IBM’s Phillip Woods and Beau Are Boston Bombing Actors [video]

Now there’s a shocker, eh?

Yes, as David Hawkins in the Abel Danger Part II interview put it, Phillip Woods must indeed be quite a guy if he can pull an iPhone out of his rectum and send a message to tell us precisely where he is. Did we really believe that?

It’s usually fairly easy to tell a fake intel release from the cabal because for one thing they always provide all the nitty gritty details which I suppose they think makes it more believable, but for me, it just screams, “FAKE”!

For example, at the time of the Boston Fake Bombing, the media right off the top released tons of gory details about legs being blown off and bits of body parts strewn about and the amount of blood and how many people had been killed and injured, etc., etc., when there were no wounded people at all—just fake mini-explosions and crisis actors doing a “drill”.

The media NEVER used to sensationalize or play up the real details of true accidents that way. They said as little as possible and left the rest to imagination. They also never used to supply closeup photos of bloody victims but there they were, in living colour, larger-than-life, on the news and the Internet. How convenient. Gotta love that bright red, fake movie blood.

Now they have used the same tactic with this revelation from “Phillip Woods” and what do you know—CNN just happens to pull his girlfriend out of THEIR rectum and they spend considerable time fluffing up the fairy tail some more to make it even more believable? Please!

And Diego Garcia?—as if they’re going to tell us where the plane is.  Guaranteed, it’s FAR from there.

We know CNN provides only government-approved material to the sheeple so you can bet it’s a scam when they interview someone who says they suspect foul play on the part of government(s). Anyone CNN interviews is in on it. Plain and simple.

They’re not calling this event “terrorism”—yet, but make no mistake, it IS terrorism when you hijack or abduct people and a month later their loved ones have no idea if they’re dead or alive, injured, tortured, drugged, or part of a satanic blood sacrifice, not knowing if they’ll ever see them again and unable to have closure. THAT’s torture.

Check out this video. The tuber goes on to discuss other things but the “Phillip Woods” segment is first. Thanks to for sharing.  ~ BP


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23 thoughts on “IBM’s Phillip Woods and Beau Are Boston Bombing Actors [video]

  1. and here’s the pic of his gf in 3 roles. Teacher in Beijing, MD in Tescom Israel and crisis actor in Boston Bombing.

  2. The posting of PW’s Iphone was sent from a location with the time zone UTC-3. The website [] is UTC-4. If PW’s Iphone photo was really taken in Diego Garcia, it should have had a different time stamp on the EXIF data; like 19 Mar 07:49am MYT since it is unlikely the hostages on MH370 would be told where they were, blindfolded and all. Why MYT? Well, he was working in Kuala Lumpur and he last departed from KLIA. Hence it would be unlikely he had time to change to a new time zone at Diego Garcia. Unless he has got the freedom and time to update the phone before taking and sending of the blank photo. Well if he did, he must really be one hell of a cool person in a dark prison cell.

    Assuming he could do all that. The time stamp on the EXIF data should have been 19 Mar 05:49am UTC+6. So apparently the fraudster thought the coords were good enough to fool. There is such a thing as “inconsistency”. In this case, the contents do not match the label. We confirmed this looking at the html code of the website posting.

    Same as CNN’s first few articles (show) on the MH370 incident. They were first published 10 hours 10 minutes (according to the auto-generated html code, not the writer’s publicly stated time) before the Airline (MAS) public statement. This could only mean CNN had prior knowledge.

    Anyone remembers BBC and FOX news having prior knowledge of WTC-7 collapse and actually reporting it on camera, more than 20 minutes before the collapse happened.

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  5. Hello,

    For some good insights check out David Wilcock’s website,

    Much Love,

  6. Wanderer says:

    You have to follow all angles until the ultimate truth is revealed. And that also means the fact that the Diego Garcia aspect is what the Cabal wants people to focus on. So it can work both ways. And according to what was revealed regarding the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot, there would be no need to climb that high when the mechanism is said to have the capability to release tranquilizing gas. I don’t think any of us are settling on one given scenario… and yes, this event, among others is serving to further awaken humanity. Multiple watershed events happening across the globe… would imagine the Cabal is not feeling to good right now.

  7. Lenore says:

    Something occurred to me about this Phil Woods story after seeing David Wilcox’s story about flight 370 yesterday….
    Dave showed us that thru the years, there’s always been small groups of “organized resisters” in the Pentagon and alphabet agencies…those that truly believed in the oaths they took and had even a deeper pride for their country…
    But as you can see, within the above comments and story, there’s a ton of doubt about Phil’s supposed phone call…Now this Boston Bombing picture, which is working for me, about as much as those fuzzy ET space craft pictures….I’m tired of fuzz……

    Yesterday it dawn on me that the Philip Woods story was a well crafted info dump, to wake people up to Diego Garcia and what indeed may have happened. That even if the Phil story wasn’t real…
    The story was real……

    It was curious that the next day, Gordon Duff of VT leak the exact method of climbing the aircraft up to 45,000 ft. which causes the cabin pressure to make all the passengers pass out at once …except for those in control, with gas masks(there were 4 hinky passports, not 2)…It gave them plenty of time to tie up everyone on their way to Diego Garcia….which BTW is WAY more than a top secret installation, if you don’t know do the research.
    So someone consciously wanted the world to know where the plane went, what might be happening(they maybe be alive) and who exactly was on that plane…Dave said at least 20 or more had Cosmic Clearances….that’s way above top secret…
    It doesn’t matter if the story is real or not(often fiction is enlisted to reveal the truth, just look at all the Hollywood movies)….
    It doesn’t matter if he pulled his phone out of his ass or his ear…people are googling Diego Garcia and pulling out their flashlights to take a better look….
    I say the plan worked… the world is waking up….
    When the time comes, and the narrative media gatekeepers are rounded up, reporters will finally be allowed to do the job they were hired to do.
    And not sit there like sock puppets spewing gobbledygook…..
    I watched a weather man today try and explain away a huge Haarp Doppler return as “wind chop”…yah right….

    • I totally agree, Lenore, that the flight 370 event has and will wake up a lot of people, and I believe that is part of the plan. first 9/11, the NSA, now Flight 370.

  8. Wanderer says:

    I read the first draft, not yet read the update. I’ll read it tomorrow… things are certainly accelerating to say the least. Thanks for posting all this great info, btw. I’m all over the net, but your blog is one of the better ones. Nice work.

  9. Wanderer says:

    other “aircraft” shoots off and stalls out? UFO? Can someone point out where the military exercises were in relation to both 370 and the other “aircraft” was?

    • Wanderer, did you read David Wilcock’s new update? The Operation Northwoods plan was a 1962 precursor to the Malaysian Flight event. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to the Galactic part—if there is one to his story—in Part 1. It will be interesting to hear the rest as he stitches it together, though.

    • schauminator says:

      Remember, the following day or within hours, the video of the flight tracking was changed and more important all governments and military agreed the second one was the one we should believe and never mentioning the first recording.

  10. Robin says:

    Is that why contraband never finds its way past checkpoints?

    My point is, there is a vast difference between conjecture, supposition and knowing.
    As someone once said “How many cockroaches do you have to find in a bowl of spaghetti before the whole bowl is no good. Do you continue to eat the spaghetti strand by strand?”

    Just a desire to have “roach free” spaghetti.

    Peace and Love.
    Aloha nui loa

  11. schauminator says:

    Looking in all the wrong places? Why is no one considering the original flight track before it was changed. Is this a case of eyes wide shut?

  12. Robin says:

    I guess none of you are familiar with the types of things that are brought into prisons, secreted in different orifices. I remember a situation at Pitchess Detention Center in California of a woman who brought a Colt .45 and an extra magazine into the facility inside her vagina. Why is a cell phone so far fetched?

    • Robin, my feeling is, if the flight was hijacked by ruthless cabal members, they’re going to know an IBM exec has a cell phone. What’s the last place they’d want to look? I’m sure they have x-ray equipment. They’re not going to take any chances someone could have a phone secreted somewhere.

  13. Wanderer says:

    One last thing I forgot to mention, as someone who lives in a state where hunting and fishing are not just hobbies but a way of life, this little fantasy of the Cabal’s, that they’ll be able to get the guns out of our hands, is just that, a fantasy…. not gonna happen, boys. LOL

  14. Wanderer says:

    Well, I don’t believe anybody believed it… that’s kinda the point… it just gets more ridiculous by the second… sloppy would be the understatement of the year.

  15. Twyla says:

    come on guys….. what cellphone do you know that can go more than a day without being recharged???? hmmm????… and some guy pulls a phone out of his ass??? really …if you believed this,then you deserved to be tricked once again

  16. Wanderer says:

    Jesus… thanks for the heads up on PA. Just when you thought you’ve heard it all….

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