The Finish Line is in Sight: Prepare for the Energies of April to Rattle Your Cage

As the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies shunt ever-increasingly potent levels of transformational energies to upgrade Gaia and her people, we could be traveling a challenging road.

It’s nothing we can’t handle, but it helps if we can bring awareness to the situations and try to remain an observer, rather than getting caught up in the drama. Look on the bright side—we’re growing!

OMG!! I suddenly remembered as I re-read the part about “disburbing dreams” that prior to Mica’s rattlesnake bite I dreamed he was beheaded somehow and I was holding his head, looking at the vertebrae and telling my husband we need to go to the people who can put him back together again, and that it had to be done quickly or he would die from lack of oxygen. Man, I think I’M the sick puppy!

Thanks to Colleen Nidle at PAO for sharing this wonderful insight from Meg Benedicte.  ~ BP


Eclipse Season sets up the Grand Cross!

New Earth Central with Meg Benedicte ~ April 16, 2014


We just experienced the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra on Monday/Tuesday…which launches the Spring Eclipse Season. For two weeks our cosmic field will be held suspended within the powerful tension of Lunar/Solar Eclipses. Full Moons always release tension into the field, while lunar eclipses tend to amplify the effect.

Here at Mt Shasta the Lunar Eclipse was quite spectacular…shimmering blood red over the snowcapped mountain in the vast sky! This Lunar Eclipse also connects with the once-in-a-lifetime Cardinal Grand Cross that locks into place on April 23rd. We are in the midst of revolutionary astrology this month, and the Lunar Eclipse did not disappoint.

An Eclipse ushers in ‘breakthroughs’ of new thought, shifts in perspectives, and sudden ‘aha’ moments of insight. During these two weeks we can open to extraordinary breakthroughs in Spiritual evolution and personal growth…setting our intention to elevate up to the next level!


I’ve also noted that Eclipses tend to ‘rattle the cage’ and shatter many out-dated structures, patterns and dysfunctional situations so we can break free. This aspect of Eclipses can feel unsettling, shaky, and immobilizing. It can feel like what happens when we unplug a hot air balloon…it swirls out of controlling, spewing old sputtering air into the ether.

The collective field is sputtering right now, all being shaken loose and repositioned. It is stirring up more amplified polarity and pushing against the quantum flow. Yesterday it felt like I was moving through jello…every step and movement felt like pushing against density.

When the astral plane gets whipped up like this, we need to take extra caution to be in our Still Point of balance, order and coherence. Take time out to tune inside and breathe into your Soul rhythm and pulse…get centered. Don’t plan too much, don’t exert yourself these two weeks. Keep it simple, and as calm as can be.

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When the astral is polarized like this, there are aggressive entity reactions, disturbances in the field. We must use our crystalline container to install personal boundaries and sovereign space, especially in the 4D astral plane. Our emotional body/heart center is active in the 4D and must be as still/calm as possible. Do not get pulled into Polarity!

When we emotionally react, our heart center opens to the 4D astral disturbance, and we can be interfered with by astral entity attacks. This can show up as negative thoughts, disturbing dreams, painful emotions, sabotage actions and choices, increasing addictions, and more.

If you are experiencing any such interference, continue to clear your sacred space/living space of all 4D astral disturbances, as you focus on maintaining your divine Still Point Power. We have the knowledge and tools to live in 5D bliss! Our planet is enduring radical change and transformation, and we are at the heart of this evolutionary Ascension. My mantra right now is: ‘I Am all that I Am!’ Don’t forget who you are and why you are here…the finish line is in sight!

Lovingly, Meg Benedicte

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  3. Got a question or two! 1. How is the “pup”?. 2. Jan. Feb. Mar. have been nerve binding for me, one damn thing after another! However, April thus far has been a complete turn about face. Things are coming together in a positive manner. Why would the Energy be negative for me for 3 mos. and suddenly turn to positive on the fourth month?

    • LandofMind, I was going to do a final Mica update as he just had his pain patch removed and he is back to normal, biting me and humping my leg every night and lots of time outs. Evenings are tough. Now that he’s dipped his nose in the pool a few times, you can’t really see where the snake bit him.

      It’s possible that you did such a good job of coming to terms with things prior to April that there was nothing left for you to do. Not everyone will have huge challenges. I think they will vary in scale from person to person, based on our birth contracts and the progress we’ve made thus far. Whatever is left undone now, must be tackled before we proceed, I guess.

  4. The energies are working on me now. I am working on ascending, I think I am very close to doing so.

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