False Flag: ‘Operation Urban Shield’ in California Goes Live Oct 25

Thanks to ThePeople’sVoice on FB.

It’s been a little too quiet, hasn’t it?

Check out what DAHBOO77 has to say about this “set-up”, this “drill going live” in California.

It began on October 25th. He says it’s the same guys who executed the Boston Marathon bombing. with Blackhawks, the whole works.

Gangs have fought back and there have been casualties. He says this is just the beginning of a 100-city sweep.


About: Published on 25 Oct 2013

Day 1 of their sweeps, 2 Cops Shot and they already have a whole city on lockdown! RED ALERT For Anyone in Cali From 10/25-28th! 100 Cities are in this drill going Live as a False Flag on the people !



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