Data on Flight 370 Keep Surfacing; How about Pine Gap, Australia?

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“To add fuel to the fire I have filmed a classified Pentagon report stating the 777 flew south EAST for several hours they repeated south EAST. 7 hours south EAST from KL area is Pine Gap. A link I had showing photos and videos of ATS advanced USAF aircraft flying into and out of Pine Gap has been ratted and the video links taken out and photos removed.

Yesterday when I was on the radio asking an ASIO fellow who was being interviewed… I asked about Pine Gap. The radio station cut me off. IF there were these passengers on board and IF they want to make a plane disappear to repaint it for an attack on America later in a false flag… it is there. It is in Pine Gap. NOT Diego Garcia .”

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6 thoughts on “Data on Flight 370 Keep Surfacing; How about Pine Gap, Australia?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would be looking at Pine Gap, do your research, set up in the 1960’s as a secret spy camp, its all underground, governed by the CIA, australian Govt cant even get answers to what they are doing out here, American run, in my country, puts us out there with every other country

  2. says:

    Reputable Prophet Kim Clement who broadcasts his prophesies was shown the plane in Northwest India close to Pakistan. Apparently hijacked by a new group of terrorists not related to the Teleban. God also warned Israel to be vigilant as they only have two minutes when a plane enters their territory to identify it. They are geared for attack.

  3. Alf says:

    Sorry, Pine Gap is impossible from Kuala Lumpur. Too far distance around western off shore side, and there is no military airport close by. Pine Gap is only a large campus.

  4. schauminator says:

    The problem with what you state and all the other theories presented by others is none will be proven. Way too much time has passed. It the powers to be wanted to find this plane, especially in a timely manner it would have been found. Heck, the news media is complicit by still showing a radar flight path from the March 10th instead of the 9th of March. Buy the way I worked at Diego Garcia during the 70s. Then as now no one could encroach their air space or Coco island and not identify themselves without going POOF!

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  6. Jim Murphy says:

    In my opinion, wherever they have us looking now, it’s the furthest place from where the plane actually is. The Southern Indian Ocean is the ONE place, you can be sure that that plane, if it is indeed under water, is NOT. Most likely scenario? There was a Chinese technician passenger on board who the CIA and the NSA and their bosses didn’t want to arrive back in Peking, and who had to be therefore eliminated. The establishment does not want this plane to be found, ever.

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