The Lie NASA Told, and the Demise of the New World Order: Do Not Miss [video]

original cartouche, found in the ancient temple of Abydos, Egypt – had been covered with plaster that fell off


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As we shelve the denial and wake up to the deception, the Truth will set us free. 

Here is one truthseeker’s effort for your consideration.

There’s a very good reason I have an entire category on this blog called, “How the Illuminati Corrupted History”.

To move forward, we must accept that history has been manipulated… and so have we.

NOTHING is what we think it is, so we must step outside our comfort zone to ascertain what reality is, and who WE are.  Our origins lie in the stars. ~ BP


Published on 23 Mar 2014

Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , “Religion”, and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. The last, on March 19th, was Jupiter. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO & mankind’s freedom.



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27 thoughts on “The Lie NASA Told, and the Demise of the New World Order: Do Not Miss [video]

  1. Anonymous says:

    does yellow rose have other videos?

  2. schauminator says:

    Again, if you have good reading comprehension, common sense and an exploratory mind while reading the old Hebrew texts, Genesis, Book of Enoch, the other cultural genesis accounts and the so called ancient cultural myths – you will better understand this video for its truths. You will find the ancient written accounts and recently discovered artifacts tell us much different than we were told to believe. most of the truth was always available to us. READ and Reread!

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  4. Laura says:

    Had to watch the show again and again, pause it a lot to really ‘see’ the ‘information’ presented. My initial viewing left me with an entirely different viewpoint than how I felt and believed after multiple viewings.
    Please use great discernment with this video. Instead of accepting this government agency star wars ‘footage’ and the included graphs and boards as truth, see if it fits into what you understand and what you know in your heart.
    To see the angels, archangels and those such as Dali Lama paired with satan, the queen, the Galactic Federation and evil made me question. I had to go back again and again to see how and why they did this.
    I know the energy of angels and those I know are pure love. Watching the actions and listening to the Dali Lama, love and peace. I have been following the Galactic Federation for some time. I do not detect even a shred of evil here.
    Planets on poles? Attached to what? The bottom of the picture (a lot easier to produce and make up an explanation – after all, people will believe anything if you pair it with shock and awe and they really haven’t a clue). Does this earth not rotate, the sky view of stars and planets not change by season, by day, by year. Some of the astronauts are now verbal about their views and experiences in space. Contact them. There are a few that will respond.
    Have we been told the truth about the wars on and off planet? Or those controlling all on this planet? Or most of anything other than what those in control or striving for control have determined in their best interests? NO. Not at all. And methods for getting people to ‘accept’ anything is to 1) shock and awe with technology that we cannot possibly prove false or true and 2) pair the truth with lies so we pair them together as the same (example – Illuminati, satan, the queen with angels, archangels, Dali Lama, etc).
    Use great discernment. Check in with yourself to feel the information. Most of all, if you pray or set intention and plan for a harmonious, loving and healthy world for yourself and all else, do not become frozen and withdraw your positive energy out of doubt and/or fear. If you do, and the ‘other side’ is counting on it, then the light doesn’t get the benefit of your individual love and light.

    Each person’s energy and intention does absolutely matter.


    • Thanks for your feedback and intuition, Laura. I don’t think any of us are blindly accepting everything in the video—just accepting some pieces that were missing. No one has any proof of ANYTHING at this stage, so we have to use discernment. There is always truth mixed with mis/disinformation. YellowRose may not be able to tell herself, what was truth in the information she is referencing, and what was not. A lot of it made sense, though. What we hear is that one persons “knows” this, and another person “knows” that, and there is always someone who will disagree. We’re not all on the same page, but we’ll get there.

      • schauminator says:

        Just try to consider, that many that work at NASA, NSA and NRO know exactly what Yellow Rose has expressed and believe in it. And also consider it has been know to them for decades. Plus any given contractor that is required to have a TS/SCI security clearance is exposed to subject matter like this. That is why it is not to be shared – its a secret.

    • schauminator says:

      The fallen ones are not dead. There may always be good and evil and both will change their images to survive.

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  6. James says:

    I didn’t understand where the images were coming from of the planets on poles being destroyed. What was that?

    • James, it sounds like all the images were from SOHO, NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a satellite that studies the sun 24/7/365 without interruption, according to

  7. I made a question about isis belonging to the reptilians in cobra facebok page,and my posting was min.18.35 theres a picture showing the reptilians race and humans race. that’s my question
    Thank you

    • João Daniel Ribeiro, it certainly looks like YellowRose is sharing info saying Isis is a negative being, but how do we validate this information? I don’t know. I know good people who channel Isis and the archangels but I don’t know if they’re getting real connections or transmissions from the archons or something. We have to question everything and may not get answers, unfortunately.

      • schauminator says:

        In regard to good and bad whether it be angels, messengers, the fallen or aliens, I believe you will find many answers if you take the time to visit the below two sites, but more important to take time to listen to the 5 days Apr. May 2013 of sworn testimonies given on Capitol Hill at the National Press Club Hearings on so many disclosure issues. Please know even President Obama was briefed but his staff denied it only days later. There maybe no quick answers for those not willing to take the time to study these findings. Note; many have spent a good part of their lives trying to disclose them.

  8. schauminator says:

    Use a headset with volume control and pause the video to view and read the screen shots for best understanding of its content.

  9. Us deaf people pay the fiddler. I ache for a transcript.

    • Hearing impaired or not, James, even with sound I had trouble figuring out what I was looking at some times. If you leave a note for YellowRose at Youtube under the video asking for a transcript, she might provide one. It certainly sounded like she was reading, didn’t it?

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m very hard of hearing. Headset helps but little. How I ache for a transcript.

  11. schauminator says:

    The truth lay with the 101s of the old testaments, the Book of Enoch and naturally reading all the cultural accounts of Genesis. They all have their in the beginning story about looking up into the heavens.
    Remember of the three major religions, Jews were first with the oldest writings. Christians second and Muslins evolved last. All have their background commonalities, except in the guides for good civics in creating a moral society with rules. The Muslims seems to have been taught by the fallen ones having a management by fear, intimidation and off with your head mentoring.

  12. nikiwonoto says:

    how can I know that this is really real, and not just merely another made-up human’s imagination/fantasy/wishful-thinking ?

    • I don’t blame you for being skeptical, nikiwonoto, as we have been fed lies upon lies to confuse us and have been trained not to question authority. Many of us have been researching these topics for years, and we have developed a sense of what is truth and what is lies; what makes sense and what is nonsense. We all must decide for ourselves what we believe, but knowledge is key. Once we have a sufficient body of knowledge under our belt, enough puzzle pieces, so to speak, we can gradually make out the big picture and see that what we have been told cannot possibly be true. You will get there on your own. Be open to consider a different story than you were fed all those years and see what kind of a picture emerges for you.

  13. schauminator says:

    Use your head phones for the fix.

  14. Shar says:

    Is there any way to up the sound when the woman is talking? I can’t hardly hear her. This looks interesting, but I’d like to hear it all.

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