Witnesses in Two States Report Golf Ball-size UFO Shooting Laser Beams

Witnesses in Ohio and New Jersey reported a golf ball-sized UFO hovering in the early morning sky that emitted light on April 10, 2014, according to testimony in cases 55339 and 55342 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

At 1:15 a.m. today in Mahoning County, OH, the witness looked out a window facing west and saw what first appeared to be a flickering star in Case 55339.

“I retrieved binoculars and discovered it was golf ball-shaped and flickering different colors hovering in the sky,” the witness stated. “It lasted for about 25 minutes slowly moving west.”

The woman woke up her husband to look at the object.

“While I was trying to find out who to contact, I lost sight of it. My camera would not zoom in close enough to video or capture a photo of it.”

Then one hour and 45 minutes later, at 3 a.m. in Hewitt, NJ, an unrelated witness stepped outside and saw a bright object in the sky in Case 55342.

“It looked liked two things attached to each other, but I thought it was a result of looking through tree branches,” the witness stated.

The witness then went back inside and stepped out onto a second floor outdoor deck with an unobstructed view on the sky.

“I found the object,” the witness stated. “It was high in altitude. It was white-ish, with an orange-ish color. It looked like a baseball on top with a golf ball attached on the bottom. It was not the color of the other stars. It was brighter than any object in the sky. At first I thought it could be a planet, except it had two circular objects connected to each. An airplane flew below it flashing lights, green, red and white.”

The object then began to shoot laser-like beams.

“It shot one, two or three beams at a time. Never more than three at a time, and only from one side at a time. On the left, it shot a 45-degree beam upwards. On the left, it shot two beams making a 90-degree angle; one up, the other down. On the right, it shot a 45-degree angle. On the right it shot two beams making a 90-degree angle. One time it shot three beams with the 90-degree angle and one at the center. The beams/rays were 10-15 times the length of the larger circle.”

After about five minutes, the witness became cold and went inside.

“The object looked liked it was over Waywayanda State Park/Clinton Reservoir. This is the first time in 48 years I can say I have seen a UFO. I was a NYC Protestant minister for five years. I have been a NYC teacher for 14 years and I swear this is what I saw.”

Mahoning County, OH, has a population of 238,823. Hewitt is an unincorporated community within West Milford in Passaic County, NJ, population 7,639. Ohio and New Jersey MUFON are investigating.



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