Disappearing Planes are Nothing New to the Playbook: Korea Air Flight 007 [video]

I hope the more resistant people are beginning to get the picture. The events unfolding on our planet are not new—we’re just waking up and seeing them for the first time for what they are.

The same old tricks that worked to further the agenda in the past are used again and again—because they work SO WELL!

Hand-in-hand with their trusty lamestream media, they got away with murder,  so it their sly little tactic goes in the playbook as a potential strategy to be used again as it suits them.

Here’s the tale of Korea Air Flight 007. See any similarities to Malaysian Flight 370?  Still think the plane is “lost”? That they can’t find it? That they don’t know where to look? 

You may come to the realization that virtually NOTHING that happens on Earth is by chance. And you would be right.  ~ BP


From BrasscheckTV:


Flying the Unfriendly Skies

They wouldn’t kill a plane full of people just to achieve some subterranean agenda, would they?

Oh yes they would. And they like doing it in Asia.

The story of Korea Flight 007.

*   *   *

The untold story of the Korea 007 shoot down…
Another Oliver North production?

It was a massive shock when it happened and could have easily led to war.

Fortunately, it didn’t.

Unfortunately for the passengers of Korea Air 007, it was their last flight and their last day on earth.

What really happened?

It’s not a mystery, but the US news media did a good job – as they always do – of making it into one.

Here’s what you were never told…


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3 thoughts on “Disappearing Planes are Nothing New to the Playbook: Korea Air Flight 007 [video]

  1. Jim Murphy says:

    People need to do some thinking outside the box. Is it coincidental that Edward Snowden, fleeing the wrath of the CIA-NSA, took a flight to China? Isn’t it true that, at the time of Snowden’s “defection,” there was talk at the highest US levels of government of putting a price on Snowden’s head or quickly “taking him out”? What if the CIA-NSA had a plan in place to destroy Snowden by shooting down or otherwise commandeering the plane he was on going to China, but the plan was called off at the last moment? Called off maybe because of Chinese assurances to return Snowden to the US? But in the process the CIA-NSA “got burned” when the Chinese let Snowden pass on to Russia? Is Flight 370 a “deja vu” of the original plan to get rid of Snowden? Don’t forget, there’s now a protocol out there to shoot down a hijacked airliner, even without a specific order from the President, if it is headed for Washington. Why not another step, a protocol to shoot down an airliner if there is aboard another “Snowden,” this time in the person of a high-placed Chinese technician passenger whose information would dwarf that of Snowden, who supposedly did more harm to the US than all previous spies or traitors, if you believe the government. Think about it, and always keep in mind that those highest in the government must have “total denyability” and don’t want to know about “wet operations.”

  2. Wanderer says:


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