Flight 370: A Technical Review—Satellites Have to Know Where It Is [video]

from BrasscheckTV…


Report from Bill Still

The US military has satellites in the air all over the globe scanning everything 24/7/365.

For decades now they’ve been bragging that on a clear day they cannot only see the golf ball, they can also read what brand it is.

There are two possibilities:

1. Their claims are total bullshit (always a distinct possibility)


2. Their claims are true.

If they’re true, how can you lose track of an airplane that size?

Answer:  You never lost track of it. They know exactly where it is and have known all along.



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8 thoughts on “Flight 370: A Technical Review—Satellites Have to Know Where It Is [video]

  1. I’m glad to know that I’m not alone in my theory. This sounds more like what has happened. Thank you for reporting it.

  2. Jim Murphy says:

    Well, they have spotted “122 objects,” we have been told, for the umpteenth time, as if there were something magic in the number 122. Shows us they can count–when they want to, that is. This is almost a tipoff to what the next chapter in the coverup will be. They’ll find a dozen or so of the “122 objects,” but regrettably these objects will all be neutral and inconclusive “although possibly coming from the plane.” “It’s just too bad that all the other objects—-which have been now dispersed or sunken in the meantime—-could not be located.” So, by coincidence the very objects that would have conclusively shown this to be the plane have unfortunately been unable to be recovered, but it’s a “pretty good bet” that, if they had been found, they would have been shown to have been from the plane. So, it will be concluded. This coverup gets more ridiculous every hour.

  3. dmd says:

    As in 911, the elite wants to blame the Pakistan. Who owns the satellites? Surely not Pakistan. Look at the richest who control the planet. Our government doesn’t even hold a candle to the power they

    • DMD, the richest, and who control the planet are the global elite/the Illuminati/the cabal; those who want to install a New World Order, and they also control the US government and the governments of all the most influential countries who have banded together to control the masses. There are so few in the US government who have not either been bribed or threatened that in effect, there is no government, only a corporation that stands to profit from enslaving us.

      Having said that, however, THEY are the 1% while WE are the 99%, and we have awakened sufficiently that we can and are taking back our power and ending their rein of terror. They have almost no power left, while our numbers and power are increasing rapidly. They just have better toys than we do at the moment, but we have the Galactics on our side, and they have the most powerful toys of all.

  4. Toffee Fee says:

    Just like Osama was “killed” in Pakistan…hahahahahaha
    This is ridiculous. Who wants to keep the “terror” agenda alive?
    We are our own terrorists! My impression is that this is disinfo. Nothing fits so far.

  5. Jim Murphy says:

    Moreover, the CIA has “secret” airfields all over the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, well-camouflaged, and easily able to accommodate the landing of a 777 by skillful and directed pilots.

  6. schauminator says:

    You are on factual point. From 370s beginning flight to its current status USAF in combination with NRO and NASA know and have known all there is to be known about this flight. After all that’s their primary job and nothing can fly under their radar.

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