Building Our Free Energy Devices & Getting the Word Out


Please visit Cobra’s blog for details and links on the open source plans for building the overunity free quantum energy devices, how to help in the large-scale production of the generators, and other details on coming attractions.

This is so exciting. Finally!  Can you IMAGINE!?  No electricity bills!

Let there be Light indeed!  ~ BP


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9 thoughts on “Building Our Free Energy Devices & Getting the Word Out

  1. Anonymous says:

    The whole idea of free energy though, is screw investors. This is for individuals to free themselves from corporations for their needs. The whole idea is, this is not for profit.

    • schauminator says:

      I work with Dr. Steven Greer (Disclosure Group/ Sirius) we have been looking for investors over the past 10 years to bring these N-Gen technologies to the people as a verified and tested performing product. Please know independent testing labs do not work for free. New materials and machinery capabilities also need to be developed. And to date over $1, million dollars has been lost due to claims made by inventors did not deliver on their claims. They cannot not scale up to reliably produce 5kw to 10kw for and average household or small business. Heck, a high school student can make a device that charges a battery and lights up a light bulb, but not service the electrical needs of the classroom or lab. Also, know that presentations and briefings have been made to President Obama for development of these technologies and he and his staff have refused to acknowledge their existence to the public, much less that many of these technologies came from the ETs – stolen and given. Now many U.S. investors are scared to get involved thanks to our government.
      What a shame and sham that has been perpetrated on the American public. Therefore, we are now seeking private investors in other countries to bring these technologies to fruition to 3rd World Countries that are not so dependent on Big Oil, Gasoline, N-Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Wind and Solar.

      If you have the time track the success of Sun-Gas which you should expect to hear more about over the next year. the government will boast of its part to bring this fuel to the American public. those that understand this technology will know the government is just baby stepping us around the real discoveries. Why? Because they can Tax near free energy but not free energy. If the governments of the world can’t control buy taxing and monitoring energy consumption it doesn’t exist for our use.
      We will not approach governments to develop these technologies because We The People will lose again. Yes, it should be Free Energy but understand it takes a lot of money to get is started for development and production and the enemy blocking this is the United States Government and energy businesses around the world.

  2. schauminator says:

    Hundreds of these devices have been submitted to independent test labs and all have failed when scaled up for practical use. Must deliver 5kw -10kw with long repeatable duration. However, there are some promising technologies that are closer in development in coming to fruition. Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Group/Sirius Disclosure are planning to build a research facility in Charlottesville VA for the proper evaluation of these technologies within the next 2 – 3 years.
    Until these N-Gen technologies are proven, large investors will avoid them for of Solar Systems, Rechargeable batteries, Sun-Gas, Natural Gas to be deployed for use in the Middle East, African continent and other third world countries for farming, lighting, clean water and irrigation.
    Even the largest investors in Dubai have noted all these inventors do is light up a light bulb – that’s it – not ready for prime time.

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