Hump Day News for March 27th

The time for truth and transparency is upon us, and Dani at Removing the Shackles has shared a heaping helping today to balance the much maligned OPPT, etc. —the initiative Truthers love to hate.

The OPPT, CVACs et al were a lot like caviar. Most of those that have tried it, usually love it. Those that ain’t—vow they never will.

There are just some things people are determined to misunderstand and under-investigate, and the OPPT “trust” was one of them. No one ever said it was a trust FUND… it was a whole lot more, but I’ll let Dani explain.

Dani also goes on to mention the latest from the Office of Poofness and ZAP!, so you may want to mosey over there and see her remarks on that.

Water bear

There’s a Q&A about our money and banks—speaking of which, I was taken aback yesterday when I had to accompany my hubby to a small local branch of Bank of America to deposit our tax refund cheque.

I felt like a water bear under a microscope with 8—count ’em— EIGHT! obtrusive black cameras suspended from the low ceiling above the area behind the tellers. I stuck out my tongue.

Also, David Wilcock said he was putting together a comprehensive article to connect a whole lotta dots, but rather than his story getting posted, we’ve had two updates saying he’s in so deep he just can’t glaze over anything and while in the flow, is building a really meaty “free eBook” to share his latest intel and to prepare us for what is simmering on the back burner.

Today, the update says…

Wednesday 3/26: PLEASE NOTE: The mostly-secret geopolitical war between BRICS and the Cabal is reaching critical mass in the next two weeks, specifically by April 10th and 11th. We have been scrambling to put all the pieces together so there is a book about this before it actually happens. Sorry it has taken so long but we’re almost there — at least for the first section!

So… as we entertain ourselves with multiple endings for the Malaysian Flight 370 saga… get our ducks in a row to disinfect the courts with the Citizen Grand Jury and Common Law actions… as well as sharing the new free energy Quantum Energy Generator, we’ll just have to wait for David’s next “block-buster”. Stay tuned…

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