The World Against the Feds at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada

You can’t hang out on the ‘net without seeing updates on this story with plenty of commentary and videos, some of which you can access via the hyperlinks, below—but seriously—a tank?! Snipers? WTH?

It’s Agenda 21 in action. If the federal government had their way, they would be telling us where we can live, play, work, and we would have no say whatsoever in anything.

The Southern Nevada militia has mobilized to stand by Bundy and his family.

Governor Sandoval has spoken about it—but done nothing.

The next governor of Nevada, David Lory Vanderbeek says on Facebook, “I’ve contacted the family and asked them how I can support them. They will get back to me. I’m not going to politically ‘grand stand’ using their suffering.”

Sheriff Gillespie of Clark County has told Bundy he should get a good lawyer, and ‘Constitutional Sheriff’, Richard Mack says Gillespie has no clue what he’s doing and should be over there protecting his people from the lawless feds terrorizing the rancher.

Sheriff Mack himself is going to Nevada to support the Bundy family. Impressive.

Even Anonymous is in on it.

For anyone wishing to go to the Nevada ranch in support, there are specific instructions on what to do/not do, wear, etc. on Ben Swann’s web site. Please be sure to comply.

It really IS looking like the next Ruby Ridge—but please let it have a better ending.

If you don’t know about Ruby Ridge, I posted the video several months ago. It’s a dramatic story and hard to believe, but this is the way the New World Order is whipping us into shape; making us submissive, stripping us of our rights and wanting us to live in fear.

The Constitution means nothing unless The People and the law enforcement officers who took an oath to honour it, enforce it to the death, if necessary.

So many Americans are being tested these days. It’s painful to watch, but one thing is certain; there are enough awake and aware people now, and enough ‘Constitutional Sheriffs’ that the terrorist feds will ultimately be disemboweled. Shark bait.

You may also have heard about the 250 drivers UPS (United Parcel Service) fired for standing up in protest over a co-worker who was illegitimately fired. Somehow the “brown truck” isn’t doing it for me any more. Very bad PR.

So many people called (2500+) the CEO of UPS and signed the petition (105,000) that they relented and gave the drivers their jobs back, as well as the original driver they were supporting. Corporations are not going to be allowed to run roughshod over sovereign citizens. Human rights matter.

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear of another victory for The People somewhere in the world who took on the cabal and their lackeys and won.

It may seem like nothing is happening out there, but people really are waking up and taking action to retain their unalienable rights.

Let’s hope the protest scheduled for May 16th in Washington, DC—codename “Operation American Spring” —will be a success and send a message to the USA Corporation that The People of the Republic aren’t going to take their crap any more.

For that operation to be successful, however, there will have to be a helluva lot of people there, and it must not escalate into violence. That would be devastating. We just can’t risk it. It will be very interesting to see what comes of that demonstration with such specific objectives. Are there enough awake Americans to pull it off?


Best of luck to anyone fighting a battle with the feds, and as Sheriff Mack says, “May cool heads prevail.”


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21 thoughts on “The World Against the Feds at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada

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  2. The REAL Truth Behind Bundy Ranch Land-Grab in Nevada
    The role of the BLM is to secure this land for corporate interests and ultimately Agenda 21 initiatives in conjunction with “other federal, state and local agencies.”

    • While that may be true, Doreen, they do not have the gun-toting authority they’d like us to think they do. BLM, TSA, Park Rangers—they are not law enforcement. They’re watchdogs. The county Sheriff should be involved and resolving this peaceably. Since Gillespie’s not so inclined, other sheriffs feel obliged so support the family. Everything is upside-down, back-to-front, and inside out and most people don’t seem to realize it yet. This sort of confrontation is what it will take to wake people up enough to get them on their feet and DOING something.

  3. Doug hampton says:

    If we the people can’t make it to Nevada it would be good if the people swarmed their own county court house and wave the flag or signs of your own making. Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Doug, that’s a hell of an idea.

    • Landofmind says:

      May take a moment, alot on my mind. Even if the Reids we’re behind this deal with China who gave them the order ?. Obama Cairo Speech 2008, “The Sweetest Sound i know is a Muslim call to prayer”. United Nations Speech 2012,”The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam”. Obamas Book-Audio City of Hope, “I will stand with the Muslims should the Political Winds shift”. We are not just dealing with 200 agents but a Commie Dic-tator is my point. We are getting ready today to head for Bundy Ranch in the morning.

      • There’s some crazy stuff out there on the Internet, Landofmind. Now they’re saying that the Bundy family is part of the Illuminati bloodline. What next?

      • Landofmind says:

        “FIGHT”Better to die defending then to die talking about it. Look, I don’t even know how my Roots got to the Hills of Kentucky. After the wars my father went through and a coal mine job he moved to Ohio for work. God and Family was his rule and thats my rule. The Constitution was built around the Book and I will die to defend the Book. You we’re born to die and I chose Gods way of living before I go. Illuminati accusations was brought to my attention yesturday and I decided not to let it get in the way of the Constitution being wiped out by a more serious motivation at hand. May16 is on my mind as I will be in DC but I was planning on going to the Bundy Ranch in the morning. Now we may not have to. Money is very tight for these events but so far God has been good. Two days ago I could not have went. The only game plan I have is to stay strong.

  4. Landofmind says:

    I checked out of Facebook sometime ago because of disinfo. I use Twitter and have profiled every fallow and fallower so I am getting better at being safer! You are more than welcome to use my materials or send info to me on Twitter. I Thank you for covering the Bundy situation to it’s fullest.

  5. Charles Magus says:

    don’t Trust Anonymous! They are a CIA Created body to Destroy internet freedoms by carrying out illegal activities so that Government can created laws to Censor and control the internet because of the Crimes that Anonymous did.

    • Last I heard, Charles, Anonymous comprises positive military and other white knights. I heard what you said as it was going around the Internet but I don’t believe it’s true. I think it was disinfo to discredit them.

  6. Landofmind says:

    DRJ, Finances have been a set back for many of us Patriots. I can tell you that they’ll be a time when you won’t want to be there unarmed! Sooner or later the Drones and B.Hawks will take the sky. I do fear this will happen.

    • No need to fear, landofmind. The federal government is already in the process of being dismantled by the Resistance Movement. We’re nearly there… but we need as many as possible to wake up now and do what they can.

      • Landofmind says:

        Glad to hear this and I’m very grateful for the 2nd Amendment Brothers and Sisters. We’ve been on Twitter and it is blazing with this 1st Amendment stomping the Government has tried. God Bless

  7. DRJ says:


  8. Landofmind says:

    We need a safe Constitutional victory at the Bundy ranch. Yes I will be in Washington on May 16 to replace alot of seats and then to replace bias media.


    UN Agenda 21 masked as Sustainable Development is a worldwide action plan, to inventory, and control, all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world. Rosa Koire.

    • Landofmind says:

      Most Wars are generated for “depopulation” and thats a painful reality. What is more painful is the fact that our own nation leaders are leading us down this global path of no return. The U.N. I suspect is behind this move because they are in control of millions of acres in the West such as Yellow Stone Park, Everglades National Park, Grand Canyon, Smokies, ect. Link this, grab that, build here, destroy that is Agenda 21. It’s only a matter of time before slaughter begins. Blood and gutts built the land that the Bundy’s are fighting to keep. They have no choice but to stand as it’s not in thier blood line to throw out the white flag. God Bless them.

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