Second Insider Confirms Existence of Alaska’s ‘Dark Pyramid’ [audio]

Linda Moulton Howe has done a tremendous amount of research into many aspects of our hidden origins and the dark cabal’s hidden agendas.

This interview shares the testimony of yet another son whose father visited the government’s military installation at the Dark Pyramid and reveals the government’s above-top-secret coverup of this subterranean powerplant. It’s the second time I’ve shared this because it’s so important that people know about it.

If you missed Linda’s previous interview and the first testimony, you will find it here.

I think it’s clear that once the dark cabal has been eliminated, there will be no safe, free energy shortages on planet Earth.

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  2. […] Second Insider Confirms Existence of Alaska’s ‘Dark Pyramid’ ( […]

  3. […]… (Linda Howe is a white knight of the truth and knows she’s on course to ending the ‘men of dark intentions’ … in my email correspondence with her yrs ago I gained much respect for her unlimited drive , I even got to review one of her articles at her request … God love her ! ) […]

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