Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret with an Update on Malaysian Flight 370 — Part 1 [video]

This video is a followup to Leuren’s first delivery on the fate of Flight 370, and after listening to the whole thing tonight, I can say there’s a lot of solid intel and research packed into this video. It’s well worth a listen if you are serious about learning the truth about what happened.

Leuren also prepared a 15-page document you can access via the hyperlink below.

Part 2 of the interview will be uploaded on April 17th. 

I met with a Cobra ‘Prepare for Change’ friend again yesterday and we agreed that the false flags we discussed as examples all had multi-pronged agendas—never just one. Leuren says this one met 5 NWO objectives. 

If we think in terms of just one reason why they pulled off 9/11 or the Boston Bombing or Sandy Hook, we’re missing several pieces of the puzzle and won’t see the big picture.  It’s interesting to sit down and try to come up with as many payoffs as possible for each event to get a feel for just how much planning goes into these psyops; just how much they had to gain. 

The stakes are even higher as the big players are now engaged, but I’m sure there are still people out there saying, “Oh, the government would never do that. I’m not listening to those conspiracy theorists.” 

For those who refuse to wake up on their own, they’ll be awakened forcibly.  Every time they stick their head back in the sand, they’re getting closer to a land mine.  ~ BP


US Shot Down Flight 370 Over Singapore Airspace

Published on 9 Apr 2014


Part 1 – Leuren Moret: Confirmed — MH370 shot down by US over Singapore airspace as UK Inmarsat leads 30 day false flag psyop for 5 NWO objectives [READ FULL ARTICLE]…


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10 thoughts on “Alfred Webre & Leuren Moret with an Update on Malaysian Flight 370 — Part 1 [video]

  1. marco zonka says:

    Reblogged this on Marco Zonka "Portals of Portent" and commented:
    Eco-Activist and Nuclear-Geopolitical expert Leuren Moret holds forth about Malaysian Flight 370, and the wider objectives being served by yet another well-orchestrated “false flag” event:

  2. James says:

    @2012thebigpicture, yes, you are right, I am a BIG, BIG, BIG cobra fan!! I have seen sooo many fakes come and go over the years, so I know the true deal when I see it. How long have I paid my spiritual dues following the TRUTH? Practically thirty years… So, I’m sorry if I came on a bit too strong with my objections. Of course, you have the right to question the statements of Cobra. But, I think you should make it more clear in your posts that “Now I don’t agree with Cobra”. That way there is no confusion. And, I am sorry but I thought I was civil and respectful in my disagreement. I am not going to be wishy washy, but I am going to tell you directly what I think. You can not post my comments if you wish- this is your blog.

    • James, it’s not that I ‘disagree’ with Cobra—only that I reserve the right to share a wide variety of possibilities with my readers. I don’t feel the need to decide on the spot that everything is one way or another. I like to chew the cud, see what arises and get a feeling for things. We will all learn in due time what is true.

      I was referring to a comment you made awhile back wherein you called Schauminator a “troll”. ;0)

  3. James says:

    @2012thebigpicture, regarding the plane, there is absolutely no evidence of anything. No evidence it crashed; no evidence it was shot down; no evidence it was hijacked; and no evidence it was whisked away by UFOs. In that type of instance, your “discernment” should be to listen to someone who has believably higher sources of information. Discernment isn’t a “guessing game”, it is using ALL available resources to make a decision. You are under no obligation to believe everything Cobra says. But unless I see SPECIFIC evidence that contradicts what he says, then his information is the best so far.

    • James, I can see you’re a devout Cobra fan, and I appreciate Cobra’s information as well, HOWEVER, it doesn’t mean I close my mind and cease to look at the other ideas and evidence people offer up for consideration. That’s what free will is all about, and there are no “SHOULDS”. We each choose how to explore, collect and contemplate information. There is no right or wrong. Only I decide how my discernment operates. You are absolutely correct that there is no evidence that we KNOW of, and therefore there is no way to say if Cobra or anyone else are correct or not. We’ll just have to wait and see.
      I would ask that you be civil and respectful if you want to share your comments. Otherwise I will not be able to post them.

  4. James says:

    @2012thebigpicture, it’s amazing to me how a blog could constantly be saying, “Cobra says this” and “Cobra says that” but when it comes to good specific intel that Cobra says, he must be wrong. I call that hypocritical and two-faced.
    @schauminator, it is obvious that you are a paid, government troll. You should switch sides before it is too late.

    • James, I do take most of what Cobra says because it feels right. I keep an open mind and decide what to take and what to leave. That is the discernment Cobra encourages us to use.

  5. schauminator says:

    There are way too many civilian workers on the island to risk that. When I worked on the island we had Satellite phones meaning someone would have made a call home or to a news source. I know I would have.
    Maybe hijacked but not to DG

  6. James says:

    The plane wasn’t shot down, it was hijacked and taken to Diego Garcia Military Base as Cobra said in his interview and wrote on his blog.

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