Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came to a Massacre [video]


The Inside Story of How One New Yorker May Have Kept the Bundy Protestors from a Bloody End

From a reader. Excellent—thank you, Spud.

Since it’s not on Youtube, I can’t reproduce the video here so please visit the Western Journalism website (which features the work of real journalists)—and watch this.

Only on Fox, eh? Pity. 

Hopefully Americans are waking up to the fact that this isn’t about grazing rights or the Desert Tortoise. Bull roar.

Land disputes are settled in courts—not in wild west shoot-outs with the feds and their armoured vehicles, SWAT teams and M16s. That’s what courts are FOR. 

THIS is what goes down when the greedy, arrogant, corrupt, sick elite flex their muscles to take control of what they want, at the expense of the common man. They can afford to buy off anyone to do their bidding. They will kill to achieve their objectives, as they have thousands of times, and they must be stopped.

Obviously the Bundys are standing for something sacred to them if they’re willing to give their lives to protect themselves and their livelihood after all the other local ranchers gave in to the government antagonism and  moved.

It ‘s a miracle this did not end with the deaths of hundreds of civilians. A frickin’ miracle.

The feds can try to hide Obama and Harry Reid’s affiliation with this event, but they will fail. It’s out there and they can’t put the genie back in the bottle. They sold out America to China.

The Universe calls for transparency in all things now. All is being revealed.

This event served as one more wake-up call to Americans. How much longer will they keep hitting the snooze button?  ~ BP

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8 thoughts on “Incredible New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came to a Massacre [video]

  1. Whoa – settle down a moment. Blanket statements like “they sold America to the Chinese” strike at the heart of America’s slide down a very slippery slope. I’m Canadian so what do I know but one thing for certain – a disturbing militancy and rise of gun slinging militia hard asses will hasten America’s collapse. America has it’s knickers twisted so tightly it won’t see the damage until its too late. All the other ranchers pay grazing fees – Bundy hasn’t done so for decades. Claiming law enforcement was ordered to step in because of some Chinese land deal is utter nonsense. Making heroes out of people who thumb their noses at federal courts, applaud them for standing up to “tyrannical” government, allowing armed militia to aim semi-automatic weapons at law enforcement, and patting yourselves on the backs for being good Americans is surreal. Before swallowing Fox News hysteria dished out by dangerously opinionated conspiracy mongers – ask yourself this – what if Bundy was a black shrimp fisherman from Louisiana who refused to pay taxes and was about to have his boat seized? That same militia would demand justice while applauding swift action. Holy crap! You couldn’t pay me to cross the border from the sanctity of a country sensible enough to ban gun ownership except for hunting rifles.

    I wrote this post the other day…

    • Notes, it appears to me that you do not have all the pieces of the puzzle. Hopefully you’ll find them all at some point and see the situation on the planet… not just in America… for what it is.

  2. John Stevens says:

    GRRRRRRRRs TY Jean Cheers & hugs

  3. 19 april 1993 Waco siege(ATF), 19 april 1995 Oklahoma bombings (ATF), 19 APRIL 2014 ????????????????????????????

  4. I can’t login automatically with Flickr, because Mozilla ever hate cookies right now and the universe needs more cookies for 7 billion of us?!??

  5. Jamie says:

    “Land disputes are settled in courts—not in wild west shoot-outs with the feds and their armoured vehicles, SWAT teams and M16s. That’s what courts are FOR. ”

    Exactly! I am so glad you said it. He has already had his day in court and lost multiple times because he has no legal grounds to stand on. These are not his lands they were federal lands since they were bought from Mexico before his family or the state of Montana was ever formed. The federal government never gave up its ownership of its lands and he has only grazing permits the same ones any other rancher would have to obtain and obide by which expired 20 years ago. The BLM has multiple court orders obtained in federal court showing his cattle are trespassing on land that is not his that he has no right to be on. This is not about the common man against the government, it is about a freeloader who is illegally damaging the taxpayers land by overgrazing and refusing to abide by the laws that other ranchers have to abide by and refusing to pay a fair usage fee and refusing to use any common sense.

    • Jamie, I’m afraid you misunderstood MY stand, and the evidence. The background documentation shows that Bundy’s family has had grazing rights locked in for generations, and no court order can overturn those rights.

      The federal government—the dark cabal—has gone far beyond their rights to legally secure those lands for Harry Reid and his son and lost. Now they are lawless and ready to kill innocent people to achieve their long term objectives.

      The BLM has no right to bear arms. Courts are for settling land disputes—not guns. The courts are mostly corrupt and presiding, bought and paid for judges. Bundy has every right to withhold monies for grazing rights from the federal government as they cannot show they are in legally in a position to demand them. They will say and do anything to get Bundy off the land so Harry Reid and Obama can sell it to the Chinese to bribe them to ignore US debt to them.

      It is wrong by anyone Human standards to just go and shoot a man and his family because they refuse to pay grazing rights. This is supposed to be a civil society. Murder is not okay—for ANY reason. The rogue government must be dismantled and soon to stop the terrorism.

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