Cobra Update for April 8, 2014: End of Petrodollar, Overunity and The Event

Thank you, Cobra.

If you thirst for more, read the comments and Cobra’s responses at the 2012 Portal blog and hopefully we will soon have the March update from Cobra and Alexandra Meadors at Galactic Connection for more details.  

Also see Cobra’s post about the weekly Liberation Meditations on Sundays. ~ BP

Nixon has decoupled US Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 and this has opened the way for Kissinger to create the petrodollar. This system has been working effortlessly to support the Cabal for many decades but now we are entering a period of tectonic geopolitical changes which old Cabal strategists such as Kissinger will be unable to handle.

The Eastern Alliance is now working full speed to accelerate the end of petrodollar system:

When Cabalists react, people from the Eastern Alliance kindly advise them to relax and do some yoga:

Eastern Alliance will not build the new financial system on oil, but will back it up with gold instead.

Current release of overunity free energy devices will accelerate the disintegration of petrodollar system. High level officials of BRICS nations are actively supporting the introduction of free energy to humanity and will adjust the development of the new financial system accordingly, so petroyuan as the basis of the new financial system is not an option.

Petrodollar system was only working because the Negative Military was supporting it with US military expansionism:

There is a very secret negative group, codenamed Chimera, within the Negative Military which has come from Orion and has infiltrated militaries of all major nations during and after the Congo Archon invasion in 1996. This group secretly controls the vast majority of military bases around the world, many of those bases belonging to the US military:

It is interesting to note that ALF Cabaniss military base is constructed in the shape of Chi Rho, the symbol of Constantine the Great, the Archon who created the Christian cult:

The Chimera group has enforced secret agreements upon leaders of all national militaries worldwide to suppress and erase all traces of benevolent extraterrestrial contact:

They are in contact with the main Archon and are heavily linked to the Jesuits and the NSA. They successfully infiltrated their agents in groups such as Corteum and the Labyrinth group.

Through the main Archon, they have limited access to the Archons on the etheric plane. Those etheric Archons enforce soul agreements on the members of the Cabal, forcing them to obey the Chimera group. If a certain member of the Cabal is removed, the etheric Archons simply find another host and enforce binding soul agreement upon him.

In the past, a certain positive group has engaged long range shooters to remove certain members of the Cabal and they were not successful, because those Cabal members simply returned to the physical plane in a new cloned body which was already prepared for them in a military base under surveillance of the Chimera group. After 2004 all those clones have been destroyed by the Resistance and now long range shooters of the aforementioned positive group would be much more successful in eliminating individual members of the Cabal and no amount of Blackwater/Academi bodyguards would be able to protect them.

The Chimera group has put physical strangelet bombs inside most of US military bases and some military bases of other nations and these bombs form the main line of defense against the advance of Galactic Confederation and Resistance Movement forces towards the surface of this planet.

They have also created a planetary network of plasma scalar devices. This network is being operated from the military bases and encompasses the whole planet. Plasma is the fourth aggregate state of matter after solid, liquid and gaseous and is in fact the connecting link between physical and etheric matter. Plasma scalar devices can thus influence our physical bodies and the Chimera Group uses these devices to attack Lightwarriors and Lightworkers by influencing their body functions, disturbing breathing and heart pulse. They also use plasma scalar lasers to project thoughtforms into minds of Lightworkers, plasma infrasound to lower the frequency of auric membrane of Lightworkers and plasma ultrasound devices as ultimate spying and surveillance machine. The Resistance is already removing these plasma scalar devices with full speed.

There is a silent full scale war ongoing between the Positive Military and the Chimera group worldwide.

Current hijacking of the MH 370 flight to Diego Garcia was an act of war of the Chimera group, Diego Garcia military base being one of their main strongholds:

When this war is over and the Chimera defeated, we will have perfect conditions for the Event.


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3 thoughts on “Cobra Update for April 8, 2014: End of Petrodollar, Overunity and The Event

  1. Wanderer says:

    OK. This ended up being a great article for me. It spurred me to delve into the esoteric system, or what used to seem esoteric to me in my younger days. Now I get it, and everybody who doesn’t know just what the petrodollar system is and what it entails, owes it to themselves to find out. You will understand just how truly worthless fiat money is. What a scam tricky Dick and Kissinger pulled off. I’m ashamed I didn’t educate myself on the petrodollar sooner… but I still can’t wait to be free of money, period. It is the hallmark of an unenlightened society with no sense of connection to anything other than the ego… the illusion of the separate self.

  2. Wanderer says:

    “Police” from Kiev were dispatched to eastern Ukraian were unable to understand the protesters “when addressed in either Ukranian or Russian”. Jesus, you can’t make this stuff up. The US/EU corporate fascists are too damn cheap to buy Rosetta Stone for their mercenaries. Company of 300? 300 what? Jack-booted circus clowns…ROFLMAO

  3. Darren says:

    From my friend Dan Winter, who has written about the ET origins of our DNA and galactic history:

    ” The Cherokee. the Hopi. the ancient Japanese tribes, the Australian aboriginals. the Maya, the Maori… the whole documentary film series “Ancient Aliens”, ( also Anton Parks books on the Annunaki), these are all quite clear- we descended from ancestors in the Pleiades.”

    Indeed, our Sun is a star within the 400 star Pleiades constellation.

    Human Blood vs Draco Blood Draco Blood is FLAMMABLE!

    If you are cold blooded you lack compassion.

    Ours is IRON based, in the Draco it is red phosphorus or white phosphorus- (literature consistently describes red vs white Draco dragons), our blood is (salt) water based- their’s is lipid oil based.. (the Draco’s which evolved here probably have some salt water in their blood). Reptilian ETs use phosphoric acid for digestive fluid (coca cola is their perfect beverage, and due to blood lipids – french fries are their perfect food).

    John Lear suggested – that when the secret government lab analyzed the nerves of the Draco- they showed a high level of silicon. However, at the same time we know that in conventional spectrographic techniques – ORMES shows up as silicon. So, perhaps the ancestors had gold powder in their blood. This should make you wonder why Mummy Powder was served in every pharmacy in Europe for 300+ years- for its gold powder content. In the recent television special, “Mystery of the Cocaine Mummy”, after finding large concentrations of cocaine in Mummy tissue, the producers speculated how the Egyptians got it from South America. Perhaps the connection between our Draco Uru ancestors (Annunaki / Nephalim) – addiction to Gold Powder evolved into a CIA / alien addiction to Cocaine.

    CESARIAN section births de-soul our species by depriving the foetus of the essential phase conjugate ‘rebirth’ pump wave. A perfect implosive squeeze in the birth canal – preventing much of the later BONDING process. This is how to break the bonds required for healthy psychological development and breed psychopaths who cannot empathize. Never let the young bond to the parents, especially the mother.

    It is important to understand these parts of the root of the Draco culture in order to understand many things in the origin of Earth / Aboriginal / Vedic Draco based cultures. For example, among the Draco, since they grew up in more radioactive environment, there is a natural tendency to use lo level radioactivity to facilitate hi volume electron transport and telepathic hive mind EEG activity. The point here is that the bifurcation between human versus Draco blood chemistry is a fundamental cross point in history. A decision we are making now on Earth as they attempt to terraform our planet, to their requirements: highly radioactive, low oxygen, low ambient moisture.

    The ideal conditions for developing a warlike culture – dry air, an oxygen deprived brain state and hypertension due to radioactivity.

    Last night’s ( April 8, 2014 ) CoasttoCoast guest was R. Scott Lemriel who wrote “The Seres Agenda”.

    From his perspective, we Earthlings are going to receive some much need assistance from other intelligences. Funny how the same show had a guest speaking on psychopathology.

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