Rothschild Inherits a Semiconductor Patent for Freescale Semiconductors

March 23, 2014

The disappearance of four members of a patent semiconductor traveling on Malaysia Airlines MH370 makes the famous billionaire Jacob Rothschild at the sole owner of the important patent.

The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. More and more conspiracy theories are beginning to boom on the internet. One of the conspiracies one is the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02. This crazy story about how Illuminati Rothschild exploited the airlines to gain full Patent Rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip is going haywire across the internet especially when it’s involving Jacob Rothschild as the evil master plotter.

A US technology company which had 20 senior staff on board Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had just launched a new electronic warfare gadget for military radar systems in the days before the Boeing 777 went missing.

Freescale Semiconductor has been developing microprocessors, sensors and other technology for the past 50 years. The technology it creates is commonly referred to as embedded processors, which according to the firm are “stand-alone semiconductors that perform dedicated computing functions in electronic systems”.

Why were so many Freescale employees traveling together? What were their jobs. Were they on a mission and if so what was this mission? Can these employees be the cause of the disappearance of this plane? Could the plane have been then hijacked and these people kidnapped? Did these employees hold valuable information, did they have any valuable cargo with them? Did they know company and technological secrets? With all the might of technology why cant this plane be located? Where is this plane where are these people?”

The 20 Freescale employees, among 239 people on flight MH370, were mostly engineers and other experts working to make the company’s chip facilities in Tianjin, China, and Kuala Lumpur more efficient, said Mitch Haws, vice president, global communications and investor relations.

“These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,” Haws said. “It’s definitely a loss for the company.”

In Malaysia, Freescale’s modern operations facility that manufactures and tests integrated circuits (IC) is based in Petaling Jaya.

Based on information obtained from Freescale’s website, the facility began operations in 1972 covering an eight hectare site and is specifically designed for the manufacturing and testing of microprocessors, digital signal processors and integrated radio frequency circuits.

It also owns Freescale RF which is involved in creating solutions for Aerospace and Defence listed below.

1. Battlefield communication

2. Avionics

3. HF Radar – Band L- and S-

4. Missile Guidance

5. Electronic Warfare

6. Identification, friend or foe (IFF)

Freescale’s shareholders include the Carlyle Group of private equity investors whose past advisers have included ex-US president George Bush Sr and former British Prime Minister John Major.

Carlyle’s previous heavyweight clients include the Saudi Binladin Group, the construction firm owned by the family of Osama bin Laden.

The fact that Freescale had so many highly qualified staff on board the Boeing 777 had already prompted wild conspiracy theories about what might have happened.

The company says they were flying to China to improve its consumer products operations, but Freescale’s fresh links to electronic warfare technology is likely to trigger more speculation and deepen the mystery.

Experts have been baffled how a large passenger jet seems to have flown undetected and possibly beaten military radar systems for up to six hours.

Avoiding radar via “cloaking technology” has long been one of the objectives of the defense industry and Freescale has been active developing chips for military radar.

On its website, the company says its radio frequency products meet the requirements for applications in “avionics, radar, communications, missile guidance, electronic warfare and identification friend or foe”.

Last June it announced it was creating a team of specialists dedicated to producing “radio frequency power products” for the defense industry.

And on March 3, it announced it was releasing 11 of these new gadgets for use in “high frequency, VHF and low-band UHF radar and radio communications”.

The company did not respond to questions from Express Online, including whether any of its missing employees had been working on the defense products.

It neither provided any responses to the latest bizarre conspiracy theory being widely published on the comments sections of newspaper websites and other internet forums.

The comment reads: “It reads: “Have you pieced together the puzzle of missing flight 370 to Beijing China? If not, here are your missing pieces.

Four days after the  flight MH370  disappear, semiconductor patent was approved by the U.S. patent office patent is divided in parts of 20% between five starters. One of the owners is the company itself, Freescale Semiconductor, Austin, Texas (USA), and the other four Chinese employees of the company: Peidong Wang, Zhijun Chen, Cheng and Li Ying Zhijong, all the Suzhou City. And they all passengers of Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared on March 8, according Eternity .

It adds: “Here is your motive for the missing Beijing plane. As all four Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane.

Patent holders can alter the proceeds legally by passing wealth to their heirs. “However, they cannot do so until the Patent is approved. So when the plane went missing, the patent had not been approved.”

However, the absurd theory does not add up.

Although a Freescale patent does exist under number US8650327, none of the names listed actually appear on the passenger manifest released by the Malaysian authorities.

If the patent holder dies, the other owners share equally in dividends from the deceased.  If four of the five patentees die, then the patentee left alive gets 100% of the patent. That remaining patent holder is the company Freescale Semiconductor. Who owns Freescale Semiconductor? The answer is: Jacob Rothschild. British billionaire owns the company Blackstone, which in turn owns the company Freescale Semiconductors. Several speculations on the Internet now pay attention to this circumstance. The Rothschilds are a dynasty of financiers and international bankers of German-Jewish origin . The family is from the nineteenth century one of the most influential families of bankers and financiers of Europe.

The search continues for Flight MH370 but speculation surrounding its fate grows by the day.

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57 thoughts on “Rothschild Inherits a Semiconductor Patent for Freescale Semiconductors

  1. Barry Gumm says:

    Unable to do that JC Prophet you see as Mr David Rockefller said at the TRI- lateral commission June 1991 – He basically announced that it was okay for the media to talk about their plans from then on because everything was in place All the laws they need worldwide that had taken some 300 years to do was now complete. see here Therefore there is nothing anyone can do!

    • Barry Gumm… while the cabal may think they have this all sewn up—they are delusional. There are many more forces at work against them than most people realize—including them—and they have already lost. They’re just too stupid to realize it. They’re pathetic.

  2. JC Prophet says:

    The real terrorist in the world are the Rothschild family members. They control countries and control our world military’s, playing them as pawns against each other to improve their own agenda. They are Soley responsible for killing millions of people each year by the way they do business. This is genocide on a mega scale. These are the people we need to worry about. The real terrorist. They have set the world up as all people, to include kings and presidents and the commoners to be their slaves and it has worked and working. Wake up Slaves! Take back what’s yours. The System!

  3. tom says:

    Strange that I saw john Major meeting with Malaysian leader in KL at time of MH-370 disappearance, so many coincidences in life<><>

  4. OneStepAhead says:

    Stop The Press

    I have had a look at the Names you have posted above on the official Airlines missing list and they ARE NOT THERE, this myth is BUSTED, until someone can show me new paperwork. 😦 Coverup??

  5. Well I discovered the NO:1 Market Top Secret of the Financial Markets. The PhD patent Lawyer told me the patent could be worth 100 Million AUD. You can read about it here

    I thought about it and in revelation 17 it says come out of her my people. Her being the Harlot which is the Old Lady of the Bank of England.

    At the time I thought 100 million and that is just the financial services industry. Let alone all the other areas my discovery could be use where Humanistic behaviours could be used. I thought yes I will be come a billionaire.

    Then I thought about it and thought so what, what good will it do me. So I wrote my books, to let people know the secret.

    After reading this I now know I made the right decision.

  6. Derek says:

    This article is nonsense. Everyone knows that if you develop a patent while working for a company and using the company resources,etc, the company owns the patent. The employees at freescale get $1500 each, up to three people, then the award is split up, so each here gets $4500/4. This is once the patent is pursued. Once it is awarded, which usually takes a couple years, each gets $1000, or here would be $3000/4. The families would of course get the smallish award. Oh. There is a patent of the year award that would split $25k.
    First, I don’t know if there actually is a patent like the one that the article is discussing. Second, many patents are issued at this company, so if you have 20 employees in one location you have a high likelihood there are many patent holders.
    Pathetic nonsense this article is

  7. “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
    The Rothchilds, if you are unfamiliar with the history behind the family take a little time and read about them. Puts things into perspective. A ton of info out there, you need to do a little sifting.

  8. Goomz says:

    Listen. These are the same people who killed Kennedy.

  9. azeez says:

    I think the major question still lies unanswered. My point…. So lets assume someone wants to get rid of these guys or some other guys inclusive to gain full ownership of the patent or whatever and the person decides to do this by using a plane mishap. why is the plane missing??? Why not a plane crash or explosion or something with everyone on-board dead? Why missing plane and missing passengers for days???!!!!
    I fear more that these inventors are alive somewhere being coerced to cook up something sinister. Yeah, sounds like a james bond movie but a boeing jet has been missing for days on a planet where we watch terrorists hidden in desert via satellites and no one has a credible idea where it is?? Something more unbelievable than a bond movie is going on here…

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  11. Indie Research says:

    Currently, in US Patent law, only inventor(s) may apply for a patent, not a company. An assignee is the owner of the rights to the patent, and the only one that can license it’s use to others. An assignee may be inventor(s), a company, or both. In this case the patent is listed as owned by Freescale Semiconductor Inc. ….solely, (which is a publicly traded company, not a privately held one). This means that the company had nothing to gain, at least with respect to the patents ownership rights here in the US, by the death of it’s inventors, assuming they were indeed on the flight.

    What I do find interesting however, is that the patent, on the US Patent Site, is dated March 11th… the flight went missing on March 8, prior to the patents approval. Since a patents ownership is transferable, a patent remains valid after an/a inventor(s) death, However if the inventor(s) died prior to the patents approval date, the question becomes, is the patent invalidated by that? I have,as of yet, to find an answer to this. I also am completely unfamiliar with how US patent laws may/may not apply outside the country…..

    If the inventors did in fact die, and if the date of the patent’s approval, being subsequent to their deaths, does affect the validity of the patent, I’d be paying careful attention to what happens to the invention (any new patent approval, and any licensing of the invention, if a new patent is approved) down the road.

    Patent reference:,671,381.PN.&OS=PN/8,671,381&RS=PN/8,671,381

  12. Who Was First To Say There Was 4 Patent Holders On Flight 370?

  13. dotmafia says:

    You’e off course, I think. I don’t believe that the plane’s disappearance was a direct result of a motive to capitalize on the patent. The suspicion I have is that someone got word of the impending event, and then used the information to make themselves the sole patent holder.

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  15. gifhjkl says:

    Blackstone’s former director was Lord JACOB ROTHSCHILD, Soros’ old pal and financial colleague.”
    Blackstone is also related with the LCF EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD, controlled by BENJAMIN DE ROTHSCHILD and by his wife ARIANE DE ROTHSCHILD, for example through the person of Daniel Costa Lindo that is a M&A Analyst at Blackstone and was Private Equity Analyst at LCF Edmond de Rothschild. Les-plus-grosses-fortunes-de-France/Benjamin-de-Rothschild-206941
    ” Blackstone was founded in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions boutique by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman, who had previously worked together at Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc. ”
    Peter G. Peterson ” is founding Chairman of the Peterson Institute for International Economics ”
    Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the wife of EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD, is a director of the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

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  17. john taylor says:

    Some Guy is correct. Inventors are listed on the filing but the company owns the design, utility or intellectual patent. Furthermore, rothchild doesn’t need a plane to blow up 300 people to cover asassinations of four scientists. This story doesn’t add up but of course nothing the jews do adds up? Maybe it was done to mock the goyim? And as far as military technology the jews already own the usg killing machine. They possess the most advanced killing machine technology known to man. Something about that israhell ambassador really stinks. Was it done for a distraction for when they attack Iran. But you know, the jews already own everything including putin and Russia so I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Iran’s in on it so the jews can drain the wealth of all nations with military funding. Hell the jews could be doing just for the fun. Rothchild isn’t a billionaire, he’s a freakin trillionaire and this is probably the way he has fun; killing and driving the goyim mad.

  18. jane says:

    At Someguy : when I read your reply, I got confused as I wrote practically the same on another website yesterday… I wondered if this was my reply 🙂

    So just to agree with Someguy and insist that conspiracy theories should be checked thoroughly before being spread around the internet, here is a copy/paste of my response to someone on another website yesterday :

    “Thank you, I am glad some people out there don’t believe everything they read. It makes me angry each time someone comes up with ridiculous conspiracy theories without basing it on realistic facts. Have a look at the patent, the names cited are “inventors”. The Assignee is the Company, Freescale Semiconductor. And this is normal practice. When you file a patent, you are required to give the name of the inventors, ie the engineers most likely. However the employees would be bound to assign all their patent rights to the company and it would be in their contracts of employment. Companies would not allow an employee-inventor own the IP developed when working for the company, because IP is the way they make their money. What if an employee having invented most patents filed by the company gets fired, the company loses all its assets ? In this case, where sadly all inventors of the patent would have disappeared, the patent remains assigned to the Company. So it would make no difference what so ever. It would only make a difference if these engineers were also the main shareholders of the company, and there was therefore one shareholder left to benefit from the Company’s assets. Nothing to do with a patent and its inventors though. Just saying…”

  19. Malaysian Boeing 777 flight 370 went astray in the Indian Ocean after someone remotely shut off all communication via ACARS* and DARPA* the build-in FMS (Flight Management System) Lufthansa removed the FMS from all her Boeings, Malaysian Airlines obviously did NOT.
    *ACARS = Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System
    **DARPA = Defence Advanced Projects Agency

    • schauminator says:

      I’m not saying you are wrong or I’m right, just sticking with the original reports and other facts. Remember the original radar track on March 9th (that no one is showing) had flight 370 heading North East and before it disappeared this plane went through some irradiate flight behavior. Then there were two anomalies (UFOs) picked up on radar, then altitude and air speed went to zero and gone from radar.
      within hours Malaysia scrubbed that flight track and replaced it with one showing a southern track to the Indian ocean and then with more changes.
      I maintain if it headed to the Indian Ocean that is protected air space of Diego Garcia Island. This is home to B-2 Bombers, 100s of Cruse Missals, E2C, AWACS, AEGIS Systems for EW operations, naturally having long runways, refueling station, EMI/RFI Jamming, laser tracking for targeting, Satcom up and down linking for GPS to Cruse module brains and more..
      Therefore if flight 370 encroached this air space without properly identifying itself and early into this airspace it would have been a foe.

      I’m stuck on this until time proofs out another scenario.

  20. chaps55 says:

    Nice horse shit article with zero facts. Rothschild doesnt own Freescale, for starters.

  21. Wellington says:

    I have personally checked this info. Even the one in that was supposed to expose it as urban legend ( And what happened? information is carefully designed to deceive people. For example: they show us ‘poor’ Lord Rothschild as only the owner of 29.5% of the company that is going to receive the patent rights and says there are other 151 institutional shareholders. It’s true, but if you see the list of the shareholders it’s a perfect list of the Rothschild Investment Trust RIT Capital puppets! And RIT Capital is 100% owned by Lord Rothschild and his son Nathaniel. Another deception from is the idea of a patent not important at all. If you check wikipedia today on the Freescale semiconductors subject you will find that it is a key company on future nanotechnology developement. Almost everybody knows that nanothechnology is gonna be the next big technology thing. Great job for a website dedicated to expose urban legends, frauds, rumours…

  22. schauminator says:

    For the answer to Dr. Judy Wood’s current condition GoTo

  23. Some Guy says:

    Actually, just to add to that, this is far more elegantly explained here:

    Even the information about Freescale ownership is wrong.

    Honestly …

  24. Some Guy says:

    Please note, I am not defending the Rothschilds etc. However, this is just ridiculous. The comment above that says “I check” … apparently that didn’t extend to knowing anything about patents. The Assignee on this patent is listed as Freescale. In fact, Freescale has about 4000 patents assigned to them. You could have easily looked up their assignments on the USPTO website. The listed inventor/s and applicant/s are irrelevant to ownership. Anyone with a passing knowledge of the patent process knows this. Freescale had in fact already been assigned the intellectual property. They therefore already ‘owned it’ even if the 4 inventors listed were on the plane. Assignment of new Intellectual property is normal in company’s that do engineering work and in fact would be part of their employment contract. The R&D folks assign their work to the company … working stuff out and inventing new stuff is actually what they are paid to do. Imagine if everyone working for a company owned anything new they created while being paid by the company to create … ! You have absolutely no proof that the engineers had any ownership / rights on this patent. This sort of stuff really does the anti-establishment movement a massive disservice. Cheers.

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  26. CeLo says:

    2012thebigpicture – I’ve enjoyed reading your articles. You said that Dr. Judy Wood paid the ultimate price for her revelations. What happened to Dr. Judy Wood and when?

    • CeLo, I’m glad you asked about Dr. Wood. I don’t know if I confused her with someone else or what but I thought she had been assassinated. It certainly doesn’t seem to be the case, thank goodness. She’s made remarkable contributions and I hope will continue to do so.

  27. marco zonka says:

    Reblogged this on Marco Zonka "Portals of Portent" and commented:
    Malaysian flight 370 provides a fine study in the anatomy of perception/deception; what is not as it appears, and what appears as it is not, is an engaging game to an inquiring human mind. Want to play? -mz

  28. bigbadbri4u says:

    I was highly skeptical about this article but having personally verified many of these facts contained in this article I was shocked to learn all of them were ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Why won’t Malaysian officials come clean and admit MH370 was hijacked? Why isn’t Frescale mentioned at all in the press? Why is everyone afraid to admit the “elephant in the room”?

  29. Leigh Carter says:

    How is it that this is never mentioned as a motive as well? It’s well-known that passengers from Huawei and ZTE were on board. Both Chinese companies have specifically been declared U.S. national security threats for spying and connections to the Chinese military. Oh, and selling technology to Iran. There were 20 employees from Freescale Semiconductors a U.S. Dept. of Defense contractor) on board as well. Read this from the New York Times and process how threatening these Chinese spies are for the U.S.

  30. Clairsentient1 says:

    Reblogged this on Beacon of Aquarius.

  31. Electra says:

    This vid is awesome and so is Judy. She helped me ‘wake up’ to more things; when I first encountered her years ago; on Coast to Coast.
    I’m a fast learner on some things; but it took me a while to wrap my mind around 9/11 being an ‘inside job’ and a ‘planned event’. I lost a dear friend on September 11th 2001; and I too could have been there but for the fact that I was … as usual… running very late.
    It was traumatic to say the least.
    I admire Judy for her courage… thanx for the vid.
    Happy Trails…teehee

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  33. Arlene Lane says:

    if the plane targeted because of the co inventors, it will be just like LOCHERBEE WHEN THE CIA TARGETTED THAT PLANE WITH A MISSILE FOR ONE CIA WHISTLEBLOWER. TL

  34. Electra says:

    @Arlene & Gaye
    Interesting news item over the weekend concerning Israel closing all of it’s embassies all over the world and recalling all of it’s Embassadors home. Official story in lame stream media is that they are on strike due to alleged poor working conditions and low pay. On other sites people are speculating that the Cabal might be running out of money; light worker mass meditations are working and these Embassadors don’t want to stick around and be killed if Israel is planning some covert strike on Iran while the world is not looking and is focused on this plane and Russia. Whatever the reason; I find this very interesting and I can’t place how or why; but I feel it’s tied into the missing plane and with Putin not being a puppet of the Cabal ( like him or hate him…agree or disagree with him; he does stand up to the Cabal)… just some added food here for thought….
    great day to all,

  35. Gaye Estey says:

    Well, let’s just believe for the best that whomever has these people will be light workers and put an end to nefarious activities of the cabal.  Thank you for these posts.  Gaye Estey

  36. schauminator says:

    Maybe you have seen this video (below) before but it is worth while viewing and sharing with others interested in these subjects
    I have had much fun showing this to some of my local school board members for them to consider new curriculum for 11 and 12th grades sciences. Although my best crowd for acceptance was at my local VFW meeting.
    Dr Judy Wood speaks here, at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Holland, held in 2012. Dr. Wood has been a professor of mechanical engineering and she holds several degrees in applied physics and engineering, including a Ph.D. in Materials Engineering Science.
    Beyond the horrific tragedy of 9/11, she sees a positive side: evidence of a breakthrough technology, which signals of the dawn of a New Age.
    For many years, we have heard that a “free-energy device is just around the corner,” but it never seems to come to fruition. Nikola Tesla wanted to give free energy to the world nearly 100 years ago but was afraid it would fall into the wrong hands and be used for destructive purposes. Well, that is no longer just a risk; it has already happened.

  37. Arlene Lane says:

    the truth can never be modified. TL

  38. Arlene Lane says:

    let us not forget that the ROTHSCHILDS and the ROCKERFELLERS are the two most powerful families in the world and the most EVIL, everything that goes on is controlled and funded by these creatures and that is all you can call them because they are not us they are clearly not human. we all have to wake up and do something about them they are behind everything the political arena Obama was funded and nurtured by them years in advance and all candidates past and present, they controlled all the wars including the Russian revolution, their money and power is behind all the civil unrest in EGYPT, SYRIA,UKRAINE,VENEZUALA, and many other countries in the pipeline, they control BIG PHARMA and all the toxic vaccines let’s not forget the HAARP antenna which is responsible for 98 per cent of the typhoons earthquakes volcano eruptions they are behind all the GMO PRODUCTS and all the deliberate oil tanker spillages in the hundreds the GEO TOXIC ENGINEERING OF OUR SKIES, so you can see that they control the land sea and air which tells us that they have already created genocide into the BILLIONS and they have not finished yet. all they want is control over us, they are truly the DUNG BEETLE ELITE because the treat the rest of us like CRAP. sincerely TONY LANE

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