Neil Keenan Update for April 17th: No-Fly for the Cabal and Quid Pro Quo [video]

Nice to see the world finally putting the thumbscrews to the cabal.  ~ BP

In this update, Neil announces the creation of a powerful new proposal — a No-Fly Zone Asian accord to stop the cabal from entry into Asian countries where their sole intention is for more war and terrorist activities to advance their world hegemony.

The time has come for the catalyst of an Asian No-Fly Zone.  It is a first step toward putting these psychopaths behind bars where they rightfully belong.

Another plan of action that Neil’s announces is the project to expose known criminals and mercenaries by publicizing pictures of their homes and families:  Is this YOUR home and family?  We cannot continue to keep our eyes wide shut; and they can no longer be allowed to hide behind secrecy.  For their crimes, they enjoy a life of luxury that has been built upon the suffering and lives of humanity.  The fathers, mothers, daughters, sons and related family members will be identified for the crimes that they directly or may even indirectly support.  They will be uncovered for who they really are.

Neil is championing our rights every step of the way.  In support, we encourage each of you to step up the plate and take action according to what you are able to do.  The time is now.

“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.” John F. Kennedy


NOTE:  This update was filmed in Bali, Indonesia at the “Hindu Gates,” an entryway to a place of worship and meditation for the Indonesian people.  The setting is quite beautiful, however, because of the background noise, the vocal audio is difficult to hear during the first few minutes of the video, after which it improves.  Listening through headphones is ideal.

Video Highlights:

  • A legal agreement with Russia, China and Asia for a No-Fly Zone over these countries is now in the process of being completed.  This would mean all entry would be barred into these countries by the Western global elite:  Obama, Cheney, Soros, the Bushes, the Rothschilds, and all related members of the cabal.  The No-Fly document will be in the hands of Russia, China and Asia within a few days and will then served on these cabal individuals.
  • In his meetings with various government officials, Neil has put forth the recommendation that if the cabal criminals cannot be kept from entry into these countries, then they need to be arrested upon arrival and charged with their war crimes, terrorist activities, and depopulation crimes against humanity.
  • The Rothschild family has been particularly singled out by Putin as needing to be eliminated, but it cannot go without saying that the Bushes and Rockefellers are equally guilty.
  • Neil emphasizes his support of our readers who have taken the brave action to deal with the UN mercenaries who unlawfully invaded their neighborhood.  The neighborhood’s “Special Force” showed these misplaced soldiers pictures of their own homes and families, after which they left the area.   If our readers have any information and/or pictures of those who need to be exposed for their crimes, or who are unlawfully invading their neighborhood with their armed presence, we encourage you to send it to The Keenan Team.  We will see to it that it gets into the right hands and that the personal details of their lives are exposed for all to see.  This is quid pro quo – they are poisoning and threatening our lives and our families’ lives.  We will use their own tactics against them and bring a halt to their crimes and terror in a peaceful and effective way.
  • Recently members of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) met with the financial controllers in Washington, D.C.   BRICS nations (including China who is a significant stakeholder in the Global Accounts) were actually being conciliatory in their offer to include the West in funding from the Collateral Accounts.  While the Collateral Accounts don’t belong to the West, these greedy criminals had the audacity to decline any agreement whatsoever.
  • The death-knell of the U.S. dollar is happening now.  Russia and China are aggressively by-passing all use of the U.S petro-dollar for trade, and that spells the end of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency and FED domination over the world’s economy.
  • Lawyers specializing in international law are needed.  Please contact The Keenan Team if you are able to contribute your expertise to this effort.
  • For those who question the difference between the cabal and the Dragon Family, be assured that the cabal will never part with a dime to help humanity and have for years consistently stolen from the Dragon Family.  There will be no funds going into individuals’ pockets; the Dragon Family’s intent is to provide funds to establish humanitarian projects, opportunities for humanity to be able to help itself, something that the cabal always has and always will do all in their power prevent.
  • Discussion of the fraudulent Swissindo and OPPT are a complete waste of time.
  • Soros made a brainless statement recently to the U.K. government that if they pulled out the European Union (something that most Brits want), all of the major manufacturing will also be pulled out of England.  This points to the obvious fact that those corporate manufacturers are part of the global elite.  As can be seen in the U.S., during the past 30 years, most of our manufacturers have already moved overseas.  This is all a Rothschild game.
  • It must be remembered that the Ukraine separated from Russia to begin with because Reagan, Mitterrand and Wanta (who is no white-hat), stole funds from the Global Accounts and used them to destroy the Russian ruble.

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5 thoughts on “Neil Keenan Update for April 17th: No-Fly for the Cabal and Quid Pro Quo [video]

  1. Anonymous1313 says:

    This is all fine and dandy about the no fly zone, but is it going to be another one of these cease and desist things and no one gets arrested? Just asking! However, did you people not hear what else Mr. Keenan said in these videos?

    He said that 85% of the Global accounts (If I’m not mistaken, 100% of the Global Accounts is supposed to belong to us, right? Isn’t that what we’ve been told from the very beginning? As it was our money that was ripped off of us by them, including the WDS!) but he’s saying that 85% belongs to the WDS (video 1 approximate 9:00 mark) and the 15% goes to humanitarian projects not in our pockets as we have been told it would (video 2 approximate 2:00 mark) and if you read Zap it’s because they want to continue with their extravagant lifestyle that they’ve become accustomed too (isn’t that nice, hey they still don’t want to live like the slaves that they still continue to think of us as).

    Not only that, do you realize in another of Mr. Keenan’s updates he said that the WDS was not going to use THEIR money to help us out of this mess. But, isn’t their money OUR money? Just sayin’.

    I’m not trying to shoot the messenger, what I’m trying to do is too get you people to wake up to exactly what they are telling you. All of this is supposed to be transparent and it’s not, even Cobra is hobnobbing with a secret dragon society that he claims is not the WDS, but another SECRET dragon society. Remember when Cobra said he wanted to start getting donations, but he only wanted the wealthy people to help him. Well, it looks as if a SECRET DRAGON SOCIETY came through. Cause then all of a sudden all these portals had to be open and he got to travel. Anybody?

    Also, are we really okay with them making decisions/deals with these people for us? I’m serious; they’re making promises to these people that I refuse to let them keep, like saying that they get the “Stay out of Jail free card”, among other things. I didn’t okay it, did you? All of these people have to be taken out of power, it’s that simple, they do not deserve to be kept in power (their actions have spoken and are still speaking LOUDLY!) but they certainly deserve to be incarcerated. Besides, the way they live is not going to be in 5D it’s equality all across the board, they’re only kidding themselves if they think they can keep this type of lifestyle, they think they can prevent our inheritance to 5D consciousness by caving a little and making us believe they’re on our side.

    Do you want to stay in 3D or do you want to move into 5D? The decision is yours, not theirs, but if they’re kept in power it’s going to be the same old thing because they don’t want us to move up to a higher dimension.

    Please, brothers and sisters start paying attention to everything these messengers are saying and you will see that there’s more to it than meets the eye.

    Love and Peace

  2. Spud says:

    We need a no-pass zone of the entire USA to keep Neten-yahoo, Kissinger, and their Israeli bribers out of the WH and Congress. Israel gets $18.5 Millon per DAY in US Foreign Aid ( See Veterans Today site for that report.) They got US into Vietnam, Iraq, Afghansitan, etc.
    Meanwhile it was Bush WH and Silverstein and Israeli Mossad that did 9/11. No Iraqis were ever involved. CIA confrims they did it. See CIA Asset Susan Lindauer pdx 911 Truth on Youtube, or reports on Veterans Today.
    All of Congess knows, and only 2 try to do anything about it. WH and Congress and US News Media are complicit by their silence.

  3. iliad007 says:

    For the Russians it’s payback time. These unwanted No Fly Zone planes, if the cabal is dumb enough to fly there, will be blown up right out of sky. Make sure they get airforce one.

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