Ochs. Perhaps they are letting the cat out of the bag regarding an inside job strike on the grid? Just a thought!

  6. Guy Euden says:

    Excellent video, I welcome Father should it be true, a word of caution, in this time of great woe and enlightenment you must look at all angles, for example; who gains from our belief Father is coming for us? The hidden hand has enjoyed darkness and shadows for a good time, even without this video and the possibility of being rescued, we have ourselves been doing an amazing job of shining a light into the shadows and iluminating the dispicable filth that dwells behind the public puppets, so… If this video bore no truth what would be in it for them? Time my friends… Time, if we believe Father has come, all will be ok dont worry about continuing to shine a just light on the filth, so we sit back and chill awaiting our devoted Father, it could buy them enough extra time to position their much needed pieces on the chessboard.
    I like you all hope for the best, but we must look at every angle and plan for the worst.
    Iv been doing research, truth and action for so long I have learnt to cover all angles.

    • Becky Turner says:

      we must question everything however I can tell you when the event takes place we will know what is true,for we will feel it in our hearts,all the love,peace ,security I know this because of a dream I ounce had I’m not one for remembering dreams yet not only do I remember the dream but I still tear up remembering the feeling of such Love it is indescribable !!

  7. @ BP – I wanted to jump back in here and leave a link because it ‘may have’ some relevance to this discussion. The link is to Natural News, regarding an article in the Wall Street Journal. It speaks about the power grid.


  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Edie says:

    Glad to hear that. Lenore, my gut and mind and heart all say that Cobra is clear. He is highly knowledgeable, articulate, a straight shooter.No ego in what he delivers. I am in my late 50s and have been into these subjects for some time also. And you DO learn and get a sense of who has a hidden agenda and who is coming from their own truth. I have only listened to 2 broadcasts of Drake and 2 of Taananth of the Silver Legion. For me, neither of these came close to the respectability level that I feel Cobra deserves. Also Robert Cameron in his book on mass mind control “Project Soul Catcher” does say that secret govt uses
    hight tech devices to read thoughts and implant them in individuals.They tested this out on incarcerated people. They are also
    implanting thoughts or voices in the heads of channelers. Cobra has also been accurate regarding things such as Syria. When he states that something will or will not happen, it turns our correct. I believe that Cobra and the RM deserve our infinite gratitued

  10. Lenore says:

    I’m sorry, I have no idea who Tanaath or Sunfire are, but I see you’re an avid follower of them…In researching them after you mentioned them, they appear to be young people claiming to be channel/rep’s for certain ET groups. There’s been so many others over the years claiming a similar status.
    I’m 61, I’ve been thru the 60’s and 70’s during all the power spiritualists. Then the 80’s with the Meier’s case, Alex Collier, Val Valerian, and it went on from there.
    There have been so many channels, but I’ve also seen them caught while channeling, when someone knew how to question them correctly and get them to ID themselves as to what astral entity they were, hiding behind a name.
    I saw this with advanced teachers from Dr, Hurtak’s group. If you don’t know who he is, google him. That’s someone who cosmically “transmitted” a whole book of physics(Keys of Enoch) and has two PHD’s. So they were touchy about who was real and who was not.

    I’ve spent several days with Cobra and his girlfriend with 13 people on an island, just to see who he was. If he had been AI or a Lizzie all my alarm bells would have gone off in that kind of intimate setting…
    He’s turns out to be a young man trying to go forward with his commitment, who’s very guarded and scared for valid reasons(death threats, and the killing of his closest friend) So I was told by someone close to him.(sorry Cobra) If you’d like to know why he has taken all these measures to protect himself, altered his voice, and why he never talks out of turn, this possibly could be it. He acts like someone who’s concerned for his life, at least from what I saw.
    This is not unlike what happened to Dutchsince, if any of you know the story. His best friend was murdered, while he was being incredibly harassed by black op contractors who busted into his home predawn during 2011-12 because of his weather mod. content on his YT page. It was enough for him to move his whole family to another city and suffer huge financial loss.
    So I can’t go along with any blanket statement on either of these men at this time.
    If it becomes more apparent their intentions are a rye in the future,
    I’m all ears.
    As far as this yellow rose business goes. I’m standing by the fact, that EVERY SINGLE reference video she has mentioned that she made in the past, either in her video or on her discussion forum, is a DEAD END. A website she recommended was a dead end. I went thru all the discussion forum entries on her page. Nothing panned out. NOTHING. As a detective, that tell me something.

    I think if anything can be gain from all this, at least for me, it is to
    KEEP YOUR OWN COUNSEL, no matter what you hear. I suspect it will get even more confusing in the future, as all this comes to a head.

    When that happens, simplify. Breath deep. Get out of your head and go straight to your heart, which is the smarter organ 🙂

    • Thank you, Lenore, for your thoughts on these topics—particularly Cobra, as I have 99% of the time been condfident he is what he purports. Perhaps your experience and reading will put folks at ease on that front. I heard that his aura has sparkles in it.

      So many brave souls have come forward to assist the hopeless, helpless Humanity and it’s unfortunate that some are unappreciated and attacked. We are at a gross disadvantage and virtually powerless to help ourselves so it’s difficult not to be suspicious and to doubt our eyes, ears and heart and accept that millions of other beings who know the score are entrusted and dedicated to our salvation.

      It’s not a good feeling to be sheltered from the truth, knowing that things crucial to our ultimate survival as a species are underway beyond the view of our senses. Having to wade through the muck and the mire of disinfo and misinfo isn’t always fun, but we can make the best of it and try to keep our energy high and positive.

      As Cobra has said, we are on an entirely positive timeline now. The future is bright and we’re nearly there. I don’t relish being a victim, so I’m glad we’re all here sharing this experience and a foray into the unknown as we prepare for the most incredible transformation that has never been undertaken before. We must be very special souls for these galactic wars to be fought on our behalf, don’t you think? I hope we can live up to the reputation.

    • jopipe says:

      What i can say is this: Tanaath was brought forth in an interview with Tolec (andromedacouncil.com). You may find the interview there. She is a dragon in the astral plane, a human living in Canada. Tanaath reported about a battle with Reptilians to Tolec. A few interviews are here.. scroll down http://www.andromedacouncil.com/AlliancePartners-links.html
      There was a fallout between Tanaath and Tolec over Comet ISON. It’s a long story. Tanaath has a website and has interviews about the Tolec dispute at silverlegion.com. Comet ISON is a biosphere that was escorted by 2 spacecraft around the sun. Pictures of ISON and part of the story were presented in the NASA Lied video. I have my opinion but do your own research. I have pointed the way. Decide for yourself. I know what my truth is. It may be different than yours. I’m okay with that.. Sunfire brought Tanaath, after the Tolec interviews, to a forum and became friends with her. Sunfire is some kind of ambassador associated with Tanaath in the astral plane now. I have a family, my blog and research to take care of. Good Luck with what you find…

    • Anonymous says:


      • I could see your answer this time, BP, but it’s a gold color on black. ANYWAY, as I’m reading what you posted (what Y.Rose said), that would have me wondering as well. We should not have to wait until they all come to the door in our minds; that’s the worst place. And, now that she did state it, I’m a bit more skeptical. Not because I’m trying to give anyone a hard time, but there’s something to that ‘channeling’ that people need to watch out for, and I’ll clue you in on my experiences.

        There are ‘many’ different entities out there, and I’ve had to learn to discern, so to speak. I’ve received many messages; however, I’ve never put them out there for anyone to see or judge as I’m told ‘not to’ most times, and that it’s only for my own growth. However, when it comes to message from God, he gently leads me. As I told Todd a bit earlier God lead me to watch TV last night. He always does that when he has something for me to see; and he ‘knows’ I never turn that thing on, unless I’m bored and getting tired, or just want to think of something else. And strangely enough, last night hardly any of the channels would come in; and with Comcast that’s bad; the issue was that ‘there was a problem with my connection.’ (bullOnie). There was one movie that I did get, and that was U.S. Marshall’s, with Tommy Lee Jones. Well, he’s always been a favorite of mine; had a few dreams about him, but I don’t think that was what God wanted me to understand. I’m sure others have seen that particular film as it was made in 1998.

        The point I’m trying to make is that Tommy Lee Jones resides in Texas, out West (from me, anyway). He just so happens to have a horse ranch. The Bundy’s ranch is in Nevada, he raises cattle, out West. The part I’m getting of why I was lead there is because I’ve got a hunch that ‘this time around’ the BLM is going to take U.S. Marshall’s with them. I know it sounds crazy, but God has the oddest ways of communication with me. Same thing when I was dozing off one night back in 2006, when I got home from work. In an altered state, between awake and asleep, suddenly thousands of people were running toward me, screaming and the looks on their faces frightened me to the waking state. What I said was, “OMG. What are you trying to tell me?” There were Asian, Japanese…then what happened in 2011? The quake and tsunami, and they had shown images of them running, and very scared. I get these messages in all different ways, with various timing; but when I’m spoken to…I set it aside. Why? Because I know how I’m contacted, and I don’t trust voices because of the mind control going on. They could be using people who are more vulnerable, and susceptible to that type of ‘knock’ as YRose states. Voices I will not trust as it could be ‘any’ entity masquerading as anyone. And let’s not forget that Project Blue Beam is still out there, in the offing.

        So, now I’m thinking…watch out for ‘any knocking.’ We all, I believe, have a very personal connection to God/Creator/Creation, and if he wants our attention, he’ll sure get it in one way or another; but I just don’t feel that a knock is going to cut it, ya know?

      • Leahanna, I think most of get that there are many messages flowing to various people and that’s why channeling is so mistrusted. We’re careful.

        If you notice, I haven’t posted any channeled messages for a couple of weeks or so as I’m just not feeling it’s what I want to do. After four or more channels said the Malaysian plane was in another dimension, rather than feeling like that corroborated the evidence, it just didn’t seem legit.

        We just need to continue to keep what we like from the information distributed and leave the rest. No one said we have to believe everything someone says, or disbelieve everything someone says. There is value in all of it if we pick and choose.

      • You ‘are’ so right, BP. I did notice that you’ve not put any channeled messages. I recall when Drake Kent, supposedly working with the military for our freedom, and even David Wilcock bought into that; and even hosted the interview, with some excitement. If anyone else remembers that situation it was ongoing for quite some time. But Drake’s slip-of the tongue, supposedly, called the whole thing off. He was correct in the ceasing of chemtrails, at that time, though. And there was several weeks that there were no planes in the skies here, spraying anything. But in the end, it was the Provost General Marshall, that backed down. Apparently she was a staunch advocate for the prez. After a time, things just went back to normal and then just got worse from there. So, it was either another total distraction, or the dark forces like the Jesuits, who have been running the show from the Vatican have totally infested all gov. A very sad situation. That military action would have been what we truly needed.

  11. Karen says:

    Paul Menagh – that was another interesting video about the planets on masts. It is such mind bending concept and the more I research into the holographic nature of this universe/world we live in, the more I can see that it is plausible. After all, there are no ‘space flights’ going up there, despite promises that these were to take place some time ago by Virgin.

    That being said, Shatwanee raises an interesting point about Cobra going up into space on a private expedition. I remember reading about it at the time. Cobra mentions no anomalies such as masts. There is footage of James May from Top Gear going up to space in a U2 spy plane and it just looks like ‘normal’ space. People can view the video here to analyse the footage more closely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rReGnvYPcqM

    Also, it fascinates me that from space, you cannot see any stars. It makes me think our sky is one big hologram. Wouldn’t surprise me if we were all on a grander version of the Truman show!

    I value everyone’s comments on this discussion and thank BP for providing such an interesting platform to keep questioning. Like he says – we all have a little bit of the big picture.

    Personally, my beliefs have been challenged by yellowroseoftexas. I found it a bitter pill to swallow about arch-angels being of the false light. More and more, I have been connecting with them in my healing work and had almost ignored the divine source. I felt protected by them and now I feel exposed once more and am talking to the Source ‘God’ more. In doing so, God has asked me to focus more on myself, be present, be compassionate, be kind. I have found that there is a distinct difference in the energy between Source ‘God’ and archangels. With ‘God’ being a lot more gentle and subtle and ‘soft’.

    • Karen and Shatwanee, I believe Cobra is extremely guarded about how much he reveals. He is guided by the Earth allies and they tell him what is safe to share. I doubt they would approve the release of information out of the blue about the planets being on masts or the Universe looking completely differently than we have seen all our lives. There would be no purpose to that. It wouldn’t affect what is going on or what will happen.

      In due time all will be revealed. It’s not Cobra’s job to shatter every paradigm single-handedly. He would lose a lot more credibility if he began telling us things that are too foreign to our accepted scientific truths. Some already challenge him on aspects of what he has shared. He can’t satisfy everyone, I guess.

      Also, while I clearly saw the placement of Ashtar, Jeshua, archangels as negative entities, that doesn’t mean it’s true. It seems like every video that appears to share all the shocking truths, always includes a zinger that’s totally contrary to what most of us believe.

      In one video I watched from a very sane and aware-sounding guy, he suddenly said Kevin Annett is a bad dude and must be stopped! What? So that destroyed any credibility he had, even though he shared a lot of valid information.

      While Yellow Rose for Texas has shared video directly from SOHO, she is also using material from one or two sources as far as the Babylon and ancient history goes. Maybe she believes it. Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe it’s her ‘zinger’ that just doesn’t fit. OR, maybe we’re all wrong and as George Kavasilas says, arch-angels are actually arch-ons. Who knows where people get their info?

      Since mind control and memory implants are possible, people may believe some pretty ‘out there’ stuff. We can choose to believe or not. If it’s distressing, then it’s probably not true. Truth feels good.

      We don’t have to choose TODAY, however. We can sit on the fence and decide later. A wait-and-see attitude can be most gratifying. We’re off the hook. When the answer comes easily rather than being a tug-of-war, and feels right, then we know. And we can reserve the right to change our minds at any time. Don’t sweat it. Enjoy the process. The PTW love to create angst and fear.

      I’m just loving the many sources of information out there. When you take all the videos, articles and audios from people who believe they have it all figured out, stir them together with love and discernment, a perfect little cake will come out of the oven. If you use fear as an ingredient rather than love, the cake will fall, and you’ll be miserable. Let us eat cake! We can all bring a different flavour to the party and share. I may not like your cake as well as mine, or I may like it MORE. That’s the fun part. Tasting all the cakes.

      I may want to know what makes your cake taste differently than mine, and may add one or two of your ingredients to my next one until I believe I’ve created the best cake ever.

      But when we call in the pastry chef, the expert, they may share a few tricks and ingredients we never knew existed, at which time we can revise our recipes and THEN we’ll have the best cake ever. It’s a learning process. Fortunately we have the Internet to share cakes. I’m hungry!

    • terig11 says:

      Re: “Personally…”: ditto for me too. Isn’t it great though to be so challenged? At least we were not afraid to go out on a limb as researchers of the truth. From early on, when anyone would ask me what it is I wanted in life, I would naturally say, “I want to know God’s truth and not man’s.” And ever since I first stated this, things began to take off for me. And wow, what a journey it’s been.

  12. Gamma Wave says:


    This is definitely an example of when your intuition comes in handy.

    • Todd says:

      Dearest brother Gamma Wave. Why is it so ‘wrong’ to claim to be Jesus? According to the Bible, Jesus himself said, that we can do all that he does, and much greater things. In my humble opinion, as we awaken to the wisdom and power of our Souls, perhaps we CAN do greater things. The Bible also states that Jesus is the Son of God, but it also states that all of humanity are the children of God. Maybe it IS possible that we are all on equal ground with Jesus, but we are finding our way back to that higher consciousness. Jesus never said he was better or above any of us, but he did state that all things are possible with the power of Love, and I for one believe Him.

      I know of the power of Love, and humanity is awakening to this truth as well. Our Creator is all about unifying humanity towards this higher consciousness, but ego and the Dark Ones have a stake in keeping mankind stuck in 3D. This game of keeping ‘us’ here is coming to an end as we collectively raise our consciousness. This is more apparent every day, and I for one have complete faith in humanity’s liberation from this dark, negative world as we continue to learn and grow together, ;). There is a Divine plan for us Gamma, and it has us all wrapped in LOVE! Sincere Love and Light, Todd.

  13. Gamma Wave says:

    2012thebigpicture, The only proof of your creator is found in the center of the heart, in the energy that causes your heart to beat, and the full spectrum of the human emotions you display.
    This is the Hue of man.

    Most of the torture of man is psychologically induced, that is why we must use our minds, to stop this method that they so easily use.

    You ask why has humanity been tortured for so long. Because the ones who are mentally torturing us are also the ones educating us and re-educating us. We accept all that is taught through their systems without question. Much as the same goes on in the eye net or inet (internet). This is why I ask you to question everything and use your own mind, and yes your intuition even more so. Our intuition is like a magnetic compass, if we don’t let other magnets disrupt and pull at it, it will lead us in the right direction.

    As far as lecturing, that is not my intention. I just can’t sit on the shore and watch others drown because the lifeguard lied about his own ability to swim. Who vetted the lifeguard?

    The discussions are great through this blog and many of us will walk away with golden nuggets as you say. Hopefully one of those nuggets will be to vet the people we are listening to about who they claim they are without any proof shown. If they can post on the eye net, then I’m sure that they can prove themselves in some physical way, right?

    Believing lies does actually do harm, it chips away at your soul.

    Have you ever had your heart broken due to a lie? If you answered yes, then you have a soul. Congrats!

    Again, I write this message with Care and Love.
    Gamma Wave

    • Gamma Wave, my questions were rhetorical. We all use our hearts AND minds to vet information, whether we realize it or not. What YOU say is true is only true for you. Each of us comes to our own truth. That’s why we’re labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’. Our truth is not everyone’s truth. We come to our own conclusions in our own good time. All we can do is share the information. We must all accept, as well, that we just COULD be wrong, as most of what we believe about the nature of our souls, space, the Universe, God, the ETs is NOT provable—yet—so we will continue to explore and expand our awareness, without fear of repercussions or chastisement.

  14. Gamma Wave says:

    @terig11 & Others
    This is in reference to all of the YT videos that use computer speech voice overs and claim that they are of so and so Galactic family, Federation, and or Counsel.

    If they can so easily address the humans with such a message, then why cannot they show you more proof of their identity, such as, Pictures of themselves, Pictures of their ships (Inside or Out), Pictures of other planets, Pictures of our planet from their viewpoint, or even anything relevant for that matter?

    If you were able to look behind the curtain to see who they really are, then you might not be so inclined to follow along.

    Think people. Please use your brains and stop blindly following without proof. These words are coming from other so called beings, not GOD, so why blindly let them lead us to slaughter? Haven’t we seen enough of the blind sheep following the others to slaughter to learn by now?

    What happened when we didn’t properly vet our leaders here? Hmm….

    Look where that got you. O’ birther , I meant O’brother hm hm hmm..

    All I’m saying and asking is for everyone to start asking for proof, that is all. Anyone can write a great story line and have a computer speech program read along with a nice space backdrop. For all you know George Lucas himself is writing this stuff, or maybe even Speilberg Lmao.

    As far as I’m concerned, we’ll all have to fight our own battle until the big guy brings us home. The battle needs to be fought with our minds to win. So, clear out the junk folders in your mind, and get as much knowledge as you can about how they (the dark ones) are manipulating everyone, then start to defend your mind from their tactics.
    Step two: Once you awaken to their tactics and are properly defending against their manipulation methods, start to brain storm with others on how to turn the tables (mentally). Again, this battle will only be won with our minds, they have too much money and weaponry to have a physical fight.
    Step three: NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!! and help everyone you can to see that they are constantly being manipulated and directed by the shepherd’s, just like sheep. (The shepherd’s are the officials, media, and the religions). And for those that say “no…. Not my religion”, simply ask yourself this, why is there so many different religions?

    The answer: To separate and conquer. This well played action plan has worked in the favor of the rulers for many millennia. Anytime they want to depopulate, they cause religious tension between the different religious groups they created. Works like a charm huh?

    It’s time to truly awaken. No more games. No more blind following the blind. Each and every one of you reading this message has a mind of their own, and it can be very powerful when used properly. Sharpen your swords (your minds) and get ready for battle.

    This message is written with care and love for my fellow humans.

    • Gamma wave, if there is a god, why does he not show proof of himself? What proof do you have he exists, that we will be looked after, and that he is good, rather than evil? If you use your head, you have nothing to go on; nothing to base your beliefs on. If there is a god, why are we in this situation, and why has Humanity been tortured so and for so long with no end in sight?

      We all sift through information and find what for us are the gold nuggets. It’s not done only through left brain logic, it’s also done by gut instinct or intuition or input from the higher self. We may as well save our breath as tell others what to think.

      It’s fun and interesting to sample the information available and decide what feels right in our mouth. If it doesn’t taste good we spit it out. We are not blind, or dumb, and are all grown up. We’re having discussions and enjoying it. No one has proof of anything, so we believe what we choose—as do you. No harm, no foul, no lectures.

    • terig11 says:

      Re: “why cannot they show you more proof of their identity, such as, Pictures of themselves, Pictures of their ships (Inside or Out), Pictures of other planets, Pictures of our planet from their viewpoint, or even anything relevant for that matter?”

      Because as we’ve all seen, such people can be targets for those who don’t want the info to get out; and if you are a member of an allied force, you certainly don’t want to do that. And again, since we’ve been “bop-a-moled” (Tanaath) to death through lifetimes, we need help right now; and open discussion is one of the best ways to me since we all don’t physically live around one another and most likely are surrounded by those who choose to remain asleep. Unfortunately, the ones who seem to have greater vision right now are not talking much and are limited with what they can reveal due to the former. A thought came to me this a.m.: to put together a world petition for everyone to be able to read that would briefly present our present situation on this planet and ask everyone within their heart and mind to sincerely demand that ALL SEALS, “soul contracts,” etc. (which to me seems tantamount to branding cattle, but I could be wrong) become null and void until which time each of us who has a soul-spark can decide CONSCIOUSLY for ourselves what &/or if we want to even go on an “Arc” AND that BEFORE we decide we MUST be given the FULL TRUTH of our past on this planet, the FULL TRUTH of our present situation on this planet, and then given FULL OPTIONS, leaving the final decision to each of us. Thao (Thiaoouba Prophecy said it only takes them 3 of our earth days to completely re-terraform our planet given that “time” only goes so far up off this planet until it becomes “no time”). I agree with Tanaath & Sunfire: Nothing short of COMPLETE FREEDOM for all people on this planet! And to me complete freedom means just that – no Seals or anything… And I’m sure that between all of we earthlings and the supposed gazillion members on the 1000 plus ships in the “stellar” armada, SOMEONE amongst them can reveal the full truth of our situation to We the People on planet Earth. Among the off-worlders incarnate on this planet, Tanaath & Sunfire are the only ones I trust to reveal the truth about “Seals” to us; they’ve already explained the falsehood of soul-contracts; but i’m not sure if “seals” and otherwise are the same thing. The others seem compromised right now. How about it Tanaath & Sunfire? Maybe a petition to post for everyone to read?

  15. terig11 says:

    These might help for those who haven’t seen them: Tanaath Prediction – ET’s Coming Soon: http://youtu.be/INQw1Mx8mWA; Julien Wells Report…: http://youtu.be/VvcYcHu3cL8; Tanaath – Draco Reptilian Cube Destroyed: http://youtu.be/RId0gU6nYZ0; Tanaath & Sunfire on Comet Ison: http://youtu.be/3n1PtCmdmlU

    • Lenore says:

      Cobra posted this and more on his site today…
      “The energies of the cardinal Grand Cross have triggered all kinds of suppressed dysfunctional behavior and ideas which needed to be cleared before the activation could take place. Here I would just like to mention some Archon-induced strange ideas floating around that the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Egyptian Gods and Goddesses are »part of the false light«, are »there to deceive you« and are »part of the hierarchy that is there to enslave you«. Nothing could be further from the truth. All these beings are true beings of Light and are our friends, brothers and sisters. Without their continuous help and assistance, humanity would not survive the last few hundred years and would be extinct by now.”
      …the plot thickens….

      • terig11 says:

        Sorry Lenore, my gut instincts have always told me that Cobra is NOT to be trusted; and my gut instincts have not been wrong. Same re “Cobra” was also stated by.Tanaath & Sunfire who reviewed/picked apart his words/speech patterns and said that although this entity states some truth, it also states untruth mixed in because it does not syncs with their own intel; and that the entity “Cobra” is most likely AI (used by the GFL, aka the Galactic Federation of Light/Lizzies)..

  16. Holy cow, Lynn! Jupiter freaks out is right! There are things going on up there. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Leahanna, I’m getting that jumbled up appearance, too. It’s happened before a couple of times on this blog, and it went away. I felt like it was too much information for one page to display when scrolling down so far.

    I don’t know what to suggest, except maybe refresh the page? Sorry. I intend that it will be back to normal tomorrow!

  18. Lenore says:

    terig11….I also agree, these much to look at as far as Yeshua’s incarnation..something in relation to the One God went on there. But the “malware” was already in place from Babylon. So massive confusion effected everyone, as it does now.

    Anyway, I do want to mention something.
    I’ve been on yellowrosefortexas’s channel several times. And every single video, or website, she recommends on her discussion page leads to no where. It’s a dead end.
    I have no idea why. I asked and didn’t get a reply.
    The two video’s she mentioned in her Nasa Lies video, aren’t anywhere. She recommended her video called the Snake Families on her discussion forum, I couldn’t find it as well.
    I’m not sure what that means. Maybe someone else here has an idea.
    Besides that recap video she put out a week ago with the blasting music….there’s nothing…

    • terig11 says:

      Would be interesting to get Tanaath and Sunfire’s input on this woman’s vids. Tanaath & Sunfire did mention same on some things mentioned but not on others; and if anyone knows, it’s these two. So, an updated public roundtable would be great.given the supposed mind-blowing life altering events just about to take place on this planet. .

  19. lynn says:

    I saw this and it made me think of what YellowRose said about Jupiter:

  20. @BP – When getting to the end of the page here, it’s totally messed up. I don’t know if it’s at my end, or just because the page is out of space. Any hints you can give me? Everything is mushing together…but on other pages, it’s not like that. Just on this one.

  21. Paul Menagh says:

    Just seen this comment from yellow rose of texas explaining irregularities about objects near the sun

    The full link is here…



    well, I can understand the confusion.
    Lol, he caught the blooper at the top but missed the one at the bottom. I watched it enter on the right side and travel all the way across. It is round, planet sized, and at 1:53 or so, on this vid, you can partially see it on the lower left corner.

    The object passing in front of the sun is a planet.
    If you watch on the stereo page, you will see to black objects as it turns, that flash in sequence with the sun flashes. On the Lasco Combo 3 images, in the ‘grey’ scale, you can see the suns Masts on Either side, Left and Right, Flashing. These are called the polarity Masts.

    The object that goes into the sun is another of the ptb’s ‘alleged comets’. I think they named that one Enki, I’m not sure.

    So MUCH information is now removed from public books!
    At the end of Each cycle is the “Division of the Families”
    The division is between “Negative” polarity and “Positive” polarity.

    As the increase in Negative Charge continues, those whom are ‘negative’ will increasing display their true nature. In the case of demonically possessed, they appear to be going insane. This is why it is said, because of the invasion here, that this time is going to be a bit scary.

    The increase in Negative Charge, coming from the sun (facing the Lasco 3 image, that is the pole on the “Right” side of the image. It is actually “The Left Hand Path” (of SET)) goes to the Planets Masts, and increases that Charge here. This ‘attracts’ the Negative entities whom are “evil”…like a ‘magnet’ they will ‘stick’ to that Mast. It ‘glues’ them in place, so that they are not moved.

    The Increase is also on the Positive Charge. (On lasco3, it is the view of the ‘left’ side, actually the “Right Hand Path” (of God) ) This attracts all whom are of a positive polarity – ‘good’.

    As it increases, you have been witness for instance, the separation in the Senate. Those whom are ‘good’ are now either out right leaving the Senate, like Sen. M. Tremblay who was scared out. Ron Paul left earlier. And you see more and more of those who are getting the increase in ‘positive’ charge and are standing up to the ‘evil’ within the senate. The positive charge is over riding that negative charge among those whom have a capacity to ‘love’. This is a trait…Something that sociopaths are incapable of because they literally do not possess that physical trait. The positive energy increase, is pushing them to stand up and be counted.

    When the Division occurs, it happens very very fast. “In the blink of an Eye”. BECAUSE..you are in a system of Energy and Energy Exchange. This used to be taught.

    The definition of “You are not the body, the body is the Vehicle” and “The Creation” is defined as “A Construct”. This is why so many could “Wake to Shame”. All of this is removed.

    What happens, is that you are drawn to the Masts, then transferred to the ARC’s. Then we are moved to the “New Earth”. This is done fast though, and not something that is really remembered. The laws governing are : “Nothing of the Old may go Forward; In Each new World we are given a New Name” So what occurs, is that all memory of what evils were done, all your old ‘bad habits’; all old bad ‘traits’ you have; are removed. You are healed and the dna is repaired (not our current broken down to 2 strands and 10 strands labeled ‘junk), and you restart your life as a “You that you will like”. All Life that is ‘good’ and ‘beneficial’ is Moved; every bird and tree. All your homes, business, all of this is translated into energy and moved and re-set up.

    None of Liliths creations are moved with us. Lilith is “mother of worms(parasites) and abominations of the earth” So things like mosquitoes, roaches, fleas, etc. stay. Lilith’s “Mirror”…her agent clone, on Earth..Is Queen Elizabeth.

    The “ARC” is that image on the glyphs that the ptb/Vatican removed the name of it and now tell people it is a representation of the pineal gland. There is a large stone sculpture of it, in front of the VATICAN, that was taught as the ‘ARC of COVEN ANT’. Someone recently posted a vid here, on BIN, that was called the “Mark of the Beast” and showed the sigil of Coven Ant, in a show that Madona did. That “X0″ with the ‘m’ at the top.

    All of the COVEN elite members, the Pope’s the Royals, the Federal Rothschild..13 Families. Knew what they had done; knew who they were fighting the war against and whom they allied themselves with. They stay on the emptied shell of matter.
    If you want to know what happens next, look at the image of the snake eating its tail.
    While Those others whom are service to self, sociopaths and deeply selfish, are sent through the west gate to the underworld. This is not the ‘hollow earth’ pretty myth the Nephilheim give. It is a place of deep deprivation and horror. Their penalty box.

  22. terig11 says:

    The Yellow Rose of Texas vids are simply mind-blowing! And not unlike others here, has verified much of what i’ve been shown in dreams & visions since 1980’s. I also agree with another post that “we are out of our league” in fighting the Dark Ones as a collective (hence out need for much more powerful help). It was in another vid where I heard that the original blueprint for “mankind” was lost; so maybe this is one of the reasons that so much effort is being done to retrieve what’s left. And I want to express my appreciate all the efforts by the “stellars”! But one issue that remains unclear for me in the vids is the personality of “Jesus,” (who I’ve understood by a different name and who is NOT Senanda), not the man of “christianity”/christian dogma that followed his supposed “death,” but the original man/soul who came to earth and supposedly tried to teach people simply about how to love one another, the man who did not call himself God or want anyone to worship him as their “savior,” but the man who supposedly said, “You will do all that I do and more.” If you look at “Yeshua’s” words on the Way of Mastery website, you’ll notice that he even talked about how his original words & their meaning, etc were hijacked, manipulated and many left out by the Dark Ones in order to serve their own agenda.. If you don’t read anything else on the site, try to at least read his words in “Yeshua on Forgiveness,” where you’ll pick up a never-revealed-before-now revelation in which he talks about his fault/error re creation and how it “needs to be translated.” In my understanding, of it, he thereby admitted that because of his misunderstanding in his relationship to the One “while in time,” (resulting in so many shattered fragments of creation in matter from the One), the “correction” had to be made in time (what is created in time/in matter has to be corrected in same). Wouldn’t this conclusion explain why he supposedly said while on the cross (representative of victim-hood and a sign to us that we are so much more than this), “It is finished”? He then said that because of his error, all he had to do after the correction, was to “wake up from the dream when everything would cease to exist.”
    I would love to hear any views on him. As most of you know, we are at critical mass in our awakening. In a vision this morning I was looking at a large circular area that had some kind of circular devices surrounding the entrance; and inside of this space was different beautiful floating lights. When I awoke it immediately made me think of Yellow’s illustration of where this planet is headed.. “Yeshua’s” words in the aforementioned are just as mind-blowing as these vids. But the bridge between the two latter sources is lacking, leaving, as someone said earlier, more questions than answers, especially if it’s true that “A kingdom does not divide itself against itself.”

  23. Demitra M. N. says:

    I am very appreciative of all that has been shared here over the past few days. Your combined perspectives and ideas have paved for me a more focused direction that I’ve been following and in so doing have expanded my own perspective. Amongst the many things I’ve looked at and listened to, is this one video (link below) where the topic of virtual reality comes up towards the end.

    I found the whole video interview interesting (first hour author Joseph P. Farrell of “The Cosmic Wars” book is interviewed) however, if you prefer you can go directly to the last 20mins where Linda Moulton Howe brings up the topic of the universe being a virtual reality (at 58:15). It certainly is an interesting way of looking at things — concepts like the ‘Higher Self’, for example, fit right in with it.

    Thanks for your input, Everyone!

    Cosmic War in the Past with Joseph P. Farrell

    If you have an interest in reading Joseph P. Farrell’s book “The Cosmic Wars”, which is the focus of the first part of the video, you can read it on-line for free here without having to sign-up or anything: http://www.scribd.com/doc/144247855/The-Cosmic-War

    • I parrot Demitra’s appreciation for the time and generosity in sharing deepest thoughts, beliefs, observations and experience. It’s quite the meeting of the minds, and I think we’ll all come away with a broader perspective on these intriguing topics. Good stuff!

  24. jopipe says:

    I took notes if you are interested here pt2

    • Very kind of you, jopipe, to share your notes. Much appreciated.

    • Hi Todd – Thanks so much for your input. And yes, I’m aware of everything and everyone being energy, gleaning much of my information from Gregg Braden, who is one of my favs.

      The questions I raised because of feeling that God is energy, and not a man, unless he chooses to take on that image. My biggest concern is that suddenly, out of nowhere here he comes…albeit a couple of hundred years late; so it raises question about those that accompany him, such as the ET race who supposedly told Billy Meijer back in the 60’s that this planet was overpopulated when it went past that 5 hundred million mark. But then, when a person thinks logically, they have to question the company God’s supposedly keeping. There are other races out there who work in the light as well.

      I question everything; sometimes out loud, sometimes in writing. It depends on a lot of things. The main thing is, is that we question and those that don’t ‘see’ at first, can have the opportunity to find answers. We’ll know soon enough…but I will not heed anyone’s call if it just pops up inside my head. As I think everyone is aware of Project Bluebeam, planned by the US Military. I’ll sit back on the sidelines through it all, and we’ll see.

      You’re a very caring person and I thank you so much for your comment. ❤

      • Todd says:

        Leahanna? Would you care to exchange e-mails? Todd.

      • If anyone would like to exchange emails ‘off the record’ with members of this group, you may say so here, and I will forward them to the other party. When you comment, your email is displayed for me only. Just leave a comment here and tell me who you want to have your address. That way, you retain your privacy.

      • Todd says:

        Thanks BP. I am offering my address to Leahanna if she would like to chat and continue our dialogue. So pass it along, and if I hear from her great. Either way, no worries, ;). Todd.

      • Anonymous says:

        @BP – Well, it’s been since yesterday, and everything is blacked out except for your input. Sooooo, I guess I’ll just have to deal with it. Just sad that I can’t read anyone else’s though.:(

      • I wish I knew how to fix that, leahanna, but I don’t know what’s causing it. Perhaps we should start a new discussion? It might be the WordPress platform, as it has happened to me before when reading the blog as a reader would do, rather than as an administrator.

        When YellowRose gets the other video up that people are asking for, I’ll post it and we can start fresh. But why wait? I’ll post another of her videos and hopefully these members of the community will jump over there to continue the discussions.

  25. […] } catch(e) { document.write(s.outerHTML); } }());   April 19, 2014 by […]

  26. Edie says:

    Do you believe that you are a co-creator or co-creatress? I. have come to believe ( in my world, population- one, b/c I only choose and make rules for me, no one else) that the Universe is one of my best friends.
    I try to be careful with how I define myself, the Universe , and my relationship to it. I see where I am, not as luck, but as a combo of co-creating natural magic that we all have ( not the ritual or candle kind)
    and focus, digging, intending and a true to the core willingness to release all that is not the true higher-self me. I know that I have earned what I know, and am always questing for more, which in itself can be an imbalnce. There needs to be a balance of contentment. But I have not been offered anything that is out of reach of anyone else. I believe in gathering my tools for my journey. I like the way Dowser Raymon Grace (You Tube) spins an object clockwise stating ” increase the frequency of _________” OR , conversly to remove , he teaches to say
    “scramble the frequency of __________” while spinning an object on a chain ( he uses al bullet) CCW. His inspirtational book ( not a how-to book) “The Future is Yours, Do Something About It” is. cut to the chase empowerment. Most of us (on this blog) know that we have/are a frequency. I prefer to deal with things on that level. But I am also working within ethical paramenters and must be 100% responsible for my actions. This is just an overlooked tool that anyone can use to shift their own situations or possibly be of service to others as is shown in the mentioned book. He talks about removing the frequency of “greed” from water. Interesting. We all have different truths and we each need to stand in those but also allow all others to be. I mean that again, in the inner core of one’s beingness. I agree with you Todd and probably eveyone else here “love is all” and zi have come to believe that magic ( or perhaps the invisible) is more real than non-magic. Is not love invisble? You can see by products of love, and yess youcan see the energies on non-physical planes. With gratitud for allowing me to express here.

  27. Edie says:

    I love this dialogue and ideas and that we are all thinking for ourselves!!
    I read Kavassalis, and Wilcock, Icke, Cameron Day, and Cobra, and Maricinak, Abraham -Hicks, Barbara Hand Clow, Paul Twitchell, Leonard Horowitz, Stewart Swerdlow and so many many others ( for the last 3 1/2 decades) so i can relate.
    Got a basic question. If the Allies destroyed Uranus and Jupiter, then how does that relate to the Cardinal grand cross/square that we are in at this very moment? Aren’t they supposedly two of the corners in this?? Anyone got any ideas on this ?? I am assuming both events are physical and perhaps that is not the case.

    • Todd says:

      Great question Edie, and that brings to mind another, 😉 Is there a way to contact yellow rose, and guide her to this blog to help us all sort some of this out. Perhaps she will be able to shine more light on some of these great queries. Anyone out there know how to find her, and ask if she’d like to join in this fabulous forum? Peace, out, Todd.

    • Edie, maybe this cardinal grand cross event is a sham and based on the false reality they are projecting for our benefit. Or, as a result of holograms, could there be parallel universes, etc. as we have heard? There are probably more possibilities, but again, plenty of questions and fewer answers.

      • Edie says:

        Yes, perhaps. For me , I do have personal experience with other planes, so they are within the reality of my paradigm. I believe direct experience is the bottom line for truth and anything spiritual. What good is it , afterall, if it is not directly relatable for each individual. I believe that life force has the ability to speak our language and reach each of us. It KNOWS what represents the attracting “carrot” to us in each moment. It is different for each individual. Additionally, I have a dear and totally trusted friend who is an inside resource for me. Not only is she a stellar professional intuitive but she is Galactically savvy , and connected and she is and she grew up within the Illuminati , managed barely to escape. She has a personal mission that right now involves the opening of a portal over HI. There are other things I have heard from her that make this timing of massive transformation right now legit, no matter what the planets may be doing.

      • Fantastic, Edie. You’re very lucky to have the experience you do, and the friends you do. If only we all were so fortunate, there would be so many less questions.

  28. Stephanie says:

    If you want to find more discussion about Lies, go to Yellow Rose’s you tube page, yellowrosefortexas. There is an interesting discussion going on there also and she answers many of the questions above. She mentions another video she is getting ready to put out soon, and I watched some of her other videos which are all very informative and well done.

    I think the information presented in the Lies video is very believable. In the comments on You Tube to that video she goes more in depth about what she thinks is coming and talks about a plan to temporarily evacuate everyone on the planet to cleanse the planet. She says that is what was done to the other planets on the video and they are still there. There is also some discussion about Yellowstone erupting as the reason for evacuation. This concerns me somewhat, because I thought we were on a positive timeline and going to do the cleanup of the planet with everyone here. I also know that some out there have said we should not get on any ships. Then again, if it is God and his army of our ET families coming to get us, maybe the other information is disinfo. I don’t know. It does make sense that the planet might need some time to herself for her final transformation to 5D. That’s supposedly what will be going on with us too. Or, some of us will finally be going home. Supposedly, we have already all been given instructions during our dream time and will know exactly what to do once the veil is lifted. It sounds like the real event to me and like it may be soon.

  29. nickhood67 says:

    Adding to what I wrote above, there was no mention of the masts above and below the planets in Lou Baldins books. So many people claim so many fantastical things that you and I couldnt imagine dreaming up. People put soo much energy into writing account of lies OR they are only shown certain ASPECTS of the Universe so they can only TELL certain aspects to all of us on Earth.

  30. nickhood67 says:

    I am enjoying reading this conversation. Like most people I have many questions about the Universe in general and where we fit into it. I recently read the ebook ‘A Day with an Extraterrestrial’ by Lou Baldin which I bought for a few dollars on Amazon. I tell you that book blew my mind. I believe he believes his experience. His various books track his experience with ETs throughout his entire life and for me most importantly it revealed some of the 2 main off world overlords conflicting agendas, giving a very broad perspective. While it didnt answer everything and some things mentioned were downright freaky, it threw so much more into the perspective that left me breathless. Have a look yourself. Its a fast read. That book also confirms the star wars aspects of this discussed video and some reasons why we are contained on Earth.

  31. Lenore says:

    Kim, your right about Wikipedia…so how I regard it, is similar to how I regard comments on sites…I can’t tell you have often I’ve gotten leads(that are verifiable) not from the video, or story online I’m viewing, but from reading the comments people have left there. Whether it be Veterans Today or YT, even FB…I have found gold in many places. I’m never fixated on an idea and am happy to be released from my lack of knowledge, into a higher form…this one is not Wikipedia… http://www.religionfacts.com/christianity/bible_places/babylon.htm
    But still looking at the “Seven Lights” influencing earth in relation to that Tower. There’s many more listed regarding that theme…
    Something very important, that we’re dealing with right now, went on in that location (Yellow Rose or no Yellow Rose)…I do have a feeling we were confounded by that event…And it is the source of all language deviation, with intent…And why we are walking in chains, misunderstanding who we are in relation to the universe, signing our sovereignty away, one document at a time in all CAPS.
    I think if we can examine this, we can begin to unravel it. And as I stated earlier, the “controllers” are well aware of the meaning of that Iraqi location…hmmm
    PS. I saw Preston’s article yesterday. And he’s got some confusing fact going on( The Nords weren’t the only ones working with the SS).
    It’s always interesting to see academia’s attempt on understanding ideas that have been out of their reach 🙂 but it’s nice to see them try.

    And like you said, people are taking a chance. That website is consider to be Army Intel (Adamus) just as Sochal Faal is known to be Naval Intel(you may remember Bill Cooper always read Sochal Faal, he was Navy)…
    Never the less they go about leaking what they can, and are patriots…..but intel is a maze….they always have to fictionalize and confuse it, to leak it…kinda like the movies….
    Anyway, I respect that you work in publishing…and understand the need for accuracy :))

  32. Gamma Wave says:


    Don’t get me wrong TBP, I am a realist , not a pessimist or optimist only.

    The balance is what most are missing. It’s the center point of energy that gives clarity.

    I resonate with much of what Yellow Rose mentioned.

    Yes, there is a space war that is going on. The Anunnaki actually live and are stationed on what we know as the SUN. They never left this solar system. Their ships are seen on multiple instances on and around the SUN as well as solar system.

    As far as Earth, there are many races here from many different galaxies. Some here before Humans and many here after. We are constantly being watched from above to see if we will eventually self destruct, it’s like we are an ant farm to these watchers. They have no rights to us, so they simply monitor from afar. They know there would be dire repercussions should they attempt to exterminate us, a form of universal karma.What comes around goes around, so they leave us alone for the most part.

    Will our true creator return to collect us?
    If necessary.

    Before we are all wiped out due to self destruction or an astronomical event, that would be an “if necessary” moment.

    In the meantime, should we be worshiping deities? NO.

    It is a sign of religion or (Re – Legion), Lost faith in your true creator. The change of legion was the result of the dark’s manipulation of man.

    False idols are never good.

    What if…… The actual sign of the beast was actually religion or re-legion?
    What if in the end you had to take the mark of your religion to distinguish sides in a religious war, and no matter which side you chose, it was all the sign of the beast. The beast being the dark system of control used to manipulate the minds of man.

    I’ll leave you with those thoughts for now.

    I send Love from the light within my Soul. Be well.

    • Shatwanee says:


      • Shatwanee, I guess Cobra will remain en enigma for some people for now.

      • @ BP – I pretty much agree with your last statement. However, if the conversation between God himself, and Moses took place, when the Ten Commandments were written, the first commandment is “I AM the Lord thy God; Thou shalt ‘not’ have strange gods before me.” So, if various deities were created by the cabal, who worship the ‘negative entities’ and since it’s already been stated that the Catholic church has their ‘sacrifice of the mass’ on Sun-day, which is the ‘wrong day,’ then the question that’s left is does God consider anyone who was taught to worship Jesus stand a snowballs chance?

        So many questions, even about those who were forced to do what they did, to ask for redemption at the last moment, but yet so few answers.
        Neither can I say I enjoy waiting in this holding pattern. Although Yellow Rose said it only took God ten years, on this side of the timeline it’s been 100 years. How many more years will it take them to intercede? Or is he waiting to see how many of the negative worshipers want their redemption at the last moment?

        For myself, last minute redemption is not really acceptable..but that’s just me. Why? Because “I was just following orders” doesn’t cut it anymore; and if these people sold out once, they’ll surely do it again; and heaven only knows how long from the time of the new earth it would take them to corrupt it, just as they did here. Even though the old will never be allowed to happen again, it should not have been allowed in the first place. I know God has a staggering loss of his children, including the indigo’s; but whose fault is that? I would say he left it go on for too long, and are we to be held off, and accountable for that error in judgment? It’s truly difficult to believe the part about them taking 4 years to war with the planets. And my question is the same as yours – What is with the thumb?? It just does jell.

        Today I asked God many questions for which there was no answer. Maybe he’s angry with me for lack of faith in this new pursuit. We can only wait…and wait….and wait, once again.

        As far as the Pleiadian craft, or the Pleiadian’s themselves, I’m not really trusting them all that much either. They contacted Billy Mejier a long time ago, and told him that the earth was overpopulated and only engineered for 5 hundred million people. If that is true, then it sounds to me like the NWO, and Agenda 21. When speaking on the blog with the Alex Jones bloggers, there was a guy on there that loved math. So he took the total acreage of the United States, and what he came up with is that you could take the 7 billion people on this planet and give each family of 4 one acre of land, and the rest of the world would be emptied. So it is to me, completely unacceptable that the Pleiadian’s should have any say about the population; and the other creepy part of this is ‘how many children God’s already lost.’ As I thought about it more and more today, so…did he wait for that loss? Does that make sense?

        We should all know by now that Monsanto and the cabal of sociopaths created this myth…and it’s totally obvious in the way they’ve controlled the weather, especially over this last 8 years; the use of HAARP and all the other technological garbage against humanity they’ve created.
        Plainly stated, I don’t have a problem with all of my earthly brothers and sisters being along for the ride; my greatest concern is for those who would ‘falsely accept’ the new rules, then break them. Let’s not forget the interview with (Dr.) Dan Buerish that Kerry had on Project Camelot back in 2006 & 2007. He said that ‘no ET race is going to save us,’ and that they said when the treaties were signed, ‘we have to save ourselves.’ He also stated that the U.S. took up a crate/vault to the moon that contains the DNA from all of the Elitist; that he does know the location, but he could not give out that information. And, it just so happens that the ships are cloaked on the ‘dark side of the moon?’ Every time I asked God for answers, I didn’t get them this time…but I did get more questions. WHY don’t they just make their move? If their technology is so advanced, they could pick up all of the cabal, in a heartbeat. I know they’re supposed to be turning the Earth, and we’ve had 2 tremors here in less than 2 weeks, and Michigan never gets tremors. And I mean the whole building shook from the ground up.

        The team up there has had more than ample time to use their plan; and in the meantime God is risking more loss of life, while they sit in the wings watching. The longer they wait, the worse it will be, and the more life lost here. And today was the day I just came unglued from the seeming fairytale. How to we know ‘who is’ parked on the dark side of the moon? From all my scientific understanding, setting religion aside, God is Energy, not a man. He could have been depicted as a man, but when he appeared as the burning bush, he was Fire, and fire ‘is’ energy.

      • Todd says:

        Dearest Leahanna. You bring up a plethora of questions and observations here, and I’m compelled to comment. Your last sentence reminds us that fire is energy. Science teaches us that everything is energy, just in different forms, and we know that energy never ‘dies it just changes forms, (fire to smoke for example), and there are multitudes of forms in our Universe. In my opinion, we are all eternal spiritual beings having a ‘human’ experience. So the ‘loss’ of life is an illusion. Only one’s Soul and maybe even the Creator ‘knows’ why a Soul has chosen to pass over, and under what circumstances. Either way, live or die, there is no loss of life per se. I understand that is how it appears to us, and is why so many have bought into the birth/death paradigm.

        Again in my opinion, ‘God’ is everything, and as such ‘we’ are all ‘part’ of ‘God’, or all One. Perhaps this apparent awakening that humanity is in the middle of is remembering and/or realizing this Oneness.

        As for whether or not certain Galactic civilizations are here to observe, help, or ‘save’ us (or maybe even a combination somehow), will all be played out as it should. This awakening is as much an individual thing as it is collective. Perhaps our Galactic family has as big a stake in this ‘event’ as we all do, and are guiding us towards this goal that so many of us yearn for. Will there be a ‘need’ for Divine or Galactic intervention or perhaps evacuation? It may depend on how many of us awaken and when, but I have faith that our ‘Father’ will not abandon us if it comes down to it. I know one thing, this is one exciting show, and I’m on the edge of my seat.

        The bottom line for me is to Be and share Love as much as we know how, (The more we do the more natural it becomes), observe the outside drama, and allow it to play out, remembering to live each day in presence, and to let go of all fear. I know that this is a process, and doesn’t come easy for some of us, and that’s okay too. We can all have an impact on this ‘process’ by helping each other and reminding ourselves and each other that we ARE all One, ;). BTW, don’t forget to smile, laugh, hug, and have fun every day.

        Well that is my take on current events, so stay calm, stay present, and this will all turn out just fine, beyond our wildest dreams.

        Peace, Love, and Light to all, Todd.

  33. Gamma Wave says:

    I liked the message that help is out there, but as usual, I like to dig deeper and search further to personally see who’s behind the curtain.

    Is the person “Yellow Rose for Texas” actually being led by her own findings, or is she being led by the unseen spiritual realm?

    First off, The name “Yellow Rose”, Did you research the meaning of Yellow Rose and find this?

    The Yellow Rose is known for worshiping Sekhmet or your solar deity of choice. Coincidence?

    So….. Who is Sekhmet?
    Sekhmet (Sakhmet) is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities. Her name is derived from the Egyptian word “Sekhem” (which means “power” or “might”) and is often translated as the “Powerful One”.

    I believe Sekhmet was originally the face of the Sphinx. There’s another one on Mars as well.

    Is Yellow Rose for Texas still worshiping these ancient Egyptian deities?

    Or is she simply confused and still searching for the truth? Is she knowingly associating with Sekhmet?

    Like most of you reading this, I too have hope for our future. We are all of the same creation, but the full truth will only be revealed in the end. Until then, we will see many truths evolve as tiny pieces of a massive puzzle (the full truth). The more we share (Pieces), the clearer the picture will become.

    Never stop digging and searching, there’s much to uncover and find.

    • Interesting, Gamma Wave. Research is good, but there is always the possibility of finding information that might lead us to make something out of nothing. Sheer coincidence.

      Some of what Yellow Rose shares I believed to be true anyway. How many times have we been told it’s a holographic universe; that space wars have been ongoing, that a portal or two opened and are about to open, that the sun and moon aren’t what we’ve been led to believe, that the moon was towed there, that the Universe is a construct, that the cavalry is coming, that space ships are sitting up there waiting for the bugle to blow, that we are going home?

      Yellow roses also signify joy, gladness, friendship and new beginnings. Yellow Rose of Texas is a common name with those who love their state of Texas. We can always apply the meanings we like. I guess I choose to apply positive meanings rather than negative ones. This video felt really right to many of us.

      I don’t believe “worshipping deities” does any harm or any good. I don’t believe in evil spirits, but I do believe in malevolent races preying on weaker ones using their advanced technologies. We will all learn the truth before long, it’s true. Won’t that be a spectacular day…

  34. Kim Hayes says:


    Hello All,
    Check out this article from Veterans Today, holy smokes! It is so reassuring that more & more people are waking up and seeing that the curtain has been pulled back on the Wizard and that it’s all been manipulated. Even the art work/picture accompanying the article is spot on. Just Wonderful! The more ‘eyes wide open’ the better.

  35. Lenore says:

    Nebuchadnezzar wrote, “The original tower had been built in antiquity: A former king built the “Temple of the Seven Lights of the Earth”
    (WOW, where have we just heard about that?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tower_of_Babel
    This original confusion started long ago. It is interesting to note that Abraham refused to work on the tower….lay one stone.
    Abraham, who was Abrim at that time, living in Sumerian, long before he migrated to Canaan, to become the progeny of the Hebrew race….
    I think the struggle to stay connect to One God(All Father), has been going on continuously, and with great difficulty, but they remembered. Then the records were wiped and altered…we can only see in historical account of resistance by certain characters, to understand that fact.
    In the case of say the Jesus story(Yeshua) I would purpose, that he in fact was aligned with God the Father, which is why they understood him as his son, but in fact cleverly his whole history has been reduced to ridiculous nonsense. This is the mastery of the Babel or Balal as the Hebrews wrote it.
    It’s not just in maritime law, and gold fringe, impeding the Constitution, it’s absolutely everything…(By the way if you take a close look at the site I listed above, it also mentions, how thru maritime dispersion, families moved away from the tower, with differing languages to control the earth…)
    It’s all there….We have been duped. It’s always been
    THE TOWER OF BABEL, THE PURE SOURCE FOR COMPLETE CONFUSION, so evil undertakings may operate unencumbered….
    If you’re still attached to belief systems, spiritual or educational, and have somewhere sealed yourself to it, then you will resist this information…but nothing is permanent.
    As far as what’s going on out in our solar system…we are deaf, mute and blind and can believe most any story given…..Not until the communication systems are released away from the families will we ever know….so it’s mote point, but that holographic feed of the moon is interesting, and he caught it again on the eclipse, it’s continuous….
    Not to mention two different scout ships filmed. One by him, and another one, which BP posted.
    There were many reasons the US coalition invaded Iraq…this was one of the big ones, besides the Star gate found there.
    The Tomb of Nebuchadnezzar.
    All rulers who have served the off shore vampires thru the ages know, this is the honorary source of their beginnings…..

    • Kim says:

      Hello Lenore,
      Some thought provoking ideas for sure. One note of caution to mention,
      Wikipedia is possibly the most unreliable source for information on the planet. They have a definite agenda and take down lots of scientifically proven topics, for example Energy Medicine and the take down information regarding CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports)
      Which is the double set of books Villages, Cities, townships, Counties, States,etc. keep to hide in plain site their money while screaming poor, bankrupting Cities or raising taxes as well as slashing pensions, etc.
      Stephen Colbert use to go into Wikipedia while on Comedy Central and make changes to Wikipedia to show people how unreliable it is. I work part time every now and then for a small publisher doing fact checking and proof reading. I am never allowed to use Wikipedia as it is known to be flawed & slanted.
      Having said that, you have some great ideas we can still all consider.
      Just that we should not put our eggs in the Wikipedia basket.

  36. Demitra M. N. says:

    Speaking of Cobra (re: Maui Bear’s last post) I certainly have nothing against him and his resistence movement, however, I personally object to the ritual(s) he encourages people to participate in. However well-meaning he is in this regard, rituals by their very nature are so very… Cabal-istic in nature. Will be opting out, as usual, but my own personal meditiations for the uplifting of humanity will continue to occur, organically.

  37. Maui Bear says:

    One more worthwhile entry from Yellow Rose for Texas on the You Tube link for the “Lies” vid:

    In the past, before they removed these books, The Abyss was defined as “A Binary System, fueled by a Black Sun , home of The Sith Lords.” The Black Sun is a Cube Crystal, which is a pure Negative Polarity (alchemy term for “-pole” of battery)Source. The Sith Feed on it for Power; and leach onto people for that same ‘negative energy.’ When they create fear, anger, and all the other ‘negative’ polarity traits in people’s emotional bodies, it allows them that negative energy to feed off of.

    The Abyss is home to all Negative Entities. The Negative domain can not produce anything that is not of a Negative Nature, and these are what we call ‘Demons’…. for a reason. They are!

    Many entities here, are those that were cast off out of the domains of the Underworld and Heaven, because they had breached the Law of ONE. In basic essence, what they are is “Ice Cold Killers”, sociopaths who have the highest skill for ‘acting’ to gain access to their victim. Some feed on people and create havoc around that individual, to gain that high negative pole in the body their feeding from.

    Many are parasitic or symbiotic in nature, because they were deposed of a vehicle. They require host bodies. The El parasite in particular has a religious bent. It makes a ‘religion’ out of just about anything, and act with zealot fanaticism toward that religious object and/or person. The most noted parasites and symbiotic are the El, the Archon, Wraiths. And all 3 of these may take a single host. You’ll notice distinct personality changes in the host. It is a descending pattern of behavior. At its worst, when take over is complete, these are your “tyrants”, “terrorists”, “mass murders”, within our societies.

    BTW, it was these three known in the Coptic records that Suleiman, Elizabeth and the rest of them, were implanting in the people in IRAN, and all their Covens and Corporations CEO’s. 

  38. Maui Bear says:

    Demitra M.N:

    You wrote what I’ve been thinking, especially in regards to David Wilcock who was mentioned in a previous post. David is brilliant and his work is profound. Yet, he bases his observations on data which evolved since Babylon, and if the “Lie” vid. has substance, we see that the trouble may have begun at that point with any information and science.

    I don’t recall ever seeing a collection of work with pictures of the life like ant alien in the Babylon hieroglyphics Added to the “evil eye” associated with Bilderberg group, I’m still processing the depth of the evil around us. I see that Gates and Schmidt participate in Bilderberg events, it’s now obvious why the vid. used those two images.

    I can not understand “trashing” all icons of the light and leaving one source to free us. God can delete existence in a blink of the eye. He doesn’t need to send ships. The ships are real and make a good case for ISON, as described by Tolec, and a friendly force coming to help us – with or without God

    Like others, I have been significantly disillusioned by the use of ISIS in the meditation by Cobra along with the need to pay any attention to astrology again. And, as an astrologer, that’s a big statement. I now see that even Cobra doesn’t have the full story. Hopefully, he’s acting out of good faith and still provides ground resistance to help the armada parked behind the moon along with the circling Pleiadian craft.

    The problem with using the word “hopefully” is that it still places us outside of the Now moment and has been used by those who manipulate (religion) on a regular basis.


  39. I keep forgetting to mention—and no one else has, either—the thumb and the face in space… what up with that? I don’t understand what I was seeing or how they could be there in the images we were viewing of the sun, etc.

    A thumb and a face didn’t belong there, in my current understanding, and I don’t know how to interpret the images. Whose thumb was it? Whose face? WTH?

    I assume it has something to do with holograms, but… Anyone?

  40. Demitra M. N. says:

    This video raises many more questions for me (because some of it is simply stated as if it’s self-explanatory, and really it’s not) and so I can only go by my intuition on the matter just as I have with many other theories that are circulating out there. In this case, it feels right to me. While it does not mean that I am certain this is exactly what is happening, I do feel quite convinced that we are not trapped here all alone and that we must find our own way out by ourselves or perish. I highly doubt that I have come into existence with no connections to anyone outside of this madhouse. It is just impossible for me to even conceive that I should exist in this way. Therefore, it makes more sense that those of us who are here are in quite a serious predicament, one that will require the same kind of help as one who’s fallen down a deep well would need. There would be nothing for a loving family to gain by leaving their child to perish inside a deep well just because he/she was unfortunate enough to stumble into it and not be able to figure out how to climb out of the well on his/her own. A loving family standing outside the well, would in fact be in a much better position to help the one who is by now seriously hurt and damaged by the fall itself. Channelled sources that keep spouting the theme that we are all here “to learn and to grow” are all part of the same demonic hosts who desire for all this sickness, suffering and tragedy to continue-on indefinitely. It is a source of great amazement to me that there are so many who continue to believe this lie when logic (for me anyway) dictates the opposite.

    Now, while I don’t claim to have any real definitive answers, I have come to the conclusion, like many others here, that we are beyond our capacity to “fix” the problem on our own, at least not until enough of the Collective Mind wakes up. Whether we like it or not, we are in the painfully vulnerable position of knowing that individual people cannot change the global status quo on this planet (or wherever it is we are) no matter how much we would like to (only the Collective Mind working as One can) and THAT giant remains fast asleep because the fear of the alternative is too overwhelming for them. I don’t believe that those of us who have volunteered to come in and help ascend the planet ever came here expecting to awaken anyone anyhow. The trauma that the masses have endured for the past 26,000 year cycle has made them unable to do the job, hence we are here as surrogates to do the job that they are unable to do for themselves. But I digress… there is nothing we can do to correct the overall problem we are confronted with except to continue holding bright our lights and swatting at flies while we pray for the cycle to come to it’s natural conclusion and for our galactic families to bring in the cavalry and liberate all those who would otherwise find themselves being recycled back into another 26,000 year long cycle of tragic misery.

    Anyway, if it will make us feel better about trusting the information presented in this video and taking it more seriously, then we need to search out corroborating evidences to support it’s claims. Essentially, it’s message is that we are living in a holographic Matrix, this means that we must search out information whose focus is on that specifically — that we live inside a fake reality. As an example see the video Lenore posted above (April 19 at 11:14PM)

    We do have to remember however that the many other sources out there with their own theories of what’s going on and what can fix it are all as much conjecture and supposition as this one here is. Nothing circulating out there can really be proven without a shadow of a doubt (too much corruption in the mix at every level). Interestingly, not even those that are depending on science to be their corroborating crutch can be certain that their point of view is 100% accurate. The fact is that the branch we call science is just another new age religion and is as corrupt and full of disinformation as many other investigative tools we have available to us. Worse, if this video is in fact closer to the truth of what’s REALLY going on, then everything we look at and investigate is just an illusion so the conclusions we arrive at that are based ON this illusion, are going to necessarily be untrue as well. In this regard, all we each really have is our gut instinct and our intuitive connection to the divine, which we should actively work at developing and keeping the channel clear so that our personal “radar” can ferret out the nuggets of truth hidden in the mountain of lies we must wade through everyday. That, and to trust that our loving galactic families are indeed out there trying to help in everyway they can.

    • Todd says:

      Some very exciting and interesting responses here to be sure. We are always told to trust our discernment, intuition, and inner voice, none of which I seem to be all that in touch with, sigh. However, I do and will continue to peruse and educate myself in order to reach a higher understanding and ‘frequency’. Having been a seeker for 3 decades now, you’d think I’d have a better handle on how to meditate and go within, but I have had some success with staying more and more present. I feel that as long as we do our best to stay in the Now, and Be and share Love, it’s difficult for us to go astray, regardless of all the info, disinfo, and outside dramas.

      Love IS the answer, and we know that for sure! So Be It!

      Again, great questions, and info here, and Kudos and Love to all, sincere regards, Todd.

  41. Todd says:

    Nancy, I have to agree with much of what you say here. This video brings up more questions than it answered. This article implies that we are somewhat powerless in all this, and that we will be aided by some galactic/Divine intervention. I’ve always wondered about that, because there is no doubt that the deck has been stacked against humanity. The cabal, illuminati, archons, reptilians, corporate greed and corruption, and the indoctrination from schools, TV, and even the aspartame in our food makes society apathetic, etc., etc. The 5% of us that are awakening isn’t enough to tip the scales in mankind’s favor, and the 95% have no idea what is going on, and most of them don’t care to know, sigh.

    I know we’re being helped in some regard, but this is basically saying, “Don’t worry, the cavalry is on the way, and nothing can stop it.”
    The evil empire is doomed to fail, and indeed has failed. Does that make us complacent? If we are the powerful beings that we’ve heard of, is it ALL up to us to change this reality and raise our frequency to a higher level? Or is this a collaboration with our star family? (As we Are all connected).

    Just not too certain what to make of all this. Perhaps BP and some of the readers here will shed some light, eh? You’ve raised some important points here Nancy, and by doing so, we all learn and grow. Love IS the answer, and we know that for sure.

    Love and Light, Todd.

    • Todd, what I have—like you—is heaps more questions, and a gut feeling. As far as what are we meant to do?—I don’t feel we can do much other than learn as much as possible, share with others who are WILLING to wake up, and anything else we feel guided to do, such as blogs, peaceful protests and demonstrations, signing petitions, meditations & visualizations, supporting initiatives like the Common Law Grand Jury by volunteering to be a juror or join a militia and wait for the next step—which is exactly what we ARE doing.

      Disinformation and fear divides even the awakened community so that many who are supposedly in the know and trying to help are labeled reptilian, CIA, mind-controlled, disinfo, etc. so uniting even the awakened ones to some degree isn’t always working. We have very little power without the full support of all of Humanity–but I think it’s enough.

      Obviously, this war against the archons, etc. has been ongoing for some time. That all happened without any input from most of Humanity. It’s happening, we’ve been guaranteed our freedom is coming, and it will come no matter what we do—or don’t do. That is my firm belief.

      We are ignorant to the ways we are being controlled and manipulated. We know some of it but are we sure we understand it all? We’re going to have to trust that “The One” or Creator and the Galactics ARE here to rescue us, because there is no other way we can get out of this situation unless we ARE rescued. We’re completely out of our league. If we were capable of freeing ourselves we would have done it a long time ago. All previous attempts failed.

      Anyone who thinks we Humans can end the dark’s reign of terror need only look at the weapons, disappeared planes, false flags, militarized police, toxic food, mandatory vaccinations, secret space program, time jumping, FEMA camps, thousands of grave liners, chemtrails, the theft of children, foreclosed homes, smart meters, mind control towers, paedophile rings, and more that the Illuminati uses against us. It is escalating rapidly now.

      If we believe that the positive military, white knights and misc. other groups are working behind the scenes to round up the criminals and fix the banking system, then we just have to go with that and trust their timing. We don’t know much of anything at all, so we have to trust, remain calm, be the warm and loving people we truly are and be ready to step up when it’s time to make our contributions.

      Perhaps those who believe we are alone in this and that no one is really on our side or doing something about this dilemma would be willing to share what they think we should do.

      • I do agree with you, BP. There have been so many ‘false teachings’ and/or ‘portions’ of the story, it makes it obvious that not one person possesses all the answers. And for right now, in this moment, it’s a waiting game. When the time comes, I’m certain there are those that are stranded without any information at all, will be given the opportunity to make their choice.

        It was rather heart-wrenching for me as well, when I watched and listened to the video. I knew in my heart there was more to all of this; however, the very crooked way beliefs were formed, and used against man were focused for the accomplishments of possessing everyone as slaves of the various groups, to make this planet one of a ‘living hell.’

        So, it’s just a waiting game now; and we can only hope that because the vessels are on ‘this’ time line, we are nearly there.

        Blessings to you, BP. ❤

      • Todd says:

        BP, I have followed your blog for some time now, and have to say thanks so much for your insights, kind words, and Love for humanity, ;). I agree with everything you say here, and am of the mind that without some type of intervention, be it Divine, Galactic, or otherwise, mankind would have very little chance of survival.

        As you stated, the travesties perpetrated on humanity by the global elite and evil forces have mankind so totally indoctrinated and brain-washed, that our destiny is in the hands of the creator, and Lord knows we would welcome any and all aid to awaken the masses. We do what we can, but without some kind of assistance, humanity would surely perish.

        Again, thanks so much for all you do, and if there is anything more I can do other than share your blog and other awakening info, please contact me to do so. I believe you have my e-mail address, as I would love to keep in touch with you. I know you’re busy, so no worries, but would like some advice on how to start a blog of my own to further this most needed endeavor. I can help with proofreading, or add my own views, as I have been on this metaphysical path for 30 some years now.

        Blessings to you and yours BP, and know that we love you and will help you to spread the truth of Love and Light.

        Sincere regards,
        Todd, the ezwriter.

      • Thank you, Todd. I sent you an email.

  42. Nancy C/Seattle says:

    A year ago I signed up for David Wilcock’s weekly Wisdom Teachings and am now up to episode 56, April 7th. I have no problems accepting NASA lies or the history. There’s long been whispered mysteries regarding taught history regarding Elizabeth the 1st and, of course the current Elizabeth. Where I had problems with this video was the cosmology. It seems to me to conflicts too deeply with the teachings of so many other whistle blowers and definitely David’s teachings. Wilcock talks about a cosmology from Source that expresses itself in sacred geometry with the nodes of the geometrics being portals. Wilcock teaches there are no “particles”, only waves of energy. Wilcock talks about the sun and the Brown and lays out a scientific, mathematical explanation as to why astrology works. Wilcock teaches the underlying building block of creation is “Gravity”. Wilcock teaches that Gravity is a Push-Pull and says this is a classified secret and so much, much more.

    It seems to me that the concept of planets on polls and planets being herded and blown up just doesn’t fit into this cosmology. I know there have been off world battles between forces of Light and Dark. I’m also having trouble viewing Gaia/Earth as a trapped, tethered entity. I have been taught that Gaia is a sentient Being.

    Wilcock teaches timelines and how they move both directions. That as you change the “now”, you retroactively alter the time lines in the past. – We can retro cause/change the past by the choices we make in the now. So many other sources I respect say that as humanity’s consciousness has evolved the Doomsday timelines don’t fit because humanity moved onto different “time lines” and that “lift off” is no longer where we are going.

    And finally, I don’t know how to read the NASA images the author posted. For example, I couldn’t “see” Jupiter being blown to bits. These are just some of my thoughts. .

  43. nickhood67 says:

    Excellent! I look forward to viewing it and sharing it! Thank you.

  44. […] via Discussion for "The Lie NASA Told & the Imminent Demise of the NWO". […]

  45. nickhood67 says:

    Has anyone seen the full version she speak about? I would like to view it and share it!

  46. nickhood67 says:

    I am in shock. I have been researching Truther info for 10years and this one has to take the cake. I keep saying it and it rings more and more true that the more I learn the more I find there is to learn. I Am a bit shell shocked from watching this, and having rejected Christianity over 15yrs ago now I would like to know if it is important to desire to connect to our Creator whoever he/she/it is. Do we really have all we need “within”? What is hoped/expected of us? I desire to be the best I can be and to help others and to make a difference in this world. I am not at all perfect and I do regret some things I have done but I hope I can choose toe continue as Human and move on the the New Earth and learn the Truth about this existance.

    • I hear ya, Nick. I feel the same way, and I think nearly all of us humans are the same; we’re basically really good people, but we all had to experience the duality and of course have regrets. We are forgiven. I don’t believe there is anything to worry about at all. We are worth saving, and Heaven will be ours.

      I watched the ‘Star Wars’ footage and it was pretty cool, esp. the “higher stars” version which looks more real after the 32 min mark and has better music. ;0)

      I’m so glad this video resonates with so many, because it sure does with me. What wonders await us!

  47. bettiebee says:

    Hi everyone, folks can discredit the entire video if they so choose to, but one cannot deny this fact that at 41.17 of the video, they are discussing the ‘miracle’ material for the makeup of the crafts, or ships and stating they have no idea what it is. How does one explain this? Graphine? see http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/02/tech/innovation/graphene-quest-for-first-ever-2d-material/ or http://phys.org/tags/graphene/ or http://www.sciencedaily.com/news/matter_energy/graphene/ Is this not exactly what this material looks like? “A new nano-membrane made out of the ‘super material’ graphene is extremely light and breathable.”

    I am no scientist or scholar, however, where did this “Graphene” pop up? We have some brilliant folks on this planet, like Tesla. Has this been kept a secret so that the big industrial complex can benefit from it? Has there truly been a ‘war’ of the minds within and around this planet? Some group had to lay claim to this idea and the make up of the material and perhaps some went missing, seeing that everything has been patented on the planet. Feel free to weigh in, if one is inclined.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  48. Susun says:

    I also watched the video with a lot of stops and starts to re-review. A puzzling question I was left with is: “How was Jupiter blown -up in March if it is in the night sky in April?”

    • Susun, I don’t believe what we’re seeing in the sky is real, from what I’ve heard. We’re seeing what they want us to see.

      • Susun says:

        I agree as a hologram, yet given that today is the cardinal cross which involves Jupiter, etc. does the pressure/effect which cobra is describing caused by what the ships? galactic family?
        truly fascinating!! Thanks!

  49. Dawn says:

    Yellow Rose of Texas also put out the video “The Destruction of the Papal Key” Thank you BP.

  50. Arvel Sass says:

    You’re right, absolutely stunning information. What’s with the pictures of Earth and was it Saturn or Jupiter? Does it mean when we escape Earth’s atmosphere that’s what the solar system looks like? What about the pictures of ships firing weapons? I’ve never seen anything like that before. Many questions, damn few answers. We definitely need to pursue this topic. Thanks.

  51. devimariamne says:

    I posted this video on my site too and we have been
    viewing it with great interest. The planets on poles, of
    course answered my question about the perpendicular
    lines on the soho images. And i have been wondering
    what that huge circle of energy was.
    I do think the truth is and will be even more mind blowing
    than this video was. But it has provided some of the
    answers i have had on my mind a long time.

  52. carologwin0@windstream.net says:

    Hi, I did watch it. I have learned much over the years. So when I saw this video it put the rest of the pieces together. I seen things over my house over the past three yrs. Don’t know if they are ours. I can feel something is going on, I see signs every where I go now. I don’t even see my world the same. Look at all the corruption that is going on. Never made sense that as an educated country we go to war over a dis agreement. Where is their brain? You can see the duality every where. Now it just feels like insanity. We bailed out Banks when they have hidden accounts 770. I even saw the space pictures she had in video from Soho, and others. All the Hollywood people showing the eye and illum. signs. You see it in every movie, music etc. Gold has been stolen from America by those we trusted in office. I tell ya watch it over a couple times. Then go watch 2001 a Space Odessy. Look for technology we have now and stop frames to see hidden words on dash of ship. Glass that goes dark on its own. New tech for it is here now. All these things had already been here when that movie came out. I saw it when it was released. I was a young kid. Philp Schneider told the truth about Dolce base. Sgt Clifford Scott also. I can’t tell ya if this is going to end up as said, but this hell we are in made by those who think they own use all and kill for whatever they deem needs to be destroyed. If you read ancient writings like Gilgamesh, Iliad, Machiavelli you will see a pattern. Skulls were found at Vatican of beings not like humans. Leonardo saw things he hid in his paintings. He was in the lower parts of the Vatican doing drawings of dead people that anyone else would have burned for. I believe it was easier to implement a different history for man kind after the great die off in dark ages. You have to put the pieces on a wall like forensics then you see the big picture in a different light. What is hidden in the dark is illuminated in the light! I’d be here all night giving you history etc. Do research, I did and it all started for me with a my interest in Egypt when I was young. When things are un compartmentalized visually then you will see what I saw. Every day a new piece falls into place. Why else would anyone think its ok to depopulate the world in this day and age? They have done this for centuries. Why else would Vatican have a 52 mile long library only hand picked people can go into and see only that which they ask for. How would anyone know what books are there and what chapter and pages to ask to read? Those books don’t know how many came from Alexander Library, and others are hidden manuscripts or literature that had been band to the outside people thru centuries. Good luck on your awakening.

  53. Maui Bear says:

    This is what I posted after I saw the video on the You Tube discussion:

    “Fantastic – it makes so much sense. Thank you. Actually, the voice of Yellow Rose for Texas sounds like the author of some of the Pleiadian video’s. Also, if you listen to Andrew Bartzis, you hear that the original families of Galactic History has manipulated timelines and corresponds to the epics described in the “Lies” video. The truth wants to come out now, hopefully soon.”

    I have been aware of George Kavasilas work. The “Lies” video corresponds to his information with added detail. I don’t understand the nature of the Sun being hollow, that doesn’t make sense. And, I’m not clear how the images were collected of the forces from the planets and God’s Armada firing light weapons. Anyone understand how the images were captured?

  54. Wow-weeee! 😀 I actually watched it twice; and I did that because it absolutely confirmed the dream I had last week. And to be sure, I think you’ll find this interesting.

    In the dream I was in a battle against unknown forces; it was dark, as night. Suddenly in the dream I turned around and was viewing myself, dressed in battle garb like Joan of Arc. As I faced myself, looking at the spear in my right hand, wearing the thick leather vest dressed with brass trim, I suddenly opened my eyes waking up. I was on my back in bed, and looked up the at the ceiling. The first thing I saw, near the window was a gigantic V that was lit up. And in a low tone I said aloud, “Oh my God; Victory; the V means Victory against them. Oh God, Thank you.”
    It only took a few minutes for my mind to settle back down, and I fell back to sleep.

    Last time I had a prophetic dream like that was in 2006, when I saw God’s hands reaching down to me, and they were filled with all denominations of coins. At first, I thought that was the reward for my actions. THEN, when watching the political race, I finally understood what God was telling me. He was saying Change, which was Obama’s platform. He was telling me that he would win the presidency.

    So, with the dream I had last week?…I do believe that we’ve made it. And I’ve made my choice, for real. I’ve always been God’s girl.

    That’s the most confirming video I’ve watched for ‘dream interpretation.’ It also confirms something I ‘saw’ that captured my attention when I was 30 years old. (34 years ago) I was walking into the kitchen in my home, after putting laundry in. I suddenly stopped, for no reason, was in an alternate reality and I saw that perfect planet; like I was from there, and I missed it something terrible. It was so deep green all around me, and the sky a very deep blue and absolutely clear. I did feel badly once I snapped out of it, because I wanted to go back. Ahhh, those were the days. No electronic gizmos that required cell towers; no geo-engineering as now…just 70’s days, raising my boys, dad at work and a real home. But, when comparing then to now I’m happy about what’s coming soon. We’re so very, very close to heaven. 🙂 Blessings, BP I think we have a lot to look forward to.

  55. Captain says:

    Might be of concern: Fukushima Ocean Radiation to hit West Coast in 7 days
    Saturday, 19 April 2014 22:32

  56. Lenore says:

    I couldn’t agree more…very timely piece for this grand cross….
    It turned my head around, also friends of mine as well…
    I remember Drunvalo talking a few years back about the galactic wars going on out there and how they’re using holograms to block our view of it, check out

    Or Crow777 on YT Holographic Moon….there’s your proof…

    We’re really being kept in the the dark…and all access is being cut off, Nasa closed, Skynet closed, ISS feed turned off…something things going on…that’s for sure…
    And of course Tolec who talked about the big black L shaped ships docked behind the moon….we’re the last game in town and all eyes are on us.

    We’ve been encased here, with a cast of characters, all appearing different but, have been created by the same controlling force…
    This was the movie we’ve been in life time after life time….
    The illusion….none of it was real…. :))
    It was meant to be a trap, and we were meant to negotiate our way out of it…now we know…..

    Indeed the calvary may be here already…and it’s time for us to be prepared…release all oaths of traditions and beliefs. Stand free and clear in love and service for the creator/creation…and have no expectations and no fears(that’s a hard one)…
    I just saw Transcendence the new movie, and fear is always the deal breaker…..it has to be released…..
    (Now, I shall watch this again 🙂

  57. Thank you all for the great comments.You took the words out of my mouth. It took much of what I believed to be true and either cemented it, or took it to a whole new level. The more I heard and saw, the less I realized I knew.

    I’ve only been aware of ascension, ETs, etc for a few years so it has been a huge learning curve and I’m sure some of you could teach me a thing or two.

    The planets on masts?! They killed them!? Wow! I had the same desire to see more of The Yellow Rose videos. Incredible things are going on right under our noses and we’re not aware of it. Not fair!

    We’re not children, and some of us can handle the truth, but there are already a lot of fearful people out there. How could NASA tell a planet full of people that don’t believe in spaceships or ETs that God is up there with them trying to kill the evil planets and free us?! LOL. It sounds absolutely ludicrous. But to me it makes sense. It gave me a few more puzzle pieces so I can almost see the big picture.

    And weren’t Ashtar, Jeshua, archangels etc. cast in a bad light? Did I read that correctly? George Kavasilas said the ‘Arch’angels were like the ‘arch’ons, but I didn’t know what to make of that. I think she said Agartha is the underworld.

  58. awapuhi says:

    Agree that this world/cosmic view was wonderful in that it both contained everything I have heard & read AND presented it in a way that turned my world/cosmic view (from everything I have heard & read) inside out! . . . only to deepen what I have been concluding.

    Maybe the final comment might be in taking Heather’s (Tucci-Jaraff) advise . . . to never sign or agree to anything without including “without prejudice” . . . meaning to never agree to anyone else’s agenda (like going into light chambers to shift more quickly, etc, etc) . . . but stay closest to Mother Earth as she IS going evolve. And that the only true freedom is in each present moment we make decisions.

    After assimilating this world/cosmic view along with what I had already, seems there is not much left to say anymore – rolf!

    • Shatwanee says:


  59. Shatwanee says:


  60. Nick says:

    The last four years have been a crash course in Truth for most of us,,only a select few would have any inclination as to the veracity of this info.,,,but Man,,does it feel right based on All that has come my way!!!
    I have had to constantly remind myself that most of what we read and hear is propaganda of one form or another but this blows it wide open!!! The dots have lined up ,,, All else pales in comparison,,,All the 3D drama and distraction of RV, Collateral Accounts, Dragon Families etc etc, etc, why didn’t Cobra or Tolec bring this forth,,what? we can’t handle it??? Most of the info. out there now has nothing on “The return of Christ Consciousness in the form of THE ONE”,,,,,Now, the Big Question is,,, Are we the Collective Ones doing it via our own awakening ’cause there seems to be a whole lot of Annihilation goin’ on that we’ve been told is against the One’s Law of Outside Intervention!!!! Wheeeee!!!!!!!
    In Lak’ech BP, Brother Nick

  61. Kim Hayes says:

    As you stated, I need to watch it again. I too stopped and read the script as well. Still wrapping my brain around a few things like the planets on poles, etc. though so much seems to resonant with what Cobra has stated, I agree. Am inspired to watch a few other things, yellow rose of Texas has put on YouTube to help get my bearings.
    Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated!

  62. daveashwell says:

    Hi BP.
    Gobsmacked is an understatement. It would seem that the Creator is PISSEDF OFF, and as he has said, he is coming for his children, albeit a bit late, BUT HE WILL BE HGERE COME WHAT MAY, and God help (literally0 the Dark ones of this world who would destroy it. I viewed with interest the Nicola Tesla vid put out by Koulapelli, again as the Creators vid, FASCINATING.

    We are in for one hell of a ride guys, and I feel sorry for those who are the sceptics, but only time will tell them the TRUTH.

    Thanks BP for your on going work for humanity. God bless you.

  63. Demitra M. N. says:

    Initially, I thought the message in this video was going to be something else entirely. My son and I watched/listened together and while we were both intruigued by the NASA image showing the passage of time and the headway being made through our solar system, neither one of us had anticipated what was to be shared during those last 5 minutes. Mind blowing visuals, indeed!! It all resonates with our personal truth and our take on what’s really going on behind the scenes. Incredible, to say the least; this is a very exciting moment in time!

  64. Jeff says:

    No question, this is the most intriguing of them all so far. A must.

  65. Edie says:

    I learned how very much I don’t know. And yes, I was floored too! I have shared it with numerous friends. I tried to find “Mystery Babylon No More” as suggested in the video, but was unable to locate it and wondering if it still exists or got taken down. Anyone know? Lastly we owe infinite gratitude to Allies, Resistance Movement, whatever those knowledgeable ET cousins choose to call themselves.

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