John Lear on Alien Mutilation [video]

Ten minute interview on Coast to Coast AM. ~ BP


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2 thoughts on “John Lear on Alien Mutilation [video]

  1. porker says:

    now I know why bible teaches us that god loves us.according to ww2 japanese soldiers in china had their supply cut they ate young chinese women when they were asked how they tasted they said good sweet just like pork.these gods who genetically manipulated us love our meat,just like we love pork which also has lot of our genetics.pigs are our close relatives but they deliberately design them funny otherwise we wont eat them.dont forget annunaki our creators landed in summeria,would that be reason muslims don’t eat pork,do they know something from summerian clay tablets which were deliberately forbidden knowledge then by powerfull deceptive clergy

  2. schauminator says:

    We are fighting much more than this. Who really controlling the world as many think they know it.

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