Mica Update for April 13th: Whew!

Mica 14 weeks ring chew

Mica, April 9th

The 13th is a lucky day!

Thank you everyone for the beautiful love energies and sentiments that certainly have helped heal the situation. We three thank you most heartily.

Mica did well overnight; slept, ate, drank, walked around and wagged his tail at the doctors and techs—a far cry from the condition he was in when I left him at 4:00 yesterday.

He is still extremely swollen, as you may imagine from the photos, but on minimal pain meds.

I can pick him up at 8 tonight, and they will apply a Fentanyl patch to dispense the equivalent pain management he’s been getting via IV.

I have just two main concerns now. One is the possible scar he may have on his perfect little nose, and the psychological scar he may have that I hope will not prevent him from enjoying happy times on his patio as he has been.

I find it ironic that I’ve had two Goldens in less than four months with swollen faces and I’ve never seen a dog with a swollen face before—ever.

Mica 062Throughout this process I’ve learned a little about snakes from several sources that I can apply toward averting a repeat crisis while we are living here.

We can:

  • eliminate the watering saucer on the ground which attracts mice, which attracts snakes. We find dead mice in the pool frequently, but since they’re dead, they leave no more trails.
  • load traps to catch the field mice and pack rats so the snakes aren’t drawn to follow their trails into our yard.
  • lay rope around the property, particularly around ingress and egress areas to the back yard. Apparently snakes won’t cross  a rope.
  • mothballs were also named but I think I’d rather avoid the chemicals.
  • add chicken wire to the bottom of our gates so the snakes cannot pass.
  • take more care to watch for snakes before we venture forth, esp. during their mating season.
  • get us a king snake to eat the rattlers!

If you didn’t see the following comment below my last Mica Update, I wanted to share it as it resonated strongly with me and may also with you. It pertains to the current energies of the Cardinal Grand Cross and it’s bearing on our lives just now. Thank you Dimitra M.N.  ~ BP

‘The powerful energetic effects of the astrological grand cross are becoming more and more exact these days. We are all getting hit with them and they are zeroing in right where it hurts the most. In this way, we won’t fail to make the necessary changes in our lives that need to be made at this time.

I urge you to go with the flow of your understanding in this matter — if moving away from your present location is your instinctive interpretation of these painful events, then that is the inclination you ought to follow.

Remember this, it is your correct assessment and understanding of what’s transpired, and your subsequent intentions and actions, that are the real antidote to the long-term healing process for Mica.

We may think that the changes we make in our personal life, however life changing they may be for us, cannot possibly change the world around us, and yet, while we cannot see it or even imagine it, it really does. Much Love from me as you flow through the changes that have come a-calling on you. Be the change the world needs by taking a significant stand from your “small neck of the woods”.’


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14 thoughts on “Mica Update for April 13th: Whew!

  1. carologwin0@windstream.net says:

    Hi, watch flower pots also. I got it last spring by timber rattler baby in a potted plant when I reached in to pull off dead leaves. Give your buddy hug from all of us. Glad he’ll be ok. have a great week and watch where ya step. C. O’Gw

  2. BJ says:

    I sent prayers for Mica several times last night and knew in my heart he’d pull through. I had an infestation of rats once (3 generations/a dozen or so) that were attracted to birdseed under the feeders and moved in under my shed. After relocating one, and then a squirrel was severely hurt in a cage and I did Reiki and called in Saint Francis, AA Ariel, Pan and the Elementals to heal it….I was instructed by an animal communicator to talk to them in my mind and and set the rules if they still wanted to live here. I asked them to move elsewhere, but was open for them to stay only if they didn’t hurt my guests or animals or destroy property and stayed out of my view. It worked, one by one, quickly they disappeared and I only saw tracks in the snow or heard rustling in the leaves until the very last one left. (I was kinda sad when the last one left and knew it was alone, due to tracks in snow through the following spring). Believe it or not, I sent them Love often. Also, there are plug-in’s of a type of sound emission that doesn’t affect my dogs, birds or the squirrels that might work (it works for mice)…or something on that order. As well, do the tame things you are already looking at doing. Many blessings to you all!

  3. Kris says:

    We’ve been holding precious Mica in golden healing light since your first post. You too — as it’s never easy watching those we love suffer. This is just wonderful news. Blessings all around! And thanks for the good snake-deterrent advice!

  4. Dee says:

    Oh I am so happy that Mica is feeling better! I was so sad for him and for you yesterday but I prayed that all would be well and just held a positive vibe that all would work out Thank you for the update, I am quite relieved as I’m sure, in your case, is an understatement. Blessings to you all. xoxo

  5. Charlotte porterfield says:

    I want you to know, it took much love and energy from your followers to bring Mica through the darkness. Mica is special, there was help from your beloved companion who passed before. Again, thank you for sharing this special journey with me. I am grateful for all your sharing. Charlotte

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Dianne says:

    So, so happy to hear your good news! The love and support for you and Mica have been so inspiring, so wonderful, I had no doubt that Mica would pull through with flying colours! Peace, Dianne

  7. Kat says:

    Didn’t comment yesterday, but I was sending LOVELOVELOVE and HEALING BLESSINGS to your adorable little guy! So happy to hear he’s on the mend…God bless you all, LOVE, Kat

  8. Landofmind says:

    Glad you updated me on the condition. I am a owner of “Liberty Kennels”. I raise Labrador’s and beleive me I felt your pain! Beautiful pup. Our snakes here are basically harmless. Keep me updated if you would and perhaps we can exchange photo’s some time of our family. I have Nitro, Rocket, Pepper Spray, Misshot, Missdaisy, Thunder, all of Champion breed. Stand Strong, Landofmind

  9. An idea is to walk around the perimeter of the yard and ask all the snakes to not come in, but to stay on the outside. Work with nature, ask for their cooperation. All is one.

  10. Julia says:

    Mica is a very lucky dog. I am so glad he is doing well.

  11. Karrie says:

    Oh I am so pleased to see Mica doing so well…my heart was so sad yesterday when I read your post. Deep down I felt that all would be okay as I knew with a beautiful heart like yours you wouldn’t be put through a second heartbreak.

    Love and Light from my Heart to Yours
    And a big snuggles for Mica when he is up to it. ❤

  12. Beverly Moyers says:

    I get your articles and really enjoy them….so sorry about Mica but he will be okay…and I think the place on his nose will hardly be noticeable. Blessings! Bev.

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