Land Rights!

I didn’t get to this earlier (nice one, Drake), but I believe it is suitable punctuation for the “Tortoise Territory Failed Land Grab” story at the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Of course, it was never really about the preservation of an endangered habitat for the amazing desert tortoise! The feds certainly are creative, though, aren’t they? Some say Senator Harry Reid was at the root. It matters not.

There are those who feel it was a setup for a false flag event that went badly for the dark cabal. They lit the fuse but it just… fizzled… out… and no amount of blustery wind could fan the flames into a violent rebellion. Some may claim the patriots peed on it.  The cabal minions just can’t catch a break, poor things.

I think it’s safe to say that the event shone a glaring spotlight on the oppressive federal government and their illegal shenanigans; that sufficient numbers of The People of America are stirring enough from their slumber to recognize a con when they see one and are ready to UNITE! and stand their ground to protect their sovereign rights and their Republic.

It seems to have urged many to give pause and consider that perhaps there IS something simmering beneath the surface that needs their attention and cannot be put off until tomorrow; that perhaps it’s not just conspiracy theory. Now we, the alternative media, have more of the public’s attention.

They are realizing that they’ve been conditioned to accept authority unquestioningly and that they are not ready to be trick ponies, kowtowing to arrogant, bully trainers.

Calling your congressman hasn’t worked, has it? Hell NO.  So it’s time to take it to the next level.

It’s quite a switch to see The People drawing a line in the sand and giving the government goons the ultimatums, isn’t it?

I get the feeling that Sheriff Gillespie may have needed the support of a couple of other sheriffs, including Arizona and Utah, to hitch up his britches and do his job without fear of repercussions from the feds.

This is the wild west, y’all, and we don’t take no manure from the suits in Washington, so quit yer jawin’ and git movin’. Take advantage of this momentum. The tug of war is progressing in our favour since this conflict in Nevada.

Best of all, the standoff ended PEACEFULLY! Oh, joy! It CAN be done, because we are DONE with violence and bloodshed. We are better than that. The new energies support our worldwide actions to demand our rights be honoured.

The corrupt feds are now realizing that the 1 per cent are no match for 99 per cent—The Awakened Ones. They’re doing the math and are slinking off to lick their wounds and cook up their next devious plan—or perhaps to plan their pity party. Regardless, we must be ever watchful—but with a smug smile, yes? 

If Americans get their poop in a group, ‘Operation American Spring’ could be a jubilant celebration as well as a grass roots protest.  ~ BP

Land Rights!

by Drake

This is info has been sent to Fox News twice now. Pay attention, please.

This type of dispute was settled in The Supreme Court. It is called N.E.S.A.R.A.

The majority of the case was sealed, thus making it difficult to access.The basic ruling states that the fed has no right to try taking grandfathered land rights, charge any fees, and offer any interference to ranching or farming on public lands by changing the rules.

Due to the inability of the fed to pay the damages involved, this becomes a part of rulings that are considered ‘sensitive’ to the fed.

I hope, that Fox News will do its due diligence, and research this subject.

These are well known ‘facts’ of legal standing for everyone who uses any ‘public’ land.

Very few have any idea as to the growing problems dealing with ‘Land Rights’. You must be aware of the fact that, no matter your location, type of land you ‘own’, the fed supposedly has the ‘right’ to take your land from you.

This is a ‘taking without due process or just compensation’. Excuses vary from ‘urban renewal’ and the use of Imminent Domain, to Public Land that only the fed has any rights to’. ‘Environmental Protection’ and its Agency, is NOT designed to protect the land or environment, rather to protect the ‘ownership rights’ of the federal government.

In many cases, the fed has tried to assert ‘control’ over the ‘rights’ of those owning and living in protected areas. Some of the fed actions were stood down by armed citizens, siding with local Sheriffs, and offering jail time for violating owners land rights, or to leave.

All of the feds left.

The standoff between the armed federal forces and We The People has begun to take on the last dimension.

Because there is no real ‘justice’ for the average person, The People have found no alternative other than to meet force with force.
The continued violations of The Constitutional Rights has become ‘standard operating procedure’ for the federal government.

Because there is no recourse or justice, except the exercise of force, no alternatives are left.

The Declaration of Independence states very clearly, that an oppressive Government is to be thrown off by We The People.

Understand that the fed has been squeezing people harder and harder over the years.

Due to this unrelenting destruction of the ‘Rights’ of the people, the frustration has grown and is now beginning to show itself in the form of armed resistance.

I hope that the publicity of this ‘incident’ will bring awareness to a majority of the people of our great nation.

Yes a lot of things look like some sort of nut case conspiracy theories, I don’t deny that. What I am trying to point out is that, those who are supposed to represent the people, have decided to violate their Oath of Office, our Constitutional Rights, and do so for
personal profit.

I strongly suggest that everyone who is interested in preserving your freedoms, to join the protests on the side of this rancher.

It is time to get up off the couch and stand for freedom from this tyranny.

Thank you,

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  1. Jamie says:

    Does Bundy have any legal justification for illegally grazing his cattle on someone elses land? No

  2. […] Land Rights!. […]

  3. By Clint Richardson:
    A basic tenet of the implementation of United Nation’s (Agenda 21) world-wide program entitled “Sustainable Development” is to replace the many declarations of rights and privileges called “constitutions” of the many countries with one global charter. This constitution of the Earth, called the ‘Declaration of Human Rights”, has one very important distinction between itself and that of the U.S. Constitution: the critical altering of individual rights so that the good of the collective people and the state have absolute rights over the individual people. In essence, the concept of natural or God-given rights are erased within this global charter.

    In essence, the rights of the people to have private property must be eroded or stripped, making all ownership of any property a part of the “community”. Only then can the global Agenda 21 Sustainable Development take a root where once there was individual rights and property. And only by making private property into public (community) property, can the State and local governments justify the legal theft of that property in the name of the people.

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    This is love in action. The dark can no longer stand, the light is shining brightly and showing the actions of the dark which leave when shown love, light, peace. Do all of what you do in love not violence, what you do attracts more of the same. Let us live in love, peace, harmony and joy. Time for the new earth of peace, harmony, unity and joy.

  5. Captain says:

    “”Update sent to me by friend Ken Hildebrant (running for US Congress/Virginia) -…”

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