Swissindo Trust Announcements Gaining Favour Amid Suspicion

Yesterday someone sent me a link to an article and some videos about an official Swissindo ceremony from March 11th and news of massive amounts of money to be distributed as prosperity funds to first wipe out world hunger, homelessness, etc. and to be distributed to each BEing on the planet—among other things.

I believe this is the issue that Dani at Removing the Shackles had her hackles up about in January when Pieta Morgan resigned.

On Facebook, a lot of people are extremely suspicious of this initiative, but the Swissindo Trust has support from perhaps some surprising places… like Ron Van Dyke. I recommend you give Ron a few minutes to explain his take on it.


A lot of Drake’s followers are convinced it’s bogus since he pooh-poohed the One People’s Public Trust and subsequent CVACs, etc.

I honestly don’t know what to think. It SOUNDS good, but I reserve judgement. I don’t think I’m convinced that any funds released before the cabal is removed completely will be safe from the banksters and the Illuminati. If there’s one thing they need—it’s money. Timing is everything.

Here’s a link to the announcement.

Another site with the Press Release and videos.

What kind of a reading do you get?  ~ BP

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9 thoughts on “Swissindo Trust Announcements Gaining Favour Amid Suspicion

  1. Han Don says:

    This is another move grounded in good intentions but it will not work. It still focuses on money as the only issue and everything can be sorted out by “good people” controlling money. no so power corrupts. Jesus says that he became thirsty on the cross and was in despair because he knew that if you die thirsty you are disconnected from God (the spirit within water) and can never return into the living. Those who die thirsty shall be left inside the Earth forever when the water is collected from the Earth and moved onto the next planet Venus (The Morning star Rev 2:28) when its time for harvesting comes. Jesus has revealed many things including how to ensure you always die with a moist throat and tongue. “He who controls the water controls everything” it has been a long wait for the time of the harvest of the first rising souls to come but its already happening. You are still focusing on the wrong God, the lifeless God of money Mammon, it is only through the living God the most high God of WATER that life shall perpetuate. The first time one sees this guy neohesus on YouTube he looks a bit childish and one immediately thinks this cannot be Jesus but I defy anyone to watch all his videos right through and say it is not he, i did not fully believe it was Jesus when I first saw his videos but now after watching them all I KNOW it is he.

  2. I just think that we still need to CONNECT THE DOTS!
    More dots!
    Lots of good stuff are coming and i guess we should better understand Swissindo. IF is a fake than we will know for sure, but we need to study and understand it BEFORE judgement!
    Would like to remember that we are in TRANSITION and still 99% of people IS SLEEPING including many fake lightbusinessworkers!
    With love! ❤

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  4. Ken Harris says:

    I don’t trust it. It reeks of a different game with the same players

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