The Titanic: Illuminati Insurance Scam Gone Wrong [videos]

As the Truth leaks out about pretty much everything in history, we will see that very little occurred without manipulation and tampering on the part of the dark cabal.

However, the more we draw out the lies and deceit and replace them with Truth, the soul will heal—and there is MUCH healing to be done.

Thank you Richard for this reminder of another major crime on the part of the Illuminati. Perhaps this was the first insurance scam in the playbook—similar to one aspect of 9/11 that many people never dreamed would be perpetrated on such a scale. Duped again. 

No doubt, this is an interesting tale of  what turned out to be an epic murder covered up by a thick blanket of lies and buried at the bottom of a cold, dark sea.  ~ BP

Apart from being the 90th birthday of Sir Neville Marriner, today (April 15th) also marks the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Except it wasn’t the Titanic, it was its sister ship the Olympic, intentionally sunk in an insurance scam. This video tells the story, as does this one from a different perspective.

And JP Morgan was once more in the thick of it – the same JP Morgan who shut down Nikola Tesla and condemned us to 100 years of fossil fuel consumption we didn’t need to go through (of course the global warming scam is OUR fault…).

I share this with you because it illustrates that the hoodwinking of humanity is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it’s been going on for centuries if not millennia. However, it’s been an art form for the last 100+ years. When you consider how much has been written about the sinking of the Titanic and of course the movies, how could it possibly not be true? Because that is how the game is played – and most of us keep falling for it most of the time.

So take a moment to celebrate the sinking of the Olympic in an insurance scam that went wrong. The passengers were not meant to die. They screwed that part up.

Again, don’t expect to hear about this in the mainstream media anytime soon.



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9 thoughts on “The Titanic: Illuminati Insurance Scam Gone Wrong [videos]

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  2. anonymous1313 says:

    Charles and Peter,
    Absolutely, you have all the correct info.


  3. Charles Magus says:


    Things happened exactly the Way the Rothschilds Wanted them to happened. They lied to the Captain of the Titanic who was also a Mason, they told him that they were going to pull a stunt to claim insurance for the Olympic (that the Captain had Damaged on a previous voyge.) and not to worry as there would be a rescue ship close by to rescue all passengers, but this was a lie, there were two ships near the Titanic which was in reality the damaged ship Olympic, but the Rescue ship was behind the other mystery ship that was in front of the Titanic/Olympic.

    The rescue ship was not to rescue the Titanic until it saw a red white and Blue Flares, but the mystery Ship that was inbetween the Rescuse ship and the Titanic/Olympic, saw the red/blue/white flares of the Titanic, but the rescue ship didn’t, the mystery ship sent up only white flares knowing that the rescue ship would see it and not respond.

    When the Captain knew that there was going to be no rescue, he couldn’t live with the guilt of Condemning all those souls to a watery Grave, and that is why he chose to go down with the Ship.

    The Rothschilds Fooled the Captain and the Rescue ship, the plot was carried out for two main reasons, 1 to claim insurance on the Damaged ship the Olympic which was refitted as the Titanic, as it couldn’t get insurance for the damage it had already sustained previously. So they fraudulently claimed all that money by murdering the passengers that died on that ship.

    The 2 reason was that there were 600 industrialist who were opposing legislation that would create the Federal Reserve! So when the Ship was Rigged to Blow, (not hit by Iceberg as such.) the Captain was ordered by the Rothschilds to only allow women and Children to be sent to the life Rafts. The Rothschilds knowing that the 600 Industrialist that opposed the Rothschilds were all men, and as there was never any intention to send a rescue ship to the Titanic/Olympic, most of the male Passengers went down with the ship and the Rothschilds had nobody to oppose their Federal Reserve!

  4. Peter Harvey says:

    Yes – I heard the bankers on board (Guggenheim etc.) who were opposed to the federal reserve scam were meant to die, hence the real reason for the “women and children first” in the inadequate number of lifeboats. Not for chivalry, but to make sure the men did not survive!

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  6. Captain says:

    Same thing with 9/11 in NYC. Silverstein and Rockefeller used Bush WH gang and Israeli Mossad to take down the towers, and cashed in handsomely on the insurance, even tried for millions more last year. WTC was a NY Port Authority property, and somehow Silverstein now controls the entire site.
    See: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer pdx 911 Truth on youtube, or reports on Veterans Today.

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  8. anonymous1313 says:

    Hi BP,
    Actually, some of the passengers were meant to die, because there were a lot of elites who opposed the Federal Reserve idea on board the ship and that’s another reason why it was sunk.


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