The True History of the Templar Knights

Update: April 14th, 2014 – Richard says…

I wanted to give you an update on the delivery of the initial supplies of “The True Stories of the Templar Knights” disc sets. I expect both the DVD and Blu-ray sets to be delivered in the next week or so, with delivery to most who have placed their order by the end of April or the first week of May.

So, if you have yet to place your order, you have time to do so and be part of the initial delivery, as there are still some of each format available in the initial shipment.


It was a great honour to preview the wonderful chronicles of the Templar Knights recently and I wanted to share with everyone now that they have been made available to the public for pre-order.

As you can imagine, the Knights Templar have been much maligned and the subject of a tremendous amount of speculation—both positive and negative.

I think by now many of us can accept that members of the many secret societies have been painted with the same brush, when in reality, only the upper echelons know the secrets while the lower ones have no idea what goes on at the top. Early compartmentalization.

The Knights Templar were no exception, and this incredible story explains why. In fact, they wrote nothing down as their work was so secret and their lives in danger at the hands of the Roman Catholic Church around the time of the Inquisition.

These mystics have held a fascination for me for a long time and I was enthralled by the secrets revealed from so long ago; who the Templars really were, their mission, how they operated, and how they were forced underground and their impact on our lives today.

Their stories are channeled by Carolyn Evers, who is not only clairvoyant, but clairaudient and clairsentient and brings to life this series in full colour and with such detail that it’s almost like being there.

Dr. Richard Presser also brings forth detailed information from the non-physical and between the two, we have a crystal view of the pages of history previously denied us.

The creator of the DVDs who wove the information together with full-colour images presents a reasonably historically accurate pictorial of what was in many cases a ‘page’ from one of our previous lives or the Akashic Records.

You may find this production tugging at your deepest memory as your soul is gradually reawakening.

If you love history, or have felt like you may have been a Templar Knight or had some dealings with them all those ages ago, I urge you to consider this beautifully rendered production.

There are many jaw-dropping revelations within these pages from history that no one could have guessed and there are no words to say how powerful this material is, or how important to our current journey toward enlightenment.

Much of  this information you won’t find in any history books. It was suppressed to keep us from knowing who we are.

The DVDs are suitable for all ages, have images and text and are narrated by the channeler. As you may know, the energies of the non-physical come through in that voice.

I’ll stop there and let you explore this historical record for yourself if you so desire. There is detailed information about what the DVDs entail, some testimonials and a sample from the DVDs themselves. There are several hours of information presented—not a small task to create—and there is a 120-pg. eBook included. DVDs also available in Blue-ray.

Click here to learn more about “The True Stories of the Knights Templar”.

As a teaser, you may wish to listen to the two most recent BBS radio shows from The Messenger that Carolyn and Richard hosted on March 29th and April 5th when Templar Knights shared more wisdom and history with listeners as well as their view on our current reality.

Archived BBS shows:

March 29th

April 5th

FYI, I will not benefit monetarily by sharing this information with you. ~ BP



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  2. Wanderer says:

    I think it’s safe to say the Cabal has infiltrated virtually every institution/organization since the earliest civilizations of man. You can see the “hidden hand” written in blood all through out history… and to be a revisionist is to renounce, or admit, the vast labyrinth of the Cabal’s propagandist machine. It’s been a dark ride from the get go.

  3. alm383 says:

    كانو مجموعة من القتلا والسفاحين

  4. Aphrodite says:

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    I’ve listened to the first broadcast, and it’s QUITED an eye opener. Much information is being revealed now. As always, take it in, and keep what syncs with you, and if it doesn’t let it go and keep on the quest for your Truth. 🙂

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