New York Constitutes All Counties re: Common Law Grand Juries

Thanks for the heads up, Drake. 

The USA is heading in the right direction and things are falling into place with at least 20 more states following suit very soon and the balance by the end of 2014.

If you’re not aware, many honest lawyers and judges are boning up on Common Law now, as it is the law of the People. Soon, only Common Law will be recognized in a People’s Court of Law—at least for the remaining time that we even have a need for courts.

If you’re totally mystified as to what kind of law currently reigns, do some research on Maritime Law. It is the illegitimate offshoot of the Illuminati and allowing its attorneys in government, and one more little detail they slid by us while we were sleeping.

If all this interests you, also look into the “lost, true 13th amendment”. I’ve posted on this previously. Fascinating.  ~ BP

New York Constitutes All Counties


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