Cobra March Update with Alexandra Meadors for April 8, 2014 [audio, video, transcript]

Thanks to Kauilapele for his usual stellar work on the audios! We appreciate you. And thank you to Cobra and Alexandra for your efforsts to keep us apprised of what’s REALLY going on with Starship Earth and her people.  I’m listening now…  ~ BP

Cobra Interview with Alexandra Meadors 4-8-14…MP3s

alexandra_meadors_cobra_interview_140204_video_snip_4These are mp3s created from the original (available here, for those who would like to download the raw mp3). There are three parts here, and one more, after Cobra left the interview, which Alexandra calls “Roundtable”, with two other guests.

The Cobra interview begins at about 3:30 after brief introduction from Alexandra.

These mp3s have been volume leveled and boosted.

MP3s (~25 min., 11 MB each part)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Complete interview (75 min., 34 MB)

Post interview Roundtable

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5 thoughts on “Cobra March Update with Alexandra Meadors for April 8, 2014 [audio, video, transcript]

  1. Wanderer says:

    Every single person on this earth channels information from the source. We have all done without even realizing we’ve done it. We may call it intuition, gut feelings, instinct or what have you, but we all do it. Some conciously but most unconsciously. We would never last very long in these bodies if that weren’t the case. The separate self is a perspective of the whole, not cut off from it. The problem lies in the contamination of our personal egoic filters. One must be awake to the true nature of their identity, which is divine oneness. When one is awake and remembers, the channel is clear. When one is not awake, the channel is not clear and the info is, or can become distorted through the channels filter, or ego if you like. As for the bit about all channeling deriving from sattelite? That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard in regard to the subject.

  2. Bunte Bluemchen says:

    Stewart Swerdlow, Mind control survivor, states quite clearly that all channeling comes from satellite. Sorry to burst your bubble. Kind regards. Blue

    • To believe that any one source has all the right answers and the unarguable truth is probably not very discerning. Even Cobra encourages us to develop our discernment. We all get to believe what and who we choose, of course, and to decide who is an “expert”.

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