The Reinforcements have Arrived: ET Fleet Caught by ISS Camera March 10th [video]


Well, Cobra said they were amassing in our atmosphere and above in preparation. This looks to be at least some of them—right on schedule for the rescue effort. Woo-hoo!!!  Disclosure may be just around the corner!  ~ BP

Incredible fleet of unknown objects caught by the ISS on March10th, 2014. Objects seem to appear out of thin air, possibly a portal or wormhole of some kind….

And a reader advised that National Geographic will be broadcasting live tonight from the International Space Station. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Galactics put in an appearance?

National Geographic Channel is taking viewers around the world—literally—in this spectacular two-hour television event broadcasting LIVE from the International Space Station (ISS) and Mission Control in Houston, Texas. Made in collaboration with NASA, we’ll go into orbit with astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata as they fly at 17,500 mph nearly 250 miles above the earth’s surface on the International Space Station, while astronaut Mike Massimino joins host Soledad O’Brien on the ground at Mission Control in Houston. From space, Mastracchio and Wakata will give viewers a fully guided tour, showing us how they live for months in microgravity. They’ll conduct never-before-broadcast experiments that demonstrate the real-world value of the science conducted on the floating laboratory. Plus get ready for stunning shots of Earth, from sunset and sunrise, to city lights and green aurora, to lightning storms and shooting stars. You’ve never seen our planet like this before.

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  2. Faye Brown says:

    Terry … Terry … No doubt this will become more confusing before the dust clears .. And this new claim of the Ashtar group having rescued the plane to keep it from crashing or breaking up in the atmosphere .. would have been beautiful and even what I would’ve expected good celestials representing the Positive Light way of consciousness to have done .. but reports first said that Ashtar took the plan hostage as to promote world disarming of weapons .. This is a NO NO

    And IF, they took the plane to save the people .. why did they not return the people to prevent sooo much negative anguish, heart ache, and soooo much confusion … no disclosure secrecy is worth allll that misery put on humanity ..

    Nevertheless … time will tell who is the enemy because these matters will be settled this time around openly and completely .. there is toooo much to give account of, for the suffering humanity has endured … and to have endured while there were celestial stewards stationed over the earth and hidden in skies, all under the leadership of some celestial commander…

    • Faye, did you listen to the audio channelings? There have been warnings for a long time about negative ETs posing as benevolent ones. Do you believe that after all we have been through that the positive Galactics would allow that? Fear has been used to control Humanity for a long time. The elite know that their only shot is to make us fear the Galactics and believe they are posing as our saviours, only to enslave us. We need to shelve the fear.

  3. selistene says:

    Amazing thanku!!

  4. terry says:

    They did intervene in the Flight 370,no quote-unquote ‘hostages’ more like a bargaining chip for WORLDWIDE PEACE

    More was discussed on the Weds channel panel call

    Also on todays call

    There was a major hydraulic malfunction that froze the flaps sending the upward, With no intervention it would have entered the stratosphere and blow apart due to the altitude. Ashtar and his ship saved all who wanted to be saved,approx 75%.the other 25% transformed into full 5th dimensional beings 9. The ship and the 75% are safe and sound in Hollow Earth and having a marvelous time. The World Govts.of passengers on the plane have been informed of this fact and are being told to ENACT the Real NESARA programs worldwide,sign the agreements then the passengers can return to tell their stories,etc.

    Highly suggest to read up on Col Bille Faye Woodard at the site to gain more insight into who he really is,his mission on the surface,etc He was put in charge of Area 51 when he was 19 yrs old because of his abilities and spent 11 yrs below surface working there 1970-81 or so. All the shows are very enlightening and informational. One tidbit he shared on 1 call, ever wonder why all shoes soles for the last 40-50 yrs are made from plastic? Because when they were leather we were grounded with the earth,plastics you can’t be grounded with Mother Gaia.

    This needs to go viral so ppl know the real TRUTH. I tried posting on other blogs but was unable to do so.

  5. Since there will always be lingering debates on subjects such as this .. mostly by those that know the truth and work to keep celestial truth from surfacing .. I address any input as simply possibilities .. and the level of person’s consciousness will do the rest …

    Now I noticed that along the assembly line of this massive fleet in this video .. is a perfectly round darkened space ..this could be one of many Ancient metallic Black lunar Spheres orbiting undetected near and far .. some larger ones has been explained away as black holes … or a smaller one in their nearer orbiting passing explained off as lunar or solar eclipse .. when actually it was one of the Black Lunar Spheres passing in front of the lit area ..

    Now because these such Black Lunar Sphere’s Power Sources are affiliated with works of the God particle and the state of pure liquid Plasma … it’s referred to not only as a wo-man … but also a Lord God Source of Power …

    It seems a lot of Ancient cosmic facilities are being awakened by contact of High Frequency signals … and not doubt each have been pre-programmed for specific duties .. And since they are creations of the CREATOR … those commands would have some purpose in the will of the CREATOR for these times …

    Nevertheless .. people often forget that the enemy has been among us for a very long time .. keeping their true appearance from mainstream .. but have always been behind the face of evil … the were the hands which has brought so much destruction to the Earth and the Earth people .. they were force which this region of space had feared for some time ..

  6. nbakay says:

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  7. Vivian says:

    I am mystified and feel hopeful the colorful lights signal peace and love

  8. loveinlaw says:

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    Timing is everything

  9. Ellen says:

    I know this sounds strange but remember the U.S. Congress and Canada said this year that it’s true that outer space people?? We’re here and have been for some time. Ellen

  10. Ian says:

    Come on people. How gullible can you get. These pictures are taken from the ISS orbiting around the earth with it’s camera trained onto the surface of the Earth. Those light’s are from cities on the surface of the planet. Looks like the outline of Japan to me.

  11. Ellen says:

    I pray that this so.I don’t want anymore wars but if this should happen about the ET’s saving the plane maybe then all will be well with this world. Ellen

  12. Ellen says:

    Do they have the missing plane and will all on board be safe?

  13. terry says:

    This needs to happen again tonight since they are broadcasting WORLDWIDE from the ISS on natgeo channel starting at 8 ET.

  14. are they lights on the earth? appearing as the wing moves across the globe? correct me if i’m wrong.

    • Andrew, it’s an extraterrestrial fleet, as promised, to oust the cabal and participate in disclosure, upgrade the frequencies on earth and assist in Ascension. There are millions of our star families up there now. Cloaked.

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    Yea, nice, am eager to meet them.

  16. User says:

    Don’t trust in everything on this site.

  17. Sean says:

    Pls look at the Original footage from ISS at around 2:19:55. And look at the daylight parts. The objects appear ´suddenly´ from Behind the ISS 🙂

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  19. ohnwentsya says:

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    I have no idea or opinion on what these are but it sure is a curious phenomena. Nothing I studied in astronomy class acts like that-not even camera artifacts/water on the lens etc.

  20. ohnwentsya says:

    That is interesting. Was any other explanation proposed for those? If they are ships I would guess they had to be military of some sort to go thru any kind of portal or jump in that clumped together formation. Tho I guess if they were far enough from the camera and relatively large they might not have been as close as they looked.
    The only bad thing being if the rumours about the 1%/ shadow government lot hyping a fake alien invasion to solidify global fascism are valid this could also be a purposeful “leak” to lead into that scenario.
    Tho I guess we will know soon enough:-)

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