More Free Energy Suppressed: Hydrogen Power from the Sun [video]

I’ve lost track of all the free energy alternatives that have been kept from The People of Earth. Here’s just one more. ~ BP

Glenn Canady at ProjectNsearch sent this:

I need your help today.  I want all of you to go read the story I just wrote up about Bob Lazar’s hydrogen powered Corvette.  He makes the hydrogen from the sun!  But you can’t get this technology because the government prevents the material from being sold!

You joined Project Nsearch to help change the planet – I’m asking all of you to post this story to your Facebook walls and send it out to everybody you can.

I always make sure to send you the stories that can really go viral!  This is it!

Bob Lazar has a proven way for all of us to drive without being ripped off by gasoline that will eventually go to $8 or more a gallon – we know this!

Do what you can to get this article to your email lists, social media and other websites.  It will bring lots more people to our websites to share the truth about everything we talk about here.

Here’s the article to read and share worldwide!

God bless


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