More Disclosure of our Extraterrestrial Families [video]

For the benefit of new seekers of Truth…

Cobra, in his interview with Alexandra Meadors on April 8th, said the second aspect of our thrust for disclosure (he has already provided information and taken action to release free energy with the overunity Quantum Generator) is to rapidly and in a big way, let those members of society who don’t already realize it, that our Galactic friends are here… always HAVE been here—watching out for us and stepping in where warranted without interfering too much—and it’s nearly time for us to reunite.

I’ve posted plenty of UFO videos on this blog. Not all of them were authentic, but some were.

Earthlings are going to have to accept that they have been lied to about UFOs and get over it. We are sailing around the cosmos with countless other intelligent life forms. When I heard what has happened to us on this planet I didn’t feel very intelligent, but apparently we are pretty special. 

There are millions of cloaked craft above our heads every moment keeping watch over us.  Some ETs look just like us, others are very different and not “humanoid” at all. It’s really colourful out there. Soon we will be meeting other members of the benevolent star nations right here on the surface of the planet.

Without them, we and our planet would probably not still be here, but we are considered worth saving and for that I am grateful.

They will correct our history for us, isolate the lies and help us assimilate our origins as well as help us do remedial work to reverse the desecration of Earth. 

It sounds bizarre to the uninitiated, but it’s true, so saddle up the spaceship of your mind and get ready to soar through the cosmos with your galactic families. Soon we will be exploring the stars on a regular basis, not to mention enjoying all the sensational technologies kept from us all these centuries. Anything you saw on Star Trek is a reality we will soon witness for ourselves, and much more.

Most importantly, the Galactics are assisting the good people of Starship Earth to rid the planet of the evil cabal who are deeply entrenched in many countries of the world. Our star brethren will set us free. We could not have done it ourselves as we have no idea what happened and have no technologies to undo what has been done to us. Did you know you are a GMO? A genetically modified organism? Well, you are.

This video contains fabulous footage from 1987 by a contactee. Thanks to Third Phase of Moon and for sharing. Wow. I can’t wait to get MY saucer!!! Wanna race? 

Oh, BTW, Cobra also confirmed that the monstrous cigar-shaped craft seen by thousands over the Ukraine on March 8th WAS a galactic craft, not a New World Order secret weapon, LOL. 

My birthday was an interesting day: spaceships appearing and airliners DISappearing. And I thought it was all about me.  Hmmmm…  ~ BP

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11 thoughts on “More Disclosure of our Extraterrestrial Families [video]

  1. I am so happy now! Yes we did it! And my difficult and my dangerous journey is whole clearly! Now its gonna be much easier! Blessings to all of YOU!

  2. Mary says:

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  3. fw io says:

    Cobra has nothing to do with the QEG. All credits belong to Hope girl.

    • FW io, Cobra’s Resistance team met with Ben Fulford and they will provide Fulford with a generator to try. He said if it powers his home, he’ll take it to Japanese mfg. to mass produce. Yes, Hope Girl got the project going. Cobra is doing what the Resistance Movement suggested he do to move things forward even faster.

  4. John Stevens says:

    I sure wish my dang sound works, dang it! TY kindly Cheers

  5. hollywoodtac says:

    Yay,are all the evil reptilians and grays off planet yet ?

    • My understanding, Hollywood, is that the negative ETs are all gone and prevented from coming to Earth. Now we have to deal with the reptilian hybrids—the cabal who have bred here.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nice to no,you can see the reptilian hybrid on the news,there slit eye’s,I bumped into a few of them in person,there must be a lot of hybrids on this planet.

  6. Jon Martin says:

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